The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 43.1

“How is the transaction amount for this task calculated?” Xu Qiu asked 008

[He sold the Barren Star’s resources and purchased those of other planet’s products.]

Only when there is a transaction, it is referred to as a trade exchange, and unilateral payment is not included. If she wants to rely on a high price that is out of line with the market to gain an order, the system will treat it as an invalid order.

“You two wait here first.”

Xu Qiu let the two waits in the pavilion, knowing what the other party’s purposes were.

They are sitting in the pavilion and have a clear view of Xu Qiu’s new dormitory.

The cubs carved a sign on the dormitory door, which is quite simple in five words: [Kindergarten dormitory]

Compared with a month ago, this place has undergone earth-shaking changes, and a two-story high-rise building has been added to the outside.

Jasper and Donald have both figured out one thing: this mystery black-haired female has extraordinary methods.

The two had been through a lot in the previous month, and even though the cubs were now concentrating on the exam, they did not dare to act rashly.

Even if there were no cubs, those tall, hostile robots were still looking at Xu Qiu this time.

It is necessary to be conscious of the need to rely on others when entering other people’s territory. They pressed down their emotions, no matter how frightened they were, and Xu Qiu drank cup after cup of tea.

They waited and waited until the bell rang, signaling the end of the cubs’ two-day exam.

Zhu Niang clasped You Yu’s hand in his: “You Yu… You Yu, did you choose A or B for the question just now?”

“I went with B, paramecia.”

“I also chose B. That’s great. I’m the same as you.”

Yuan Jiu was taken aback: “What the heck? Didn’t you go with C?”

“The principal taught this topic, but you didn’t pay attention when you saw it.”

“What is the subject of your essay?”

“I wrote a poem,” Mu Zhi told Lily.

“I’ve only written argumentative articles. I believe it is advisable to only write one round. Blablabla, then blablabla…”

“Bai Sa Bai Sa, you’re the best at math. Let’s check the math answer.”

Hua Lan relied on his friendship with Bai Sa as a neighbor, and the small vine paddled madly on the ground, chasing after Bai Sa to ask for an answer.

Bai Sa is usually a little colder, but he’d still respond with a series of letters and numbers: “AABCD, BCCDA, XXXX…”

“Slow down, you’re saying too fast. I can’t remember it,” Hua Lan said, his eyes becoming like mosquito coils.

The break between classes was quite brief, and Xu Qiu also stated that you cannot disclose the answers before the exam is over, so as not to damage the mood of others taking the exam.

So they’ve been holding back until now, and now that all the subjects have been covered, a few cubs have begun speaking and discussing.

When they all came out, Xu Qiu smiled and said, “Everyone, look, who is this?”

“Two idiots are here, idiots with well-developed limbs.”

Yuan Jiu laughed loudly as he fluttered his wings.

The two men’s faces were stinky, but they didn’t dare argue with this irritable parrot. His words were stupid, but they couldn’t win the fight. The more they pondered it, the more enraged they became.

Yuan Jiu, deduct one point for behavior. Today’s little red flower is gone.”

It’s understandable to understand Yuan Jiu’s nature, but this demonstrates that Yuan Jiu’s etiquette was for naught. It didn’t matter when confronted with these two fearful people. She was afraid that swearing would become a habit.

She doesn’t want Yuan Jiu to be implicated in his behavior once he leaves the Barren Star.

Yuan Jiu shut his mouth as soon as Xu Qiu finished speaking.

The thrilled bird wilted, and if she continued to subtract in this manner, his little red blossom would also be deducted.

It was Donald who saw this sullen look, and said a little unbearably: “Actually, it doesn’t matter, children’s words carry no harm.”

“You have nothing to do with this.”

Yuan Jiu approached the two of them, clasped his wings, and apologized: “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have spoken anything bad to you just now.”

Although he believed these two were idiots from the bottom of his heart, the principal explained that sometimes too much honesty may be uncomfortable, and she occasionally says white lies.

The immediate apologies flattered both of them, and his head looked like a thorn beneath the buttocks, which was awkward.

They hadn’t had much interaction with the cubs previously. “You guys go to dinner first,” Xu Qiu said, waving her hands after Yuan Jiu apologized.

 “Principal, can we live in the new dormitory today?”

The new house had been hung with a modest notice that said “under construction, do not enter” for months, and the sign vanished the day before the exam.

The flying cub has been attempting to sneak a glimpse from a distance, but the enclosed dormitory has drawn the curtains, which are tightly shut.

The cubs do not have the ability to see through, but the little green snake can be invisible.

It’s a shame that Qing Sha has been pretending to be a good student in front of the principal and has stubbornly refused to do so.

Their appetites have been hung for so long, and they have been anticipating it. They waited for this day for a long time, but two outsiders appeared.

After wasting their precious time, they just said a few words. The impatient cubs are already very polite to these two guys.

Xu Qiu lifted her right hand and stated confidently: “I will work with Teacher Jin to approve the papers for you, and everyone will be able to move in when they pass. Now, let’s go to dinner.”


The cubs were reassured and split into pairs.

Speaking of dinner, the thing that made them the happiest at the time was eating.

The two helpless stomachs appeared to be responding to the master, and they roared in time.

“The foods prepared today are insufficient. Do you prepare your own meals?”

Xu Qiu’s voice had barely fallen, and there was a cub who was walking relatively slowly looking in their direction. His eyes were cold and icy, like an ice knife.

The two of them shuddered, and Donald yanked on Jasper’s arm, saying, “We have it, we have it.”

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