Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 47


“Have the test results been released? How much would Mu Weiwei have to pay?” Meng Ruya was dragged by Wu Xiulian.

Ming Ye looked surprised at Gu Weiwei, then told Wu Xiulian, “Mrs. Meng, this bag is not officially sold by MG, and it is not a genuine product.”

“How is that possible, if it was purchased for more than a million yuan?” Wu Xiulian didn’t believe it, so she took back the bag and examined it again and again. “It’s not as if we haven’t purchased MG bags. The material and brand logo are identical.”

“Forget it, Xiulian.” Mrs. Fu drew the excited Mrs. Meng.

She can speak English and, of course, she was able to understand their recent conversation with MG customer service.

“She said she would pay me back the money if I apologized. Now she wants to go back?” Wu Xiulian refused to be reconciled. She lost her temper and apologized to her, and now she can’t get any compensation for damages?

“Mom, please stop talking…” Meng Ruya drew Wu Xiulian with a headache, embarrassed that she couldn’t leave this area right away.

Obviously, she wanted to use this chance to make Mu Weiwei look bad and make Madam Fu hate her.

In the end, the one who lost all face was herself, and she was so enraged that she wanted to strangle that nasty bitch, but she had to endure it in front of so many people repeatedly.

The visitors couldn’t help but chuckle when they saw Wu Xiulian’s perseverance. According to the MG employee, they don’t sell this bag at all, so how could she be so ashamed to ask them to pay for it?

“Mrs. Meng, it’s not that Miss Mu doesn’t want to compensate you, but she would just compensate MG’s product,” said a female guest in a black gown while holding a wine glass.

She intended to get close to Fu Hanzheng at the last event, but Meng Ruya used her relationship with the Fu family to make her look like a fool at the reception, and now her retribution has arrived.

“Wait, what did you say?” Wu Xiulian was shocked. It was Mu Weiwei who had damaged her bag. Why can’t she get the money now?

The female guest in a black gown smiled and took a sip of wine, explaining to a group of confused guests.

“Five years ago, Martin Green signed a contract to take care of the Gu family in A Country. As the personal designer of Gu Weiwei, the Gu Group’s daughter, all works designed during the contract period are not for official sale but are the Gu family’s belongings.

Last year, the daughter of Gu’s family carried this bag to the royal banquet in A Country. This bag was imitated and sold for a high price by a small designer who left MG. What you are purchasing from him is a counterfeit. The authentic bag is owned by Gu Weiwei, the Gu family’s daughter.

Deborah, a well-known singer in S Country, took this bag to the new album conference two months ago. He was sued in court by the MG and Gu family and was fined more than 4 million yuan in compensation. Last month, MG made the formal announcement on their website.”

Wu Xiulian almost fainted, “How could it be… how could it be like this? We also paid for it.”

“MG has always attached great importance to the brand image, and the daughter of the Gu family does not like others to use the same things as her, so the Gu family hired Martin Green as the Gu family’s personal designer, and only designed unique works for her,” the female guest in the black dress continued.

How much can you afford to pay for MG’s lawyers and the Gu family’s legal team? You will be more fortunate.

When Wu Xiulian learned that it was connected to the Gu family, the bag she was holding fell to the ground.

Regardless of how ignorant she is, she recognizes the Gu family’s power. Enjoying a title in country A, and being a famous chaebol, how can they get any good fruit to eat?

Gu Weiwei stared coldly at the elegant and expensive leather bag on the ground. She despised this bag.

Because Ling Yan couldn’t take her eyes off this bag, she asked if she could have it.

That woman wanted the same thing from her, and then her life, her heart.

She was in a bad mood when she saw Wu Xiulian carrying this bag in front of her today.

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