I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 46.5

You Qiuqiu, on the other hand, has been active for a long time because it is a small business and more conscientious, and she has made a total of 70 yuan after deducting the capital, which has just exceeded 100 yuan.

You Qiuqiu has also depleted all the ingredients. She thinks this journey is well worth it, but if she has the money, she can wholesale some more ingredients in the future.

Take it when you see it.

You Qiuqiu informed Fang Shubai that she wanted to go to the bathroom.

However, as You Qiuqiu came out of the bathroom, she encountered Fang Shubai kneeling and silent.

Fang Shubai: “Senior Sister… I’m sorry, I spent all the money and bought a lottery ticket, then lost everything.”

Fang Shubai was on the verge of crying. He was originally waiting for You Qiuqiu to appear. Who knew the owner of the lottery shop on the other side would come over? He first asked if he wanted to go look at the lottery.

He gave Fang Shubai one free lottery ticket.

Fang Shubai didn’t want to go, but he couldn’t resist the temptation and went anyhow.

He reasoned that he hadn’t made much money today. If he could win the lottery, the amount would not need to be very large, just a few dozen. Wouldn’t Qiu Cub be overjoyed if he got a surprise?

As a result, the small business suffered a total loss.

He gives You Qiuqiu a shock.


The crew of the show is ecstatic. They are the ones who are concerned that the world will not be in disarray. The more people who can help fix it, the better.

You Qiuqiu pointed at the camera and pointed at Fang Shubai who was frustrated on the side. “It is advisable to wake up and watch the real rife. Which gambler has the best results?”

This is the most vivid example.

“The gambler’s mentality is unacceptable, and wealth is all gone.”

The program team’s staff almost applauded.

Well said, indeed!

You Qiuqiu’s high school politics are excellent. It can all be expanded upon.

Through the camera, You Qiuqiu awakens the audience with the case of Fang Shubai.

Fang Shubai had too many regrets: he was wrong, he was very wrong.

“How much money do we have now?” You Qiuqiu asked.

“No more,” Fang Shubai said flatly, and his energy was depleted.

He felt that his brain was being pumped at that moment. Now that all the ingredients have been used up, Fang Shubai wonders if he can go to the pawnshop. He has a brand-name necklace around his neck, so he can’t implicate Qiu Cub.

You Qiuqiu, “No, we have ten yuan.”

Fang Shubai: ? ? ?

Program group: ? ? ?

Where did you get ten yuan?

When You Qiuqiu came out, she was clutching the thirty yuan that Ma Juan had given her. Fang Shubai’s suspicions grew. Is it possible that Qiuqiu also hid it?

You Qiuqiu immediately said that she did not hide it, “It was given by Xiaoxiao.”

It became much more incredible when these words were spoken.

Fang Shubai and the show’s director both remember Xiaoxiao and are vaguely familiar with her. Is it the same liar tea girl who added You Qiuqiu on WeChat?

The young lady who sells tea.

The director of the program team thought this may be a significant material, so the cameraman focused on the mobile phone chat record between You Qiuqiu and the tea seller.

The tea girl was continuously trying to incorporate You Qiuqiu into the routine, telling her how difficult she was. You Qiuqiu were also quite compassionate and donated a lot of chicken soup to the soul. Finally, the tea salesgirl thought she could seal the net and gave You Qiuqiu a 388 discount on her tea purchase.

This is a common way to start to deceive people and start getting their money.

You Qiuqiu expressed sympathy for her experience and wanted to buy tea, but there was no money on WeChat at the time, and she would look into it later.

You Qiuqiu immediately followed up with her own story. Her friend was defeated in the bet. She needed ten yuan to flip through the book. She was wondering if Xiaoxiao could help her.

The director of the program group wanted to laugh when he saw this.

What a hot ten yuan to turn over the book.

However, they didn’t know that You Qiuqiu really hooked the tea girl, and the tea girl still felt that ten yuan was little compared to the hundreds or thousands of yuan left behind, so the tea girl gave her ten yuan.

The tea girl did not defraud You Qiuqiu of money but was “defrauded” of ten yuan by You Qiuqiu.

Program Director: ! ! !


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