The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 44.2

However, when Xu Qiu and Jin Xingxing went to eat, they brought a little pot of extremely sweetly prepared porridge and a plate of dried radish to the two people eating dry biscuits in the pavilion.

White radish is a new plant in the system and has a short maturity time and a high yield.

Xu Qiu attempted to apply special fertilizer to the kindergarten fields, but only a small amount. The cubs personally welcomed the radishes.

The majority of the radish leaves were consumed by Yuan Jiu, while the remaining large radishes were used to make fried radishes, braised radishes, and radish soup. Xu Qiu also dried the radish and had a couple of robots keep an eye on it. After a few days, they transform into soft, ugly, yet chewy dried radishes.

The gorgeous large white radish is chopped into neat long strips by the robot. After drying, Xu Qiu submerges them in salt and uniformly stirs them.

The dried radish is sealed, and when it is time to eat it, she will mix it with various seasonings and garnish it with red peppers, and it will taste great.

However, due to the health of the cubs, Xu Qiu did not frequently feed the cubs dried radish. When the soup was ready, everyone was given a tiny plate.

That’s correct, the kindergarten kitchen has been filled with new items, including a variety of little plates for dipping sauces, for a total of 50 plates produced. Every cub would receive an average of three, so that if one fell to the ground and became dirty, they would still have clean spares.

The two large men were almost moved to tears after a mouthful of steaming porridge.

Xu Qiu entered the office, finished her meal, and then turned around to inspect the two people’s stuff.

In fact, these two people’s transactions have long exceeded 100,000 Interstellar Coins. Unfortunately, after submitting the task, the overflowing amount is not counted at all, and the new amount is still calculated from zero.

Xu Qiu can rely on the system for her own vegetables and meat. The two people brought them here this time since the system stores were more expensive or had items that Xu Qiu couldn’t get.

The first category is consumables, which includes a large amount of stationery.

Then there’s the fabric to choose from. In the car, there are 10 extra-durable large bags with various colors of cloth inside.

Xu Qiu let out a sigh of relief. Although there are manufacturing workshops, the main ones are materially constrained.

The other cubs would be upset if she only made it to one of them. There are many ready-made materials available, which can save a lot of time and effort.

Furthermore, Xu Qiu opted to seal up these materials so that the materials produced by the system could be easily mixed into it without the cubs discovering it.

Xu Qiu’s face relaxed, and a small smile appeared on her lips.

In line with the system’s objective, Xu Qiu made another request: “I have a long-term business here, and I plan to do it with you.”

What she offered was simple: these two people would help her sell some specialties from the Barren Star.

The system continued to expand in accordance with the kindergarten’s foundation and mined some pebbles on this asteroid. Its energy might be sold for a good price in interstellar space.

But, for the time being, Xu Qiu does not intend to sell these valuable natural resources on a regular basis.

The system’s operation necessitates energy, and the energy it can absorb is not based on the entire globe, but rather on Xu Qiu as the central point, radiating and growing outward.

The zone of system testing will continue to increase as kindergartens are upgraded on a regular basis.

“How much money do you need to come to me from the planet you’re on?”

Jasper would respond quickly: “About 500,000 Interstellar Coins, enough for one journey.”

On the side, Jin Xingxing expressed surprise: “So cheap?”

She burned over tens of millions of Interstellar coins.

Only then did Donald notice a big fox. He glanced at her for a moment before exclaiming, “You are… you look like that celebrity, Jin Yingzi!”

“Many people mentioned so, but I have nothing to do with her,” Jin Xingxing pushed her spectacles.

She mentioned a planet she used to visit while working.

“This is due to the fact that you are too far away. It is far less expensive to use a public spaceship to transfer a few times.”

Xu Qiu realized it was the same principle. The cost of a private car might be more than ten times that of a bus.

However, the asteroid on which she is located is not accessible by public transportation.

Donald also stated, “Renting a spaceship for a few days costs nearly the same amount of money. We rent the cheapest spaceship available, and we are no longer able to squeeze capital.”

This is due to Jasper’s ability to pilot a starship and his familiarity with this method. It is the same as having no labor costs.

“We can supply free energy supplements here,” Xu Qiu calculated, and she believed she could bear the cost.

The system has just informed it that there is a lot of energy beneath the spacecraft’s docking location. It can deliver electricity to the spaceship in the future as long as the associated cable is restored.

Naturally, repairing this equipment will take extra time and money.

“That’s fine. Don’t worry about business; I’ll see you tomorrow. Do you have somewhere to sleep? Or do you intend to spend the night at the kindergarten? There is currently a place towards the back of the dormitory.”

“We’ll be able to sleep on the spaceship!”

“But the energy consumption will increase,” Donald said as he tugged on Jasper’s sleeve.

“Can we sleep in this pavilion tonight?” asked the rough-looking blond man after a little pause.

 “Of course.”

“By the way, because we wish to form a collaborative relationship, can the curse on us be lifted?”

 Xu Qiu looked blank: “?”

“This,” Donald said as he folded up his sleeves, showing the same small green snake pattern as Qing Sha.

“Wait for a second,” Xu Qiu Qiu said as she stood up.

She recalled that the small mermaid was supposed to have hypnotized them. Where does this curse come from?

 As a result, before Xu Qiu could talk to Qing Sha, the cubs became panicked.

 “Principal, there’s something wrong with Qing Sha!”

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