I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 46.3

After the failure of You Qiuqiu’s plan, everyone has to face how to live a week with 100 yuan.

The group first went back to where they would live.

The program team had provided lodging for them, as well as a kitchen, pots, pans, and seasonings, but there was nothing to eat.

There wasn’t even a single clove of garlic to be located.

Stinging to the extreme.

Fang Shubai was going to be defeated by the program squad when he exclaimed, “They still want us to live?”

Ma Juan is the oldest and has the most life experience of the six. She advised that they go to lunch first, buy some ingredients, and then create another plan once they were full.

Everyone agreed with her suggestion.

So they bought veggies and steamed buns based on the cheapest ones, which were devoid of meat and odor. Everyone was relieved to learn that the pricing here is reasonable and affordable, given the small size of the place.

Even though the six people are frugal, a lunch still costs twenty yuan.

Everyone seemed to be half full, but no one said anything.

Everyone gathered around to discuss countermeasures after the hunger crisis was temporarily eased.

Tao Anjie: “Well, we can go out to perform, and it’s okay to sing, right?” Some helpless people asked the program team.

Of course, the show’s staff had no objections, and they couldn’t be happier.

Tao Anjie, a powerful singer, sings on the street. Whether it’s about a lack of human nature or a loss of morality…

No, it’s due to a lack of money.

This is not a casual statement: A penny defeats a hero.

Lan Xuan, “I can perform fancy basketball tricks. If I have basketball, it’s okay without a basketball ball…”

” I can sing,” Dong Tiantian says, “But it would be great if I had a piano.” She is still obsessed with her own piano.

Ma Juan paused for a moment, thinking, “I can do cross-talk.” She herself is always doing sketches, but cross-talk is also fine.

“I can dance, sing, and rap.” Fang Shubai tightened his fists.

Everyone rapidly discovered what they were skilled at in order to earn enough money to survive.

“Senior Sister…”

He gave You Qiuqiu a hesitant glance.

Qiu Cub cannot open her mouth, and her lethality is too great.

“There are too many people.” Dong Tiantian grumbled.

The passionate people who were still chatting all quieted down as soon as these words were spoken, and the atmosphere suddenly solidified.

This was spoken by the small girl before You Qiuqiu opened her mouth as if she intended to exclude You Qiuqiu.

Tao Anjie and Ma Juan were both attempting to smooth things over, and the small milk voice could be heard in the room.

“I know how to make candied haws.”

Everyone:? ? ?

Just now, they were discussing what to perform.

Candied haws do not seem to belong to this category.

You Qiuqiu had no intention of performing.

She can’t sell any art, and it would be a scam for her to try to sell it.

She had no intention of entering the ranks before Dong Tiantian spoke.

So You Qiuqiu recalled the skills she had gained previously, such as making candied haws, and it appears that she may now put them to use.

She asked the director of the program team, “Can we use everything in the whole house?”

The program team’s director thought it carefully, and there appeared to be no loopholes, so he nodded: Sure.

You Qiuqiu can’t sell the things in the room. The items in the room aren’t particularly valuable, and they’re all secondhand.

You Qiuqiu is not looking to sell her home. She intends to use it.

“I’ll take the pot, seasoning, and gas first, and return it in the afternoon.”

Everyone:? ? ?

You Qiuqiu: “I’ll go to the stall to sell candied haws, and by the way… sell fried skewers.”

Candied haws are delicious, and so are fried skewers. You Qiuqiu believe that the latter is likely to be easier to begin with.

“That’s right.” You Qiuqiu said to Ma Juan, who was in charge of the money, “I may need to borrow some money, but I will repay it. Are thirty yuan okay?”

She spoke with confidence.

Thirty yuan was little in the past, but they only possessed seventy yuan.

Dong Tiantian was determined to oppose it. “If you lose money,” She thought You Qiuqiu was joking.

You Qiuqiu had already considered it, so she was not asked, “If I can’t do it and lose money, then I won’t spend a penny of everyone’s money in the future.”

Fang Shubai long ago raised his hand and said, “Count me in!” He has always been a staunch supporter of Qiu Cub’s career.

Business of candied haws and fried skewers.

The others voiced their faith in You Qiuqiu as well. If they truly lose money, they will not spend the money in the mutual fund.

But Dong Tiantian still didn’t like it.

“Whatever you want,” the small girl said angrily.

She was completely puzzled. What kind of ecstasy soup did this female artist named You Qiuqiu give everyone? Does she have a coquettish face that everyone admires?

How is it that an elderly person like Ma Juan believes in her?

Because You Qiuqiu’s painting technique differs from everyone else’s. She had determined that she would start a stall, and Fang Shubai would accompany her.

Tao Anjie had originally wanted to be with You Qiuqiu. Because You Qiuqiu had previously lost her voice, Tao Anjie’s relationship with her improved, and he naturally took better care of her.

But Tao Anjie is the soul of the performing arts. It is estimated that he is the one who earns the most money. As a result, You Qiuqiu refuses.

She can do it on her own, but she can’t get rid of Fang Shubai.

You Qiuqiu: She reasonably suspects that Fang Shubai is trying to eat candied haws with her.

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