I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 46.4

You Qiuqiu and Fang Shubai left with thirty yuan in their hands.

The gas and other things were also pushed using a trolley, and it was already in the yard.

The program group’s director was also curious: Could You Qiuqiu set up a stand with thirty yuan?

The seasoning in the kitchen is still insufficient. The show’s director never imagined that You Qiuqiu would borrow it from the master she learned the suona in the morning, as well as a large brush for seasoning the fried skewers.

Program Team: No! How did she know her master so well, and he agreed to it?

You Qiuqiu said that she was obliged to return the money to her father.

Regardless, You Qiuqiu also asked the master if there were any cheaper suppliers nearby.

She wants to make a deal.

A thirty-yuan transaction.

“Her house sells a lot of goods,” The master pointed out to the neighbor who was watching the fun with the child next to him. “You can go there and have a look.”

“Give my apprentice a little less. Don’t lie to her,” he reminded the owner of the grocery store.

The female owner of the grocery store was holding the child. “I would not lie. I have been running the shop for so long, and I have never deceived anyone. We must be honest when we do business.”

Fang Shubai went up to the female boss and tried to start a handsome man’s strategy by acting like a spoiled brat and asking for more from the female boss, but it didn’t work.

Fang Shubai’s hair finally returned to regular black this time because new restrictions made it hard for artists to appear too innovative. Last time, he dyed his hair green and was later transformed into a giant green hat by the ghosts.

He believes that everything will be fine this time.

So far, he is still brooding about the lack of use of the handsome man in the last season.

“Go away, you’re blocking my way,” the female boss told him.

Then, just as Fang Shubai’s heart was about to break, he heard the woman say to You Qiuqiu, “I know you.”


You Qiuqiu were taken aback.

Is she really that hot?

The female boss pointed to the small TV that remained outside.

“Didn’t you change from ping-pong ball to a goose egg?”

You Qiuqiu, “…”

She noticed it.

It was a whitening product advertisement. You Qiuqiu followed and liked the entire process of changing from a ping-pong ball to a goose egg, since she didn’t expect it starting playing.

“You are really white. You were so yellow before. What sort of product did you use? When I buy it and try it, I will support you,” said the female boss.

Fang Shubai: “Hahaha!”

The female boss stocks a wide variety of goods. You Qiuqiu has thirty yuan in her possession, and the female boss also sets wholesale rates for You Qiuqiu. There are fresh hawthorns that can be converted into candied haws, as well as sausages that can be fried.

You Qiuqiu didn’t buy the more expensive ones because she doesn’t deserve it now. Sausages and hawthorn are enough.

After buying it, what they got was still quite a big bag, and Fang Shubai carried it around.

The program crew was a little more diligent this time. They prepared a car for them and pulled them further away from the business area, as there are only residents here ordinarily.

Fang Shubai was bored and came over to look at You Qiuqiu while she was fidgeting with her phone in the car.

“What are you up to?”

“A female netizen named Xiaoxiao added me and said that she went to the mountains to gather tea. Her grandfather operated a tea garden, and the tea in the tea garden was really nice, but she couldn’t sell it because of a lack of access. She was extremely distressed,” You Qiuqiu said.

“It’s pitiful,” she commented.

The longer Fang Shubai listened, the more convinced he became that something was wrong.

“Is this the routine of a tea house scam!?” 1

“How can you provoke such a bizarre person, Senior Sister?”

So Fang Shubai took a look at You Qiuqiu’s WeChat name [The Man Who Watches the Sea] and noticed that the avatar is a lotus flower with a sense of age.

Fang Shubai, “…” Admired.

“Block it. It’s a liar.”

You Qiuqiu: “Let’s talk about it later. She didn’t lie to me anyway.”

So she buried her head and chatted, but she soon arrived at the program team’s allotted stall. You Qiuqiu set up the ingredients turned on the gas, and her candied haws and fried skewers were in full swing.

She took it seriously. The ice-sugar haws had to be dried for a time, which was easier to store than the fried skewers, so You Qiuqiu created the ice-sugar haws first, and the caramel flavor surrounded her immediately.

There are many people here who come and go. Usually, there will be those who want to eat something. They don’t mind buying one even if they don’t recognize You Qiuqiu and Fang Shubai.

Business arrived quickly.

Some people ordered candied haws, while others requested fried skewers.

You Qiuqiu was in charge of creating the meal, Fang Shubai of collecting the money and delivering the food, and they could only accept change because they were too poor and ran out of money, so they couldn’t find change.

Humanity’s reality

The best indicator is the taste of the food itself. The red candied haws are iced with clear frosting and topped with white sesame seeds. You Qiuqiu began creating fried skewers when she had finished a specific number of candied haws, and the taste was much more appetizing. It has a greater reach than the taste of candied haws.

It appears to be highly popular here, although the money earned is not a lot. The director of the program group sees the performing arts group. Tao Anjie’s popularity and high-quality singing earned him hundreds of yuan in just ten minutes.

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  1. This one is more like an online version of the Tea house scam.

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