The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 41.3

The more fame and riches they accumulate, the more the siblings realize that family is everything.

“How about your plan?” Chen Ruozhi turned to face Chen Tanliang.

Chen Tanliang remained silent.

His favorite location is the barracks. He enjoys both leading soldiers and fighting on the battlefield. However, the world he now resides in is not the same as the world he once lived in. In his previous life, his father, Chen Jiacheng, was the commander, and he was still battling for his area and interests. When he went to the battlefield, a foreign enemy invaded, and many troops collaborated to defend the house and the country.

Obviously, in comparison to the peace in this world, he is unwilling to attack other people’s homes, even though he enjoys fighting on the battlefield. As a result, when he left the army, he had no idea what to do.

It appears that retirement disorientation affects troops of all ranks and from all countries.

Chen Tanliang couldn’t help but think of a young man with wolf-like black eyes, emanating a deadly light in the darkness.

Or will he, too, go to the dark side? It’s not like blinding yourself. Chen Tanliang thought to himself mockingly.

“I’ll go wherever you go. I guess you still want to study,” Chen Tanliang said seriously, “so you can choose.”

Chen Ruozhi considered it.

“I’d like to read philosophy and history,” she said. “I’ve never felt a sense of belonging to this world after 22 years of reincarnation. Perhaps I’ll understand after I study about the history of the world and what others think.”

Chen Tanliang naturally followed her wishes.

The best universities in the field in which Chen Ruozhi wishes to specialize are all in G Country, but she has already missed the application deadline. However, Chen Ruozhi is regarded as a great talent, and even if she misses classes, some universities are willing to admit her as an exception.

Although Chen Tanliang had not considered it, for the time being, he would follow Chen Ruozhi wherever he went.

The next day, on Christmas Day, Chen Ruozhi called an old professor from G Country she had known before, explained the reason for her visit, and asked him if he could assist her with this matter.

When the old professor heard this, he burst out laughing.

“Dear child, this is the best Christmas present I’ve ever received.”

He said he’d talk to the school right away, but Chen Ruozhi knew they’d agree. It just so happens that this is her favorite school.

The brothers and sisters hadn’t gone out to play in a long time after the situation was resolved. They decided to travel to another city to play. A large-scale carnival performance is supposed to be taking place there.

The two boarded the plane at noon.

They boarded the plane early, and as soon as they sat down, they noticed a group of black-haired and black-eyed people boarding as well, who appeared to be a tour group. Although the brother and sister’s former home country is not the same as the C country, there appears to be a link between the last words they lived in, at least in terms of language and culture. As a result, the Chen siblings are concerned about this country.

People from the tour group are in the front row and close to them. The tourists are conversing in low voices. Even though they are not from the same town, they both have the same local accent, which feels wonderful.


Chen Ruozhi sat outside the window, wrapped a small blanket around himself, and took out a book to read as the plane took off. Chen Tanliang, on the other hand, always sat up straight. The pair of black eyes under his sword brows were not angry or arrogant, and he looked like he was thinking about national issues.

His appearance should be that of the average male that C Country prefers. You can directly engage in the role of a general or a decent character if you put it in a TV series, and you can tell by looking at his face that he is a decent actor.

The uncle on the opposite side of the aisle gave him a familiar look and asked, “Young man, were you a soldier?”

Chen Tanliang tilted his head slightly, the corners of his mouth curving into a polite arc, and he didn’t say anything else. Then he nodded a little.

“Does this guy have a girlfriend?” inquired the aunt and uncle, who both liked him a lot.

Chen Tanliang bowed again, then shook his sister’s hand.

Chen Ruozhi:…

Okay, as long as you’re happy.

The uncle and aunt did not trouble them since Chen Tanliang was polite but disinterested, and the two chatted about ‘this guy is good-looking’ and ‘huh, he has an unusual temperament’ before chatting about other things.

Chen Ruozhi read the book as Chen Tanliang rested by wrapping his arms around his chest and closing his eyes. He has good hearing. When he closes his eyes and concentrates more, the surrounding words become louder.

A foreign couple behind them were chatting in French about their future destination. The uncle on the left is telling his wife about his time in the army when he was younger. The calm sister is on the right, occasionally shuffling through the pages.

Two young girls were whispering something ahead of them.

“Don’t you think my idol is attractive and handsome?”

“The dance was done beautifully. How come he isn’t in the C position?”

“The younger brother in position C is more versatile and possesses the best fundamental skills. Let me tell you, regardless of family members, we 4T fans are very harmonic – since harmony and friendliness are the goals of our family. They all have a great relationship, from their company to the four of them to the fans.”

“This kind of atmosphere is great. My idol had previously been hacked by his teammates and fans.”

“I want to get into the pit after hearing what you said,” another female sighed.

“I’ll show it to you later. The video of the brothers’ debut. Wait, they will accept the prize after singing and dancing, and they will thank the company and the boss in a while. You know their boss?” said the girl.

“Oh, it’s the one who was previously on the hot search—”

“Absolutely! The lovely boss! She is stunning and has a wonderful personality! She is called Jiang Shining, and we all love her. She’s the classic Mama of our 4T fans!”

Chen Tanliang raised his eyes wide as he heard a sensitive surname.

The author has something to say:

If someone asks Jing Yuan if he has a girlfriend…

Jing Yuan, who had no sister, had no choice but to raise Jing Xuan’s paw and shake it.

Jing Xuan: …I can get along with you!

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