The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 40.2

Jing Yuan instructed Qin Qian to keep a watch on the designers and workers, as well as to control the other minions – because Qin Qian was the Prince’s sidekick in his previous life, the minions responded to him as well.

He confidently went, leaving the monitoring duties to Qin Qian, and found a spot to summon his men left behind in M country. Allow the other party to pack up all the sites and resources he left in M country to give them to his foreign adoptive father as a thank you for his help.

He’s not in any way sad. How can someone who has conquered the world love that insignificant power? Ordinary family life is all that Jing Yuan needs now. This type of hot potato should be passed on to others as soon as possible, and he will not suffer in any way.

Jing Yuan’s cell phone rang a few hours later, showing that another huge sum of money had been transferred into his account – it appears that his adopted father, Mike, acknowledged his gift, but returned a large gift.

This old Mike is a truly wise man, and the advantages of adopting a child are not in vain.

When Jing Yuan returned home in the evening, it was already six o’clock. During this time, Jiang Shining and Jing Xuan could only return after it was dark. Surprisingly, when Jing Yuan opened the door, he found Jiang Shining was cooking in the kitchen and Guoguo was watching cartoons in front of the TV.

“How about the place?” Jiang Shining asked with a smile as she saw him return.

“Great, the deal has been signed, and it is located in the Cultural and Creative Park.” Jing Yuan removed his coat and put on a different pair of shoes.

Jiang Shining was taken aback.

“Creative Park?

“It’s fine. It was not too expensive. I’ll cook,” Jing Yuan said.

“No, I’m almost finished. I’ll start by preparing three dishes. I’ll make something for Jing Xuan when he returns in the evening.” Jiang Shining adjusted the fire, and Jing Yuan reached out, taking the pot and pouring the dishes onto the plate.

Jiang Shining and Jing Yuan were starving after finishing their work. Guoguo had just eaten the biscuits and didn’t want to eat anything else. As a result, the two were the first to come to the table to eat.

“Just let me know if you don’t have enough money. I’m quite wealthy,” Jiang Shining stated.

She has so many points that she could exchange money for the rest of her life.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got money.” Jing Yuan grinned.

It’s still in the parents’ hearts. No matter how old the children are, the mother is still worried and afraid that they will suffer and swallow it on their own.

Of course, Jing Yuan understood, and his heart was naturally soft.

Jing Xuan returned early, a little excited, after the two of them had been eating for half an hour.

“The traffic data for this year has been released.” Jing Xuan said before taking off his coat, “Xuan Yuan’s total traffic and total clicks have overtaken the second spot. Xuan Yuan is no longer number three in the business!”

“That’s great!”

“Let’s have two cocktails tonight to celebrate,” Jing Yuan said.

Jiang Shining was happy for him as well. “You work extremely hard, and you deserve it.”

“Actually, you were the one who pushed me in the last one.” Jing Xuan was still reserved. “This year’s variety show market is really weak. Your variety show has drawn many people to Xuan Yuan Video.”

The lowest episode of Jiang Shining’s talent show variety show has received a total of 290 million views since its debut. You can probably imagine how hot it was. Not to mention the information provided by other connected snippets, advertising, guest artists, and so on. Initially, Xuan Yuan Video was on par with the second-place website. This variety show sprang out of nowhere and continued to drive traffic months after it ended, propelling Xuan Yuan to second place.

“Mutual accomplishments.” Jiang Shining exhaled a sigh of relief.

Because of the Ninglu variety show, Xuanyuan Video was promoted to first place, and because Xuanyuan Video provided the biggest promotion without reservation, it turned around in one fell swoop, making Ninglu Company popular with more than ten small fresh meat, Jiang Shining’s four cubs have become the traffic kings in the little fresh meat.

“Great. In the future, I will be responsible for the security of your two companies,” Jing Yuan stated.

After careful consideration, Ninglu Media provides artists, movies, TV series, and variety shows, all of which are exclusively broadcast on Xuan Yuan. Both companies profit from working together. And Jing Yuan’s employees are used as personal bodyguards by their artists and managers, which is surely more reassuring. Jing Yuan entered the circle with the support of Jiang Shining’s artists, and as he grew in popularity, he inevitably received additional opportunities for collaboration. Finally, the three enterprises benefited from one another, forming a virtuous circle.

This is the true situation of don’t let one’s own fertile water flow into others’ field. 1

The author has something to say about it: “Two more get.”

Sword Saint is currently addicted to teaching and does not have any hobbies. The young marshal and his sister are preparing to return to China.

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  1. Don’t let one’s own fertile water flow into others’ field / fig. keep the goodies within the family (proverb)

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