Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 48


Chapter 48

For a long time, Wu Xiulian refused to believe any of this was true and snarled fiercely at Gu Weiwei.

“How did you handle that phone call? Who knows if it was an MG Company phone call? As a seventeen or eighteen-year-old high school student, how much do you know about MG?”

“I made the call, Mrs. Meng.” Ming Ye reminded everyone.

“Is it true. You won’t know until you get MG’s lawyer’s letter.” Gu Weiwei gave a faint grin, but her eyes were cold.

Mu Weiwei is unfamiliar with fashion circles and expensive brands, but she was raised in Gu’s household.

Since she was 20, Martin Green, the MG designer, has secured a deal to become the Gu family’s personal designer since she was 20 years old. Throughout the year, he makes her outfits, shoes, bags, and jewelry, so no one knows more about MG than she does.

Wu Xiulian came in front of her holding this bag, and she knew it was a high-quality imitation product.

She couldn’t control her mouth, so she had no choice but to teach her a lesson.

Wu Xiulian didn’t believe it, but the surrounding guests did.

“She brought her this bag, but refused to confess it and asked others to pay.”

“It’s not like shooting yourself in the foot anymore. You’ll have to pay a lot of money and lose your face if you mess with MG and the Gu family.”

“They do not know it’s a fake. They shouldn’t lose if they actually fight the lawsuit, right?”

“The Gu family has always been tyrannical and unreasonable, and a few who dared to defy them will farewell. Signing Martin Green as a private designer shows this distinction. Some people make replicas of Gu’s items and bring them out to show off. If they are not happy, they just don’t want you to feel better.”

“The rich are particularly willful if they can sign a designer from a luxury brand for private design, and to sign it for so many years.”

Meng Ruya begged her mother, Wu Xiulian to calm down and glared at Gu Weiwei. “Weiwei, ever since I met you, I’ve treated you as if you were my younger sister, and I’ve always given you the clothes to wear. What did I do wrong? You want to treat me like this?”

Everyone couldn’t help but feel sorry for Meng Ruya’s mother and daughter when they heard this. They were very nice to people, but now that they’ve been brutally murdered, Mu Weiwei is far too ungrateful.

She had known about the MG news for a long time, so she purposefully scuffed the bag to cause difficulty.

Gu Weiwei curled her lips cruelly, walked a few steps closer, and glanced at Meng Ruya’s diamond necklace, saying, “Sister Ruya, you gave me clothes and shoes, but didn’t I give you all my most important things? My mother left me this diamond necklace as a relic.”

The female guest in the black gown looked at Meng Ruya’s diamond necklace and remarked, “This necklace is worth more than ten million yuan, and it is your mother’s relic, but you can buy as many clothes as you like.”

You obviously took advantage of it, and you blame the little girl for your misfortunes. Do you want me to share the video I just made for everyone’s enjoyment?”

Meng Ruya was astonished to the point of inability to speak. She deceived this diamond necklace from Mu Weiwei, claiming that it was a benefit for helping her in her pursuit of Fu Hanzheng. Mrs. Fu also knew that this necklace had been given to her by Mu Weiwei, so she couldn’t lie in front of Mrs. Fu and say it wasn’t Mu Weiwei’s.

Mrs. Fu looked at Wu Xiulian, who was pale, touched Meng Ruya on the shoulder, and remarked warmly, “OK, your mother doesn’t look well. You should send her back to rest first.

It would be difficult for mother and daughter to attend this banquet.

She was pleased with Meng Ruya, who was picked as a daughter-in-law because of her sweet nature and concern for others, but not with her mother, who was occasionally incompetent.

Meng Ruya was not reconciled, but at this point, she realized it would be futile to stay here any longer. She gently bid goodbye to the Ming family members and helped Wu Xiulian leave the club in despair.

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