Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 50


Mrs. Fu received a call from Meng Ruya on her way back from the banquet at the club. “Auntie, I just received an email from MG. They will send a lawyer to negotiate next week, and the Gu family’s lawyer. I really don’t know if it’s a fake…”

Madam Fu listened patiently to Meng Ruya’s words and asked, “How is your mother?”

She has an old problem, which isn’t very good. She fell asleep immediately after taking the medication and didn’t even eat a bite of her dinner.” Meng Ruya’s voice was softly sobbing.

When Mrs. Fu heard it, her heart softened. She didn’t have a daughter. Meng Ruya had been coming and going from Fu’s house for years, and she had long been considered a half-daughter.

Don’t worry, I’ll talk to Hanzheng about it as soon as possible. He would help you solve any problem, whether it is from the Gu family or MG.

“Thank you very much, aunt. You are the best for me” Meng Ru Ya stopped crying and kindly thanked her.

Because old lady Fu likes that little bitch Mu Weiwei, she can only hold Mrs. Fu. Mrs. Fu, on the other hand, has always been kind to her and adores her. As long as she agrees, she will undoubtedly help her in resolving the problem.

When it comes to Mu Weiwei, Pauline’s artwork caused her to lose face, but this time it’s difficult to get along with her. She’ll be ready the next time, and she’ll make her seem good.

Mrs. Fu went back to the Fu family’s previous house, and it was rare for Fu Shiqin not to return to the Tianshui Villa. He went straight home after work to eat.

“When will your brother return, Shiqin?”

“There are still two or three days. What’s the matter?” Fu Shiqin asked in surprised. She had never asked about their work.

Mrs. Fu ordered the servant to pour her a glass of water, sat down at the table, and discussed what had happened in the clubhouse before saying, “MG and Gu’s families may have sent a lawyer to negotiate, and you will send the best lawyer in the company to assist Ruya. This issue has been resolved.

Fu Shiqin sighed and shook his head as he put down the bowl with some disgust. “Why is it always her? Recently, the company’s lawyers in the legal department have been busy negotiating with the Wilson Company about the details of the collaboration agreement, so how can they handle her affairs?

“She is your future sister-in-law, and her business is our family’s business. You must take care of it for me.” Mrs. Fu stated emphatically.

When old lady Fu heard this, she put down the dinnerware and chopsticks and lost her taste for food.

Is the future sister-in-law a fake lover? The fake Pauline’s painting was returned from the last auction, almost damaging the deal with Wilson. If Mu Weiwei had not identified the painting as a fake in time and persuaded Mr. Ming to sell me a painting, tens of billions of dollars in business would have been lost.

What is it about fakes that she finds so attractive? She bought counterfeit paintings and bags, causing plenty of problems.Fu Shiqin became enraged.

“Mu Weiwei?” Mrs. Fu raised her eyebrows slightly. Did she help Wilson with the business?

She didn’t believe she possessed this skill, but without the explanation, she wouldn’t have understood why the Ming Lao was so protective of her today.

It’s one thing that you like Meng Ruya, but your elder brother doesn’t. Besides, my eldest brother has a girlfriend…” Fu Shiqin replied, holding up the bowl and continuing to eat.

“Girlfriend?” Mrs. Fu and Fu Shengying, who had been quietly reading the newspaper, were both taken aback.

When he saw their disbelief, Fu Shiqin took out his phone and pulled out the photos he had shot at the morning meeting.

“Look at the wound on our brother’s mouth. This should be because of kissing someone and being bitten by a girl…”

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