The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 44.2

She sneezed a few times and blew her nose, but she didn’t notice the little green snake.

If the little green snake was as big as Lily, she’d find it as soon as she looked for it. But he was small and long, and he had some bad abilities, one of which was stealth.

Jin Xingxing shook her head. Thankfully, it wasn’t Lily who had vanished. Otherwise, she was afraid that she would find someone crazily.

The big fox kept shouting, “Where have you gone, Qing Sha?! Everyone is worried about you, so come out immediately!”

Jasper and Donald were both on the verge of tears because they were so nervous.

A real man should be strong. But they can’t be strong when they consider their perilous life!

“Qing Sha, Lord Qing Sha? Where are you? We’re here to find you!”

Jasper’s “curse” erupted as he searched for Qing Sha, and she fell to the ground with a thump.

 “Jasper? Jasper!”

The red-haired youngster shook the big blond man a few times before pinching the other person.

Jasper was motionless, as if dead.

 He attached his ears to the opponent’s chest, “ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum”, and a strong beating sound came from his chest. Fortunately, the guy did not die. It appears to have been a “curse” strike.

Donald screeched moved the man away to keep him from being stepped on by the cubs running around, believing he had done his best to comrade himself, and then left Jasper and went looking for someone else.

After almost twenty minutes, Xu Qiu checked her room from top to bottom and eventually heard a startling noise.

“I found him!”

Hua Lan’s voice was heard, and the source of the voice was not far from her room.

Xu Qiu opened the curtains, opened the window, and went in search of the source of the noise.

Hua Lan enthusiastically waved his vines: “Here, here, here at the pavilion, everyone, come quickly!”

He stayed still and didn’t dare move.

Xu Qiu hurried out of the dormitory.

The other cubs arrived a little faster than Xu Qiu, squeezing around, but when they spotted Xu Qiu arriving, they soon made room for her.

“This is…”

Hua Lan looked around the kindergarten and suddenly realized that he could seek help from his younger brother Hua Qing, so he went outside and found Qing Sha.

Bamboo is a cyan color, and Qing Sha is nearly identical to it, so it is not particularly noticeable.

Qing Sha’s body was entangled in thick bamboo and caught in the position of a particularly rough bamboo joint.

When he rotated his body, his once-clear eyes turned a hazy blue.

Qing Sha was probably in discomfort because it was too loud.

“Everyone, please be quiet.”

“Qing Sha is shedding his skin,” Xu Qiu said with a sigh of relief.

When snakes molt, they will not eat anything and will seek out a quiet and safe spot to molt alone.

They can’t cease molting all at once since they’ll die if they’re attacked by predators.

The cubs retreated a short distance, but Qing Sha’s condition remained unchanged.

Snakes shed their skins frequently throughout their lifetimes, which they must do as they mature.

Like a caterpillar emerging from a cocoon to become a butterfly, no matter how painful the process is, others cannot interfere because it will not help but harm them.

Xu Qiu didn’t dare blink, and her entire attention was drawn to the small green snake.

Qing Sha rubbed the snake skin vigorously, his head held in the shape of an umbrella. He appeared to be in pain and worked tirelessly to remove his old skin, one layer at a time.

The sky is filled with stars from the sun to the horizon. For several hours, the little green snake fought its way out of the old skin.

He pushes out his head, and the little snake shines like a crystal clear jasper in the moonlight.

The old skin that had sloughed off had been left on the bamboo. It was pretty complete. At first glance, it appeared to be twins with a small green snake.

However, if you look closely, you can tell the difference between the new and old Qing Sha’s skin. The lines on his body are neater, and he appears to be longer and bigger.

At this point, Qing Sha became aware of Xu Qiu’s presence.

“Principal!” said the voice cheerfully.

The little green snake’s tail swung strongly on the bamboo, causing the entire structure to shake and the snake skin that had been loosely wrapped around it to fall off.

“This is for you!” Qing Sha dragged his old snake skin, then lifted it with his flexible tail and held it in front of Xu Qiu.

He decided to give it to Xu Qiu, and he was finally able to give a gift!

Xu Qiu stood there, her feet moving as she watched Qing Sha remove his skin. “Thank you,” she said, her feet feeling numb.

Such a gift may not be valuable, but it is extremely meaningful.

“I will take good care of it,” she said seriously, while taking Qing Sha’s present with both hands.

Qing Sha’s stomach growled, and he was starving after the difficult shedding.

“Return to your seat to eat. Don’t force yourself to eat the next time you can’t.” She was talking about the situation at noon.

Qing Sha gave a nod. On the walk back, he observed something strange: It was getting dark!

The sky was still bright when he didn’t shed his skin. With the arrival of the night, everyone will be heading to the dormitory to rest.

And today marks the last day of the exam!

“What am I supposed to do? Did I fail the exam today? Can’t I move into the new dormitory?!”

Qing Sha usually studies very hard, but things like shedding are not under his own control.

The little green snake’s eyes that became clear again quickly filled with tears.

“No, you will pass.”

Xu Qiu stated: “The paper for this monthly test will be divided into four sections, with a typical score of 60%. Qingsha’s usual score is 100!”

Even though Qing Sha’s test resulted become zero eggs, he qualified.

Qing Sha burst out laughing and crying, and he felt the principal was the best.

Some people are happy, while others are anxious when they hear this.

“How about me? How about me?”

Yuan Jiu was worried.

“90 points,” stated Xu Qiu.

What she didn’t mention is that the lowest possible score is usually 90 points.

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