Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 49


The clubhouse’s lights were bright and brilliant as night fell.

Ming Zongyuan disliked socializing, so he stayed in the garden with the juniors, while Mrs. Ming entertained visitors in the banquet hall.

“Mrs. Fu, you appear to know Miss Mu as well?”

Mrs. Ming could see that the old man truly wanted that girl and her son to be together, but today’s events made her uneasy.

“The child of the old family, the relatives have passed away, and the old lady Fu has adopted her into the Fu family.”

Mrs. Fu dislikes Mu Weiwei, but she will not say that behind her back, showing her lack of manners.

Furthermore, if Mu Weiwei truly fell in love with Ming Ye, she would have fewer problems, and the Fu family would be less difficult.

Gu Weiwei was embarrassed to be tricked into having a blind date in the garden, but Ming Ye was very elegant and gentlemanly, with witty phrases, and took good care of the three little girls.

Furthermore, observing that she had a cold and a sore throat, he made a hot drink to soothe her throat.

The light dinners give her the impression that this isn’t a blind date, but an entertaining gathering of friends.

Ji Cheng didn’t even bother eating the food that was on the table and continued to play with her phone with shining eyes. “I’m searching for what Gu Weiwei, the local tyrant of the Gu family, looks like,” she stated after a few words from Ming Zongyuan.

Gu Weiwei, who sat to her left, twitched the corner of her mouth and said, “…”

“Oh, why isn’t there a photo of her face?” Ji Cheng mumbled as she put down the phone, “To even hire Martin Green as a private designer and wear exclusive orders that aren’t available in the world every day. The world of the rich is unimaginable.”

Gu Weiwei politely smiled. It is not surprising that a celebrity from A Country lives like this.

Gu’s family has simply given her something better.

Ji Cheng gave up looking for news and winked at Gu Weiwei.

“Is my little cousin extremely powerful and handsome, Weiwei?”

Gu Weiwei laughed dryly, “You said that. What else can I say?”

Ming Zongyuan quickly followed suit. “I’ll tell you, my grandson is really good, and he designed several great buildings abroad,” he remarked.

Ming Ye’s smile froze somewhat when he sipped from his red wine glass.

“People are still young, Grandpa.”

“Yes, I’m young,” Gu Weiwei answered, nodding.

“You’re not too young. You’re eighteen now, and it’s exactly perfect after two years of dating and then getting married,” Ming Zongyuan assuredly.

“I don’t think so,” Gu Weiwei responded, a dry smile appearing on her face.

He does not know who his grandson likes, and he even set her up on a blind date.

Ming Ye took another sip from his wine glass and seemed to be concealing something as he watched Ji Cheng insist on persuading Gu Weiwei to be her little cousin.

Ming Zongyuan talked for a time before calling Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian for a walk, but she and Ming Ye were left alone.

Ming Ye smiled apologetically as he watched a few people walk away.

“I’m sorry. My grandfather is used to making decisions at home and wants to handle everything.”

“However, I think… you should make it plain to Cheng Cheng earlier. When will you confess?” Gu Weiwei chuckled.

Ming Ye was taken aback because he hadn’t expected her to say such a thing.


“On the necklace, my little angel, and that necklace signifies love,” Gu Weiwei explained.

“You didn’t tell her, did you?” Ming Ye said helplessly.

“I haven’t had time to tell,” Gu Weiwei said, shaking her head, “but I think you should do it yourself.”

“Thank you, let’s wait for her to grow up,” Ming Ye replied.

After dinner, Ming Ye arranged for a car to take her and Luo Qianqian home and drove Ji Cheng himself.

The landline phone in the apartment’s living room rang as soon as Gu Weiwei opened the door, and even though she didn’t need to answer it, she knew it was from someone she had blocked.

So she didn’t bother to answer and simply unplugged the phone’s connection. Then the world become quiet.

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