The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 41.2

Some bosses enjoy speaking in front of the public and expressing themselves. Some bosses do not like to be exposed, so some people tried to verify all the video materials on the Internet, and some of those bosses just had their images a few years ago.

Jing Xuan belongs to the second type. Over the years, he has mingled as little as possible and shown up as little as possible. Unfortunately, the company’s reputation is growing, and he must attend more and more events. He can only pay heed to online trends later in the game.

Fortunately, his industry is not as eye-catching as Longteng’s, so his public image has done well.

Their ol’ boss looked so handsome, better looking than your typical star, said the assistant, but his heart was a little melancholy…… If he takes a picture now and uploads it to the Internet, it has a chance of going viral.

Jing Xuan did this more to blend in with the common people. Jiang Shining is already well-known, and if he is also seen, daily life in the future will be difficult.

Every time Jing Xuan took a picture, he tried to lean back and to the side. Nonetheless, a girl with a magnifying glass tracked him down and grabbed a screenshot.

Magnifying glass girl: The boss in the back row is very attractive!

Within two minutes of receiving the outcome, the image was blocked. She removed and reposted it multiple times, but she still could not post it. Finally, she decided that her internet was bad and let it go.

Jing Xuan spends a lot of money on Internet service, so the outcome is fantastic. Even his supervisor, who looks after his girlfriend, does not have such tight control over her.

Jing Xuan asked the driver on the way back to send the assistant who was on his way home first and then continued driving towards the villa area.

Jing Xuan stared out the window, and as the road came closer, he let out a sigh of relief.

It’s wonderful to be back home.

It has already snowed as Christmas approach in December.

Chen Ruozhi stood at the Christmas tree in M Country, her head raised, watching Chen Tanliang raise his hands and place ornaments on the tree.

“No, no, it’s too far. Go to the left a little more…”

Chen Tanliang was tall, while Chen Ruozhi reached only to his chest. She could only move her mouth and her almond eyes continued blinking.

To say the least, Chen Ruo Shang was a well-known female writer in her previous life, and her rebirth life is still extremely good. Nonetheless, Chen Tanliang saw her as a kid, at most six years old, who couldn’t be any taller.

“Left, left!”

Chen Ruozhi looked at Chen Tanliang’s position on the Christmas tree but noticed that he was hanging sideways more and more. Chen Tanliang was leaning against the wall, holding a little bell in one hand, when he turned his head. But he had a half-smile on his face as he looked down at her. A look as if he was expecting her to be annoyed.

 “Chen Tanliang! Can you stop making fun of me like a child!” Chen Ruozhi stretched out her hand and beat him.

Chen Tanliang then positioned the golden bell in the preferred location.

When it comes to this man, his temperament is proper, serious, meticulous, and he does not like to laugh. He has the stern demeanor of an old general despite his youth. Having commanded warriors for two lifetimes, those soldiers who are older than them are exceedingly submissive in his hands.

Chen Tanliang can only be so human when he is with his sister.

Chen Ruozhi turned on the lights after the two had finished decorating the tree, and the Christmas tree instantly became spectacular.

“What makes this year’s tree feel different from the last? Which mall did you buy it from?” Chen Ruozhi asked.

“I hacked it from the mountain.” Chen Tanliang spoke to himself quietly.

Chen Ruozhi was dumbfounded for a moment. The mountain was on the other side of the city, such a great distance, such a tall and enormous tree. After chopping down the tree and transporting it back by himself, only Chen Tanliang could do this type of thing.

Other families had already finished decorating their homes, and the two of them had only started decorating the day before Christmas. They had both been busy with retirement and school, so other families had already finished decorating their homes.

Chen Tanliang has just completed all the paperwork for retirement, and Chen Ruozhi will graduate in the fall. Both are now regarded as free men.

The two swiftly and warmly set up their home. Chen Tanliang also created a moose statue on the field and adorned it with a Christmas cap. Chen Tanliang took some colored lights and wrapped them around the moose to light them up after noticing that the courtyards of other people’s houses were basically lit up with colored lights.

Hmm, that looks a lot better.

Chen Tanliang returned home, and Chen Ruozhi called to buy pizza and other takeaways.

The two brothers and sisters have one very good martial art and one very good literature, but they know nothing about cooking and have no time to study it. Chen Ruozhi only knows how to make coffee, which is a habit he picked up in his past life.

When the pizza arrived, the two sat on the rug next to the Christmas tree, wearing plastic gloves and eating their meal.

“This year will soon be over, and the two of us will be entirely free. Do you have any plans for the coming year?” Chen Ruozhi asked.

“And how about you?” Chen Tanliang posed a rhetorical question.

For a while, Chen Ruozhi remained silent. She received the highest grades at the leading universities. Professors at the school hoped she would continue her studies. Even at the university seminars that were exchanged with foreign countries, academics from other countries admired her and aspired to attract her. Apply for a master’s degree at their university. And at work, she has the option of taking any job she wants.

However, she was also puzzled at the time.

“I haven’t considered it yet. I can do anything,” Chen Ruozhi stated after a while, “as long as I can continue to specialize in research, study, and writing books, that’s enough. However, I hope that we can live in the same country and city.”

“I think so too.”

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