I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 47.3

The show’s director had to give her a thumbs-up as well.

You Qiuqiu’s political accomplishments may not be perfect.

With a magical five thousand yuan in their hands, the two of them returned to where they lived together. This half-day was filled with trials. If it were written as a script, it would be complicated.

It went from thirty yuan to one hundred yuan, then to egg yuan, then to ten yuan, and finally to five thousand yuan.

Fang Shubai finally recovered from the shock of You Qiuqiu’s five thousand yuan when the return car was more than halfway through.

He was still dissatisfied and told You Qiuqiu, “I will not spend everyone’s money.”

You Qiuqiu, “Are you going to starve to death?”

Fang Shubai: QWQ

“I want to lose weight.”

But it’s impossible to lose weight if you don’t eat for several days.

“It’s okay,” You Qiuqiu comforted Fang Shubai.

She took out a bottle of xylitol from her purse, gave two tablets to Fang Shubai, threw two tablets into her mouth, and chewed them, her voice a little vague.

“You feel sorry for me?”

You Qiuqiu could comprehend Fang Shubai’s views because he was still contemplating how he squandered all the money he made.

“Then I’ll punish you.”

Otherwise, she estimated that he would have to struggle with this during the show’s recording, even if You Qiuqiu didn’t mind.

Fang Shubai heard the punishment but smiled, seeing that he was willing.

He was wrong, but he was willing to face punishment.

“What kind of punishment?”

The crew in the car pricked up their ears as well, anticipating You Qiuqiu’s written penalty.

“I recently heard a few new songs from Tao Ge and enjoyed them, but I couldn’t find anyone to listen to me. Would you like to listen to me?” says You Qiuqiu.

She asked Fang Shubai.

When the program team heard the sentence, they were astonished and did not respond. What kind of punishment was Fang Shubai subjecting himself to by listening to the song? It was a wonderful friendship.

However, when everyone discovers the deep meaning of this –

This gorgeous female artist’s singing is not ordinary. She is well known as the death singer.

Just go straight to death.

This punishment is too harsh!

She then laughed.

Fang Shubai clenched his teeth and agreed.

He was earnest in his repentance, and he kept talking to the camera for everyone to pay heed and never learn from him.

The two of them returned to their home early, while the others did not.

So You Qiuqiu placed all the gas and everything back where it belonged and went to the grocery store’s female owner to buy a bunch of sausages and hawthorn.

You Qiuqiu burst into tears as she was opening the stall. She expected to be able to create candied haws while eating, but 30 yuan is clearly insufficient for her to eat, and she still needs to make money.

So You Qiuqiu stood helplessly by as the candied haws and fried skewers were sold to others, wishing she could inhale the aroma.

Is it abuse or not? So cruel!

You Qiuqiu decided now that when she becomes wealthy, she will make it for herself.

Excellent. Now that she has money, she can devour it.

You Qiuqiu prepared it not only for herself and Fang Shubai but also for the rest of the people who did not return.

The entire kitchen was filled with the smell, and the director couldn’t stop himself from saying, “Give me the basics.”

You Qiuqiu took the spatula and said, “Give me the money.”

Give the six of them 100 yuan each, but they are too embarrassed to eat.

Of course, giving money is another matter. She can sell them.

The director was incensed, and he took out the money, saying, “Give the money!”

So You Qiuqiu used this wave to gain a small fortune.

Tao Anjie and the others returned just as the sun was setting, and they smelled the aroma of fried skewers as soon as they arrived at their residence.

“Qiuqiu, you are making delicious food.”

You Qiuqiu responded by asking Fang Shubai to serve it to everyone.

Dong Tiantian twisted her head and said, “I don’t eat junk food.”

Fang Shubai, “… If you like eat, if not don’t.” What’s going on with this kid? Why is she so bad? She’s not even a few years younger than him.

Dong Tiantian spoke up again when the others commented that You Qiuqiu’s fried skewers were perfectly done and the candied haws were exquisite.

“Isn’t this meant to sell? Why are you bringing this here? If you want to eat dinner, whoever eats this will lose thirty yuan for nothing.”

You Qiuqiu is more Buddha but Fang Shubai can’t bear it anymore. Why is she still bullying Qiuqiu?

“Sold out early. It’s sold out.”

“Qiuqiu made this especially for everyone.”

“We received 5,000 yuan back today.”

Fang Shubai said, in an understatement, almost shouting in his heart, Qiu Cub awesome operation!

“Did you say 5,000 yuan?”

Everyone was taken aback when the number was revealed.

Especially Dong Tiantian.

Their group did well today, thanks to Tao Anjie’s presence, and they got about a thousand yuan.

Dong Tiantian thought it would be beneficial for You Qiuqiu and the others to earn a portion of what they did, but who knew Fang Shubai would utter 5,000 yuan when he opened his mouth?

Is this money from robbery?

It is not money obtained through robbery, but rather through a lottery.

Dong Tiantian’s expression of doubting life is particularly expressive.

They delivered all the money to the family’s head, Ma Juan, and Ma Juan also bought vegetables on the way back.

Several elderly people who knew how to cook gathered, and the room rapidly filled with laughter.

Dong Tiantian was not part of this group. She ate something and went upstairs to rest.

The small girl is stubborn and has a particular dislike for You Qiuqiu, which everyone can detect after only a short time together.

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