The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 41.1

Chapter 41 – Brother and sister in Christmas season.

The scope of Jiang Shining’s company is considered being limited only to the entertainment industry’s internal industry. They can only call on acquaintances who are celebrity actors or showbiz insiders. But Jing Xuan’s Xuan Yuan company has greater relationship with other industries.

Jing Xuan will attend some of the bosses’ parties at the end of these two months, besides the internal meetings and overviews of the Xuan Yuan video company.

Of course, these bosses are serious presidents of large corporations, which cannot be compared to small businesses that invited Jing Xuan to dinner and stuffed actresses in front of him.

Today’s banquet, in particular, can be said to bring together the bigwigs from many industries.

Most of the men and women in the boss’s inner circle are in their forties, fifties, and sixties. A youthful president like Jing Xuan is rare. There’s also Xiao Zong to consider. He is the same age as Jing Xuan, but he is a son who inherited his father’s career. It’s still a little different from what Jing Xuan did on his own.

The chamber music quartet played softly, the bosses wore dark suits and strolled at the food area, and some of them brought family members with them. In general, these wealthy children grow up with other wealthy children, so many young wealthy second generations gather and converse softly.

Although the bosses that come here are all dragons and phoenixes among the people, big presidents like Xiu Lingfei never attend private parties and are extremely proud. As a result, he didn’t notice him during the party. Instead, Longteng was represented by Xiu Jingrui, Xiu Lingfei’s third son.

He arrived alone and proud, as cold as ice, and exuded the aura of a domineering president to everyone. He appears to be well because of the previous storms, and he is joined by only a few senior executives from Longteng’s subsidiaries. No one came over to talk because the other presidents are nearly as old as his father.

Jing Xuan passed by Xiu Jingrui as if he hadn’t noticed him.

When President Zhao came over, he was casually conversing with a few people.

“President Wang.”

“President Zhao,” Jing Xuan replied graciously as he moved his head sideways.

President Zhao was followed by two ladies, one of whom was in her late thirties or early fifties. Despite her age, she had a pleasant demeanor and wore a crimson outfit. At first glance, this appears to be Mrs. Zhao.

“He is President Wang,” President Zhao said to his wife. “He is Wang Muze who I told you about. He has made a name for himself at an early age and should not be overlooked. I feel that if a few more years pass, he will sit atop the video site industry’s throne.”

“Thank you for the lift, Mr. Zhao.” Jing Xuan laughed softly. “It’s too much to overcome. I’m just doing my part and working hard.”

Mr. Zhao and Mrs. Zhao admired him because he was young, handsome, prosperous, and humble.

“Does Mr. Wang now have a family?” Mrs. Zhao asked.

“I’m not in a relationship because I’m in the early stages of my career.”

They finally got to the point after all was said and done.

“Oh, and by the way, President Wang, this is Zhao Xiaxiu, my daughter.” Mr. Zhao explained. When his wife went to the side, she revealed the young Miss Zhao behind her.

“Hello.” Miss Zhao expressed herself politely.


“My twenty-five-year-old daughter has recently returned from overseas. President Wang, if you don’t mind, we can walk around more,” said President Zhao.

This is his wish for Jing Xuan to be his son-in-law.

Jing Xuan smiled softly, but with an ancient gentleman’s suaveness.

“President Zhao is an industry veteran and a role model. I am eager to learn a few more things from you. You already have my V letter, so feel free to contact me if anything comes up.”

Wang Muze did not mention Miss Zhao once, indicating a polite refusal. President Zhao was unsurprised, and he reached out and patted Jing Xuan on the shoulder.

“Of course, the future is far away. If Xuan Yuan Video wishes cross-border development in the future, you can come to me,” President Zhao replied. I’ve been there as well. I can offer some guidance.”

Jing Xuan thanked him with a smile.

Following the meal, a photographer brought all of the bosses over to take a group portrait, and practically all of the mainstays of various businesses were in this photo.

Jing Xuan sat in the back seat of the car on the way back from the banquet, his eyes closed. The assistant in the co-seat pilot exclaimed unexpectedly.

“President Wang, your photographs are becoming increasingly popular at this banquet.”

The annual gathering of wealthy CEOs will undoubtedly pique the interest of the rest of the world.

Jing Xuan opened his eyes wide. He pulled out his phone and went to the V blog. At first glance, the names and images of the dinner event appeared on the popular search. Of course, the most well-known is Xiu Jingrui, Longteng’s third son, who was arrested for hitting people because of an actress. Some believe this is a sign that he is making a low-key comeback.

Jing Xuan cynically drew the corners of his mouth together. When it comes to making a comeback, the children of these wealthy families aren’t even celebrities, and this isn’t ancient times. Even if there was some anger in the past, it may have harmed Longteng’s image, but Xiu Jingrui’s work will not leave a trace of that dirt behind.

“Deal with it like before,” he muttered softly as he closed his cell phone.

The assistant had followed him for two years, so he understood what he meant: Whenever Jing Xuan had to attend any event, there would naturally be reporters or cameras present, so Jing Xuan would secretly send people to keep an eye on the Internet, and as long as there is news or heat related to Jing Xuan, it will all be deleted.

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