I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 47.2

“But we have nothing and no money anymore,” he said, noting that the hawthorns and sausages purchased with the money had all been used.

Fang Shubai then felt a piece of paper hovering above his head.

“Huh?” he said as he grabbed it subconsciously.

Ten yuan, not paper.

You Qiuqiu: ?

Program group: ?

“Look, it’s rare for a child, even his pants are torn… Take the money to mend the pants.” An old man with white hair and a clean dress stood in front of Fang Shubai with sympathy.

The cameraman followed Fang Shubai and pointed his camera towards his pants.

His trousers were not torn. He simply wore a pair of ripped trousers today, and the knees were designed to be torn.

Fang Shubai used to think he was stylish, but the old man would have been mistaken if he thought he couldn’t even wear a good pair of trousers.

Fang Shubai’s face became pale and crimson.


“This money is for you.”

He tried to explain and return the money, but the old man was stubborn and his legs were numb, so he swiftly went away.

“Go get something to eat,” he advised.

While holding the ten yuan, Fang Shubai felt as if he was about to cry, “Senior Sister, what do you call this?”

You Qiuqiu pondered for a moment, “Heaven never bars one’s way 1.”

Fang Shubai was misidentified as a beggar.

The two thanked the old man in front of the camera, and You Qiuqiu waved her small hand.

“Let’s go make some money.”

“Where can we make money?” Fang Shubai cheered up a little with ten yuan.

He followed closely behind You Qiuqiu.

The program team has seen it before. If you want to see something big, you still need You Qiuqiu to guide you. Fang Shubai is generally an assistant.

They were also intrigued by You Qiuqiu’s plan to turn around with these ten yuan.

It’s been half a day, you know.

Return to your previous position and continue selling food?

That may save money, but it’s a toss-up.

You Qiuqiu took Fang Shubai to the lottery shop.

Director of Programming: ! ! Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Who the hell was still on the camera just now educating everyone seriously to stay away from gambling, and every gamble will be lost?

Is You Qiuqiu’s behavior now deliberate?

Crazily testing on the edge of finding a fight?

Fang Shubai: Hey, Senior Sister, he’s completely wrong. He won’t buy lottery tickets, so there’s no need to educate him anymore!

You Qiuqiu said, “What are you doing?”

She was a little surprised, not knowing why Fang Shubai reacted so fiercely, “I’ll try my luck.”

Fang Shubai advised. “The gambler’s mentality is unacceptable, and wealth is all gone!”

He then handed her the words that You Qiuqiu had given him.

The show’s crew was on the verge of passing out from laughter.

God, these two are so cute. Why are there always such unexpected situations, and are they so humorous when they meet?

Furthermore, Fang Shubai remembered what You Qiuqiu stated, showing that he paid attention.

You Qiuqiu said, “I’m rebellious.”

Everyone had nothing to say after she explained it this way. What else could he say in response to her assertion that she was rebellious?

You Qiuqiu stated to Fang Shubai, “This ten yuan was originally for you, so you may write off your mistake.”

“I think You Qiuqiu has nothing to lose,” stated the program group’s director to the cameraman.

Another write-off.

However, the program staff did not intervene because they believed they may be more “miserable.”

Fang Shubai pondered for a long time before deciding that Qiu Cub would be pleased. The big deal was that he sold the necklace in a short period of time, proving that there was always a way.

Fang Shubai went inside the lottery shop with a hundred yuan and left empty-handed.

You Qiuqiu visited the lottery store with ten yuan-

And came out with 5,000 yuan in cash.

! ! !

Everyone was shocked.

Fang Shubai was still remembered by the owner of the lottery shop. There were many people in the shop when Fang Shubai returned. He reasoned that the other party was dissatisfied with the amount of money spent, so he planned to cheat.

He informed Fang Shubai, “I did not force you to buy or sell. You are all voluntarily, and some do not win the lottery.”

“I’m here to buy,” You Qiuqiu says.

Everyone didn’t expect her to win the prize, and it wasn’t a small one either: 5,000 yuan.

When the owner of the lottery business learned that You Qiuqiu had won the prize, he was taken aback.

“You have the opportunity to earn more money.”

But You Qiuqiu closed it when she saw it, “I won’t play anymore.” After taking the money, she ran out quickly.

Fang Shubai was dizzy. What was this? Why had he lost all his money and she had won 5,000 yuan when he arrived?

“Did you actually win 5,000 yuan?”

Fang Shubai was still dazed because he couldn’t believe it.

You Qiuqiu pushed the money into his hand.

“The 5,000 yuan belongs to us, and we earn half of it.”

Fang Shubai was giddy with delight as he held the five thousand yuan.

What is the name of this?

You Qiuqiu: “Probably…called it’s the favored of the gods.”

Although You Qiuqiu herself was shocked, she had never been like this before. It appears that she is extremely fortunate?

The program team’s staff saw the process of You Qiuqiu’s fight. Ten yuan became five thousand yuan, and they were almost envious enough to cry. You Qiuqiu unexpectedly questioned her identification as a favored of the gods.

It has to be it!

Why in the world is this girl so lucky?

Of course, even though You Qiuqiu took 5,000 yuan, she didn’t fail to tell them that luck and windfalls aren’t to be taken too seriously.

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  1. Heaven never bars one’s way (idiom); don’t despair and you will find a way through.

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