Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 43


Gu Weiwei took a leisurely bite of the cake. The amount of sweetness was just right. It deserved to be prepared by a three-star French Michelin chef.

Wu Xiulian snorted coldly when she noticed she was ignoring her.

“Thinking you can get into Fu’s house by climbing onto Fu Hanzheng’s bed and coming here with a man doesn’t mean you come from a high-class family.”

Gu Weiwei took a sip of the juice and muttered.

“I’m not sure if I’m high-class, but Mrs. Meng, your way of speaking is really crude.”

No wife from a famous family would ever speak in such a vulgar manner, especially on such occasions.

“Who are you reprimanding?” Wu Xiulian bowed her head and yelled.

Gu Weiwei chuckled and raised her eyebrows. “Did I reprimand you?”

The argument between the two quickly attracted the attention of the passing guests.

Someone noticed that Mrs. Meng had been brought by Mrs. Fu, so she asked.

“What’s the matter, Mrs. Meng?”

 Mrs. Fu often took the Meng family’s daughter to various banquets. They had to flatter her in advance because she was taking Meng Ruya as her future daughter-in-law.

Wu Xiulian peered at Gu Weiwei, who was still seated there, drinking tea as if no one else was there. “It’s nothing, just a beautiful girl sneaking in.”

Meng Ruya heard the sound and rushed over. There is a trace of hatred in her eyes.

Despite being kicked out of Fu’s house, she climbed into Fu Hanzheng’s bed, and the issue of obtaining a painting from the elderly Ming had embarrassed her in front of Fu Hanzheng.

“Everyone, be careful. This girl has no other skills, so she likes to seduce other men, especially rich and powerful men,” Wu Xiulian said as she noticed an increase in the number of people around her, most whom were female guests.

When the female guests heard this, they were filled with hatred and hostility as they stared at Gu Weiwei’s gorgeous and delicate face.

Gu Weiwei’s long eyelashes drooped as she gazed at the delectable food on the plate. This condition entirely wrecked her opportunity to appreciate the food, so she raised her cold eyes and asked.

“Mrs. Meng, you could be a little more specific when you say I seduce a man. Who am I trying to seduce?”

Even though Mu Weiwei had previously pursued Fu Hanzheng, Meng Ruya had neither married the Fu family nor been engaged to Fu Hanzheng.

 Even if she slept with Fu Hanzheng, it was not Meng Ruya’s man.

“You…” Wu Xiulian was completely taken aback by her question.

She was so enraged that she moved into Fu’s house and slept with the man her daughter liked first.

She couldn’t say she seduced Fu Hanzheng. If she said such a thing, she would not give the Fu family a face.

“I leave some face for you because you are shameless. You know what shameful things you have done.”

Gu Weiwei’s gorgeous eyes were slightly melancholy, and she exuded the obsessive atmosphere of a high-ranking official.

“Mrs. Meng, you’ve said something awful about me. If you can’t say it, you owe it to me to apologize. I will not tolerate unjustified slander.”

She wanted to work in the entertainment industry. If she doesn’t make it clear now, even if she takes any role in the future, it will be assumed that she obtained it by sleeping with someone.

Furthermore, she had no intention of being so angry.

When Wu Xiulian noticed the people standing by her side, she spat bitterly, “Apologies to you? What are you doing?”

Gu Weiwei stood up and looked at Wu Xiulian’s beautiful leather bag.

“Mrs. Meng, your bag…is quite beautiful.”

“This is an out-of-print MG, but you can’t take it if you want,” Wu Xiulian said as she looked at it.

Gu Weiwei smiled, but her gaze was cold.

“Dear Mrs. Meng, Are you certain you won’t apologize to me for what you said?”

“I’m not wrong. Why should I apologize?” snorted Wu Xiulian arrogantly.

Gu Weiwei sighed, the silver fork in her palm piercing the costly leather bag that Wu Xiulian had shown her all the way, the flawless leather surface instantly leaving a glittering scratch.

Her temper has recently fallen into disrepair to the point where Fu Hanzheng can no longer agitate her.

She couldn’t stand this type of person.

At this point, Wu Xiulian and Meng Ruya’s attitudes abruptly changed, and they exclaimed in surprise.

“This is an out-of-print MG’s bag, and there are only around ten of them in the world. You… dare to break it for me?!”

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