Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 45


Wu Xiulian gazed at Meng Ruya, unsure whether or not Ji Cheng’s words were true.

Meng Ruya is the manager of the public relations department, and she is an expert in crisis management. “When she walked in, she was dressed like this and didn’t have an invitation card. Who knows if she was invited or just sneaked in?”

Mrs. Fu cast a sidelong glance at Mrs. Ming and remarked quietly, “You invited her here?”

Strictly speaking, this club was opened by Ming Ye. They didn’t have the right to say anything if the owner directly welcomed her over.

“The old man did mention that he would bring a female to see Xiao Ye, but I don’t know the specifics,” Mrs. Ming pondered.

Ji Cheng noticed that the surrounding people still didn’t believe her, so she waved at the old man Ming and her cousin Ming Ye, who were approaching from behind, “Grandpa, this woman dares to say that Weiwei is sneaking in and speaking bad about her.”

“I brought the person. Shouldn’t I come if she can’t come here?” Ming Zongyuan yelled, his expression gloomy.

Initially, he invited her for a blind date with his grandson. Who would pay his granddaughter-in-law if these people caused trouble and scared the little girl away?

“Dad, it was only a misunderstanding. Blame it on my carelessness and lack of attention.” Mrs. Ming rushed over to support Ming Zongyuan in sitting.

Ming Ye was dressed in a black suit. “Sorry, please come here. I didn’t take good care of you,” he said as he stroked his gold-rimmed glasses.

Gu Weiwei smiled indifferently. “I was impulsive and caused you trouble.”

Some of the female guests who had been criticizing Gu Weiwei just now looked awkward.

They thought she was a vixen who seduced men, but she has a blind date with the Ming family’s young master. Does she still need to seduce men?

Although Ming Lao is not involved in politics, one of his two sons is a high-ranking officer in the army, and the other is a high-ranking official.

Ming Ye is also Ming Lao’s favourite grandchild, and Ming Lao is excited to have this little girl as his granddaughter-in-law.

Ming Ye, the clubhouse’s owner, came up and said, “Please clarify if there is any misunderstanding. If Miss Mu damages this bag, I will take care of it and compensate.”

“That woman said Weiwei seduces men. Where have you seen my family Weiwei seduce men?” Ji Cheng stared angrily at Wu Xiulian and Meng Ruya.

She would despise them if they messed up the blind date between the Great God and her cousin.

Gu Weiwei’s mouth shook slightly, and she cast a glance at Ji Cheng, who was even more enraged than she was. She is not a member of her family and can she not become one of her family?

“The girl’s reputation is important. Since Mrs. Meng said it, it’s best to answer which male Mu girl is ambiguous with. Let’s confront it and make it clear. If there is nothing, apologise now.” The old man Ming sat there, gripping a cane in both hands, his back straight. His tone is angry and haughty. “You have a daughter, and you have no motive to ruin a teenage girl’s reputation. What kind of character do you have?”

Seeing the situation come to this, Mrs. Fu said, “It’s only a misunderstanding, Ming Lao. Mrs. Meng made a mistake, and Weiwei also damaged her bag. Everyone is even. Don’t ruin your banquet today over something so insignificant.”

She had no idea Mu Weiwei could earn Ming Lao’s favour, and he even brought her along to introduce her to Ming Ye as his girlfriend.

Gu Weiwei heard it, but she wasn’t about to let it go like this, saying, “Mrs. Meng, please apologise to me, and I’ll pay for this bag.”

 “You pay? You are not embarrassed to ask the Ming family to pay for you,” Wu Xiulian sneered harshly.

“I’m talking to my compensation, not the compensation of others.” Gu Weiwei stated seriously.

Mrs. Fu frowned angrily and refused to accept payment from the Ming family. It appeared that she would have to beg the old lady for the money. She had been expelled by the Li family, so how could she possibly have any money to compensate?

Ji Cheng stared worriedly at Gu Weiwei. This bag cost between one and two million. How will she pay for it, and where will the funds come from?

Wu Xiulian stared at her daughter and realised that if she continued to cause difficulties, she would not be able to salvage the Ming family’s face, so she clinched her teeth and muttered, “Yes, I said nonsense when I stated you had seduced a man. This is absolutely nothing. I sincerely sorry.”

Meng Ruya clinched her teeth violently as she watched her mother endure such humiliation in front of so many political and business figures, “Mu Weiwei, my mother has already apologised. Now how are you going to pay for this bag?”

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