The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 40.1

With shame, the president of the video company carried the pink lunchbox downstairs.

If he carried this into the lobby, in full view of everyone heading up the elevator…… his image would be damaged.

Jing Xuan rarely used his president’s privilege. He parked in his exclusive spot on the ground floor and took the president’s elevator up to the top floor. Because he rarely uses this elevator, the secretary froze for two seconds before greeting him.

Jing Xuan in a dark blue suit, holding a pretty pink little lunch box, was spotted by the secretary after only two steps. This color is far too noticeable and out of place on President Wang’s body.

Jing Xuan slipped his throat anxiously, certain that Jing Yuan– this person was malicious. On the surface, he cast a passing glance at the secretary.

“It’s my sister’s.”

What is there to explain to his subordinates about such petty concerns? He regretted it a little after saying it.

 “Oh oh, President Wang has a sister!” The secretary finally slowed down and smiled. “President Wang’s sister must be a very cute little girl.”

He not only has a sister, but he also has a brother who enjoys pitting him against others.

Jing Xuan went to his desk and began a new day of work. The hectic morning flew by, and by noon, Jing Xuan was starving.

He lowered his head and pushed open the drawer. The pink box within stands out in the chilly aristocratic style of the inside. Jing Xuan placed it on the table, thinking, walked to his door, locked it, and then placed his heart on the table.

When he opened the pink cat’s lunch box, he discovered that the inside dishes were all his favorites. They are both grownups who have been apart for a long time. He wasn’t fond of just any food, but Jing Yuan recalls it vividly.


He ate his wonderful lunch with embarrassment.

On the other hand, Jing Yuan was looking at the location in the suburbs. Because it is a private bodyguard service, it must have a training facility. The wind is blowing well in front of the location. This is a zone for cultural and creative exchange. Tourists and photographers visit the park occasionally to take photographs of the surroundings. Some of them sell paintings, jewelry, photographs, and other items. There are other art shows.

Setting up a business here, together with the factory-style aesthetic, can be seen as complementary.

The site of this two-story store building that Jing Yuan is optimistic about is fairly good. However, even though this place is pricey, this single two-story building is not that tall. It still covers more than a thousand square feet, which is three times larger than the others. It’s claimed that this was once a marketplace with dozens of shops selling items. However, because they couldn’t afford the rent, the place was gradually abandoned, leaving this industrial-style vacant lot that looked cool and trendy.

“This warehouse is excellent.” Jing Yuan was pleased.

A cold breeze blew past gravely, and he and a few of his minions were wearing sunglasses. The administrator of the cultural exchange area glared at them as if they were not to be trifled with but compensated with a smile. He couldn’t help but correct it after hearing Jing Yuan’s adjective.

“This isn’t a warehouse, boss. It’s known as a creative store……”

Jing Yuan, who was wearing sunglasses, cast a sidelong glance at the administrator, who abruptly went silent…….

He wouldn’t be beaten, would he?

As a result, Jing Yuan stated emphatically, “I am satisfied. Sign the deal.”

The administrator was surprised. “You haven’t asked about the price. The rent in this area is quite high. It costs approximately 220,000 per month… Are you certain?”

Jing Yuan had the final say, declaring emphatically, “I can pay the capital in half a year, so sign.”

In fact, such a large and flat place may only be rented for 45,000 or 50,000 at most in an average place, but royalties like him prefer to gaze at the scene, and the sensation of where the company is opened should be completely different. Jing Yuan was pleased with this place and its atmosphere.

Finally, he signed a three-year contract but only paid the first three months’ rent. Because this location sees a high volume of tenant traffic, the leasing time is limited.

The lease was signed, and Jing Yuan quickly found laborers to begin renovations on the same day.

Jing Yuan walked out of his ‘factory’ and stood under the shade of a tree to call Jing Xuan this time.

When the phone rang, Jing Yuan gave a gentle smile and asked, “Is lunch good?”

Jing Xuan remained silent for a moment before saying, “I was wrong, otherwise I will make you lunch tomorrow.” Can you bring this lunch box to eat with your little brothers there?”

 Imagine that image: a group of men in suits sitting together, eating and drinking.

And the boss in the middle, with a fierce expression on his face, took out a pink lunch box and began eating.

Consider this…… cough cough.

“Lend me your subordinate Qin Qian for a few days. I don’t have enough people on my side and still need someone to manage,” Jing Yuan stated bluntly.

“In that case, I’m not going to use this pink lunchbox.”

Jing Yuan considered it carefully before saying, “Fine!”

That was the agreement.

Since Jing Yuan’s return, Qin Qian has been wandering around like a brick, going wherever there was a need. The present working connection is not as deep and familiar as the historical relationship between a monarch and a minister. So both brothers trust their subordinates from their previous lives, and just like these juniors who came to join Jing Yuan, they may have been pawns or extremely low ranking in their previous lives, but they know Jing Yuan as a person, and they are eager to hang out with him in this life.

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