I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 46.1

You Qiuqiu:???

Small question marks covered her face.

The guests who knew You Qiuqiu, such as Lan Xuan and Tao Anjie, burst out laughing.

Suona, what type of human agony is this? How could it possibly be suona!?

The contrast with such a lovely female artist like You Qiuqiu is far too great!

Director of the program and staff: Hahaha!

“Qiu Cub… ah, Senior Sister, you can replace it with me,” Fang Shubai said, holding the erhu in his hand.

“…Forget it,” You Qiuqiu said, looking at the erhu in Fang Shubai’s hand.

Tao Anjie also said, “Qiuqiu, I’ll change it with you.”

Tao Anjie drew the flute, which is a good musical instrument for girls that is lovely and light.

“Big brother, I’ll exchange with you!” Lan Xuan followed closely behind.

“I have a large lung capacity.”

He was holding an ocarina, while Ma Juan was painting a cucurbit flute on the other side.

Aside from Fang Shubai and You Qiuqiu, the other four draws were excellent.

You Qiuqiu shook her head when facing everyone’s kindness. “It’s okay…” Before she could finish her sentence, the program team’s director yelled.

“No one can change it. You guys get what you draw. It’s all been agreed upon. It’s your destined instrument!”

Come on, You Qiuqiu have to refuse, and no one can change it.

As a result, the rest of the people showed their helpless emotions.

I hope You Qiuqiu can survive the suona’s force and best wishes to her.

You Qiuqiu held her destined suona and felt—

It’s not a big deal.

Any instrument will do.

You Qiuqiu may be unable to do anything else, but her mental state is stable.

On the side, Dong Tiantian asked, “Is this instrument good?”

You Qiuqiu: “It’s good.”

Her expression was serious.

Program staff:???

What’s the matter, Qiuqiu? You’re misleading the children!

Dong Tiantian bit her lip as she gazed at You Qiuqiu who was clutching the suona.

Is she so lucky?

She also wants a suona.

Dong Tiantian was disgusted by the dulcimer she had drawn, but the director had just told she couldn’t change it.

But who wants to take her place?

Even if she hadn’t learned the dulcimer, she could surely play it better than You Qiuqiu.

Dong Tiantian secretly decided that instead of complaining about You Qiuqiu, she would turn around and collect her dulcimer… and play better than her!

“Who can help me move this instrument?”

After everyone got the instruments, they were claimed by the master.

You Qiuqiu and Fang Shubai happened to have the same master.

The master figure is lean and slender, with a long white beard and the appearance of an immortal.

Two people were taken to a courtyard, and the rest were taken away by their masters. Concerning the two sisters and brother who can always be grouped, the program team’s director speculated that this could be metaphysics.

After all, they did nothing, yet they both received suona and erhu.

On the other hand, the senior sister and junior CP still have a positive chemical reaction when they come together, and the director of the program team is pleased to observe it.

When they first came into contact with the instrument, they started laughing.

“Give me a piece. It doesn’t matter if you don’t do it correctly, just let it go and be courageous,” he instructed when he appeared.

This master is highly practical, which astonished You Qiuqiu.

Fang Shubai said he would do it first.

“I’ll start first. Since I’ve learned the violin and they’re all in the violin family, there should be some similarities, right?”

Fang Shubai said, as his gaze fixed on the erhu in his fingers.

He remembers riding a tricycle when he was younger. He knew how to ride it in one shot. This time, Fang Shubai assumed it was the same.

Then, in full view of everyone, Fang Shubai posed and made a sound like someone was chopping down trees.

Fang Shubai:?

Program group:?

His face turned red.

The master shook his head and sighed at Fang Shubai as if he were dissatisfied, and the rotting wood could not be carved.

It’s You Qiuqiu’s turn.

This was You Qiuqiu’s first encounter with suona. You Qiuqiu had never seen it in person before, but she followed the master instructor with confidence and boldness.

Sending forth a mountain and river breath—

It sounds like a fart.

You Qiuqiu: ?

Program group: Hahaha.

Fang Shubai’s shoulders couldn’t stop shaking. Even though she is Qiu Cub, I’m sorry, Dad couldn’t help himself.

When Fang Shubai saw that the master was ready to comment on You Qiuqiu, he was frightened that You Qiuqiu’s self-esteem would be crushed, so he said quietly, “It’s okay, we haven’t touched it before, it must be sl…” ow to get started.


Fang Shubai didn’t even finish the word “slow” and had to swallow it forcefully.

Just now he played the erhu. The master was quite dissatisfied with the sound of trees being cut down, and now he is laughing, praising, and applauding You Qiuqiu.

“The little girl is good. She is gifted in this area. She can play it with confidence and boldness. It is a good seedling for playing suona,” the master commented to You Qiuqiu.

Fang Shubai was a little suspicious of life.


Is this not a prank?

He didn’t see any distinction between the two.

You Qiuqiu over there was encouraged by her master and resumed blowing. In the master’s opinion, she was a suona genius.

It’s fine if other things blow decently, and the suona blows decently too. That’s true…

The cameraman of the program group involved: I regret it, I regret it very much. Why did I choose to follow You Qiuqiu?

My ears were hurting so badly that I was almost sent off on the spot.

Fang Shubai, on the other hand, had been making no progress for a long time, and he was still sawing wood, which is not an environmental conservation project.

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