The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 44.1

 “What did you say? Something happened to Qing Sha?!” Xu Qiu exclaimed.

“Wait, what happened to that little snake?” Donald and Jasper both exclaimed at the same time.

Is there something wrong with Qing Sha? What about the curse that has been placed on the two of them?!

The two big men’s expressions were much more worried than Xu Qiu’s, and they raced into the classroom regardless of whether or not it was risky.

The aroma of food lingered in the classroom, but the cubs had all left their seats and congregated around the chairs in Qing Sha.

“The principal has arrived!”

“Please make way, everyone.”

Xu Qiu stepped over, and the cubs moved to make room for her.

Xu Qiu had a look at it and found that the cubs had eaten everything on the table and even licked it clean, while the food on Qing Sha’s table had not been touched. It looked the same when it was delivered just now.

When she looked at Qing Sha’s chair, she noticed that the cushion in the middle of the chair was empty, and there was nothing else.

“Where has Qing Sha gone?”

“Qing Sha is gone. He was still here just now. He should have quickly disappeared!” Cubs said things one syllable at a time.

“Right, Qing Sha vanished just now.”

Qing Sha’s ability is stealth, and he is very skilled at hiding.

No cub will be able to detect him if he creeps out in stealth.

“I was having dinner before, and I didn’t discover any trace of him,” Bai Sa grumbled.

Bai Sa thought that even if Qing Sha was invisible, he could still figure out where he was by the sound of the other person rubbing the ground. When Qing Sha slipped out, he was focusing on the food in his bowl.

The evening meal comprised a bowl of white porridge, a platter of fried lotus roots, and tiny fried fish.

The thumb-sized fish was fried really crisply. Bai Sa ate the porridge with the lotus root. Then he focused his attention on his favorite, fragrant dried fish.

As a result, the final little fish was eaten, and something unexpected happened to Qing Sha.

“It’s not your fault. It has nothing to do with you.”

It would have been ideal if the cubs could have assisted, but they couldn’t, and Xu Qiu would blame no one for this.

“No. 9, No. 10, did you happen to see when Qing Sha left?”

The robots have monitoring capabilities, and today, robots 9 and 10 are watching for the cubs.

During the meal, the two robots showed Xu Qiu a video of the classroom. Qing Sha can be seen sitting on the seat while waiting for the food, but he abruptly disappeared from the seat before he ate.

The robot did not detect Qing Sha’s figure in the following content.

Mu Zhi made a small report to Xu Qiu: “At midday today, Qing Sha didn’t eat, and I witnessed him discreetly spitting up the food!”

The small snake’s stomach can eat food considerably larger than its size, but its digestion speed is slow, and it is usually absorbed slowly over time after eating.

Today’s lunch was sushi and shrimp. The little shrimp were caught in the fish pond. In kindergarten, Xu Qiu dug a fish pond near the fruit trees and raised little fish and shrimp.

Shrimp grow quickly and are simple to raise.

The sushi is created by robots that knead it while wearing gloves. Seaweed is used in the triangular rice balls.

She placed the wet seaweed on the barbed wire and carefully roasted it over the fire until it adhered to the rice ball and tasted like the ocean.

The seaweed system is less expensive. Buying in bulk is worthwhile!

Qing Sha usually ate multiple rice balls with dried plums, veggies, and beef in one go at lunchtime. Then his body was raised like candied haws.

Radish leaves are used to make this dried plum dish. Xu Qiu’s meticulous cooking has eliminated the astringency of the leaves. It remains more popular among the cubs.

Xu Qiu recalled that Qing Sha still enjoyed eating the dumplings. This was not the first time he had eaten such cuisine, and Qing Sha might have grown tired of it.

If Qing Sha doesn’t like it, he doesn’t need to eat that much, so why does he secretly spit it out?

And he disappeared without eating tonight.

“Is everyone full?”

The rest of the cubs said in unison, “Full.”

“Then please help me find Qing Sha,” Xu Qiu said with a sigh of relief.


The cubs’ responses were still quite clean and powerful this time.

“No. 10, you inform everyone else. No.9, you stay in the classroom and send us a message if Qing Sha returns.”

“Everyone else, come out with me, split up, and let us know when you find Qing Sha.”

The kindergarten still has a relatively large area. Some cubs were looking around the classroom, playground, and dormitory area.

 “Qing Sha! …Qing Sha…Where are you?”

One after the other, people began to shout out Qing Sha’s name.

Yuan Jiu fluttered his wings and flew to the tree, his round mung bean eyes diligently opening, attempting to distinguish the Qing Sha from the green leaves.

The two small bats flew through the tubes of the horizontal and parallel bars, respectively, hunting for Qing Sha from the slender black hole.

The kitten approached the fish pond, stretched its paws, and captured a fish with one paw at incredible speed.

However, the fried fish was far more delicious than the raw fish. Bai Sa tossed the fish back. He was mesmerized by the movement of the water’s surface…

Emmm…Qing Sha should not be at the bottom of the water.

Xu Qiu took the robot into the kitchen to check it.

Most cubs are not permitted to enter the kitchen, which is generally locked.

But Xu Qiu still checked it carefully.

Jin Xingxing led No. 1-3 into the newly constructed dormitory for inspection, and the big fox stuffed her head into the fireplace.

“Cough cough!”

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