I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 47.4

But they don’t know what to say. They gather to film a variety show, and basically, the guests are more familiar with You Qiuqiu, and naturally, they are closer to her, so You Qiuqiu will not be excluded from this group.

After supper, Ma Juan invited You Qiuqiu to tell them about her winning experience, and Fang Shubai took the initiative to mention the idiotic thing he did without hiding it.

A group of guests was similarly taken aback by the plot’s ups and downs.

Why are there no stories on their side and so many colors on You Qiuqiu’s side?

After the meal, You Qiuqiu asked the director, “We have enough money. Can we stop playing for a few days?” Is it enough to learn an instrument?

It is completely impossible to spend 6,000 yuan, and six individuals are plenty to finish the task ahead of schedule.

Program director, “…” What a sweet dream!

You Qiuqiu, “You didn’t say no!”

Tao Anjie, Lan Xuan, and Fang Shubai realized You Qiuqiu’s reminder and began negotiating terms with the program crew.

With this amount of money, they can live well and learn how to play musical instruments. So why bother working so hard for it?

They don’t want to work hard!

The program group’s director was about to cry without tears.

They admit that they created the restrictions, but they did not foresee such a large bug as You Qiuqiu!

If they didn’t make any money, the materials for the filming would not be enough!

You Qiuqiu didn’t have to go through the trouble of changing sleeping places and couldn’t sleep, so she got a nice night’s sleep.

She met Fang Shubai upstairs as soon as she awoke the next morning.

You Qiuqiu tentatively asked, “You didn’t sleep?” As she glanced at Fang Shubai’s enormous black circles under his eyes and the crimson blood in his eyes.

Fang Shubai, “…”

He took something out and placed it in You Qiuqiu’s pocket, guiltily avoiding You Qiuqiu’s sight.

“Senior sister for you.”

You Qiuqiu, “?”

Fang Shubai put oil on the soles of his feet and fled away before she could ask any questions.

Fang Shubai’s cameramen did not pursue him and instead discreetly drew You Qiuqiu.

“He got fifty yuan for moving bricks at the construction site last night. He promised to pay it back to you. He also stated that he would continue to move bricks the next day.”

Fang Shubai’s cameraman just wanted You Qiuqiu to persuade Fang Shubai. He is too old to stay all night and has very thin hair.

And last night, Fang Shubai, a male idol, went to the building site to move bricks, which was extremely difficult, and there was sadness in the joke.

You Qiuqiu didn’t expect Fang Shubai moving bricks only to recoup the hundred yuan he spent by accident.

She remembered there was ointment in her room, and Jiang Tao had particularly prepared a small medical box for her, so You Qiuqiu walked back to her room, went to fetch the ointment, and knocked on Fang Shubai’s door.

“Why are you here, Senior Sister?”

He wanted to pretend that nothing had happened after he opened the door, but You Qiuqiu noted that he had put on makeup to make his skin look better.

You Qiuqiu stared at his face and said, “You haven’t applied your foundation.”

Fang Shubai:! ! !


“I’m here to bring you medicine. Let’s grind out the blisters.”

Fang Shubai almost sobbed as he held the ointment.

He was wrong, he knew he was wrong, it was difficult to make money, and he had multiple painful blisters on the soles of his feet and palms.

Even if Fang Shubai did not enter the entertainment industry or become a star, he is still a young master from a good family who has done difficult work such as lifting bricks, which he remembers vividly.

He won’t be obsessed with those lottery ghosts in this life.

You Qiuqiu chatted with Fang Shubai once more and opened his heart.

Fang Shubai has realized his error and is working hard to make amends.

“One hundred yuan was originally half for you and a half for me, but now it’s alright, you get my half back, just regard it as you spent half of your own, and I will pass over the fifty yuan to Ma Juan Jie,” You Qiuqiu stated.

Fang Shubai nodded, relieved that he was finally feeling better.

He then heard You Qiuqiu say, “The punishment is still to come. You haven’t listened to my singing.”

Fang Shubai: “…I listen, I can listen to it all day.”

Maybe he was looking forward to it if his smile was natural and if his hands didn’t tremble slightly.

Fang Shubai’s heart has been reconciled, and for the next recording, he will not be distracted by emotions. He still has a sense of joy in variety shows, and Fang Shubai’s cameraman displayed a grateful expression to You Qiuqiu.

He was able to keep his little hair because of You Qiuqiu.

Dong Tiantian was also present when You Qiuqiu went downstairs.

Dong Tiantian sat on the sofa with the book and the paper in her hands, frowning as if she had a problem.

You Qiuqiu understood that the small girl was not yet an adult. It was stated that she had been overseas and transferred back to a domestic high school in the previous two years and that the college entrance examination would be held shortly.

She also sat on the sofa and casually observed Dong Tiantian solving math problems.

You Qiuqiu merely wanted to search for a comfortable spot to sit on the sofa, and the sofa set up by the program crew was quite comfy. You Qiuqiu wanted to ask the director what brand the sofa was.

She was tempted to buy it…

But things changed on Dong Tiantian’s side, where she kept a wary eye on You Qiuqiu, who sat next to her.

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