I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 47.5

“Can you do it?”

Dong Tiantian believes You Qiuqiu has come to bully her on purpose, or does she aspire to be a scholar?

True enough.

You Qiuqiu didn’t mean to talk to Dong Tiantian. Others didn’t like her, and she didn’t want to like others. It was OK to live happily together, but now Dong Tiantian has asked her for some unknown reason, and intends to ask her to help solve the problem?

You Qiuqiu was suffering from a headache, but the little girl had already asked, so she couldn’t ignore it. She sat up slowly and looked at the paper in her hand.

She stood there for a minute and a half, watching.

Dong Tiantian’s heart raced, and she wondered aloud, “Does she have the ability?”

This is a difficult question.

You Qiuqiu: “No.”

Dong Tiantian, who expected the other party to show her hand:??? Why didn’t she stick to the script? She said she wanted to be a scholar.

Is that it? Is that it?

In a panic, You Qiuqiu made a move to appease herself.

“It scared me to death.”

“Thank goodness I have graduated and I don’t have to learn this again.”

This is too painful!

Each of the characters on it appeared to know each other, but they didn’t, and You Qiuqiu couldn’t stand it simply by glancing at them.

Dong Tiantian: ? ? ?

What do you mean, she wants to learn!

Dong Tiantian had always thought math was hard, but after seeing You Qiuqiu’s heartbreak, she was ready to give up the therapy.

The camera crew of the show was trying to hold back their laughter. It was very good, very strong, and it was very Qiuqiu.

You Qiuqiu was defeated by mathematics, and she didn’t want to sit on the sofa. She wanted to get out of this claustrophobic learning environment.

But it’s not that You Qiuqiu didn’t consider Dong Tiantian’s thoughts. The only thought she has for Dong Tiantian right now is, poor kid.

“You can go to a certain tutor. There should be steps to solve the problem.” A warm reminder.

Dong Tiantian believes she has no understanding of You Qiuqiu’s operation. While she expected herself to be this, she became that…

But all operations are clouds in front of absolute strength.

Dong Tiantian spent 120 percent of her patience learning how to play the dulcimer, and she secretly vowed to defeat You Qiuqiu!

Musical instruments have always been her forte, and even if it isn’t the piano, she will learn it well if she wants to.

Dong Tiantian is not pretentious either. She is talented with musical instruments and is being praised by the dulcimer master for her rapid growth.

Everything looked good for a few days until the director team gather everyone who had been rehearsing and studying musical instruments, and requested everyone to pk in groups, which was a test of their success in learning these days.

Dong Tiantian’s eyes lit up at that moment, and she didn’t disguise her desire to dominate You Qiuqiu, and she openly stated that she was in the opposing camp as You Qiuqiu.

Six guests were divided into two groups of two, resulting in a speedy formation of the squad.

Dong Tiantian, Ma Juan, and Lan Xuan in one group, while another group comprises You Qiuqiu, Fang Shubai, and Tao Anjie.

The competition has now officially begun.

Dong Tiantian is a confident young woman who has won many awards and been called the “piano princess.”

As a result, she assumed command of the dulcimer.

The piano’s sound is clear and lovely.

Ma Juan and Lan Xuan followed suit, not as serene and peaceful as Dong Tiantian, but their studies were deemed serious, so joining was not a disaster situation.

You Qiuqiu was the first to start with Tao Anjie. Tao Anjie played the flute skilfully. The flute itself has a knight-errant style. Tao Anjie had learned it for a while.

Dong Tiantian gazed provocatively at You Qiuqiu while playing the dulcimer.

It means, don’t be afraid to come on!

You Qiuqiu’s cameraman can’t help but chuckle now. My sister is so young. Why do you want to suffer this kind of abuse?

You Qiuqiu sensed that she was ready to begin, so she breathed and brought the large golden suona that did not fit her picture to her red lips.

Suddenly, a high-pitched voice distinct from all other musical instruments could be heard.

This sound is like the bright sun blasting through the black sky, or like tossing a massive stone into a pond with no protection…

As if there was thunder on the ground!

All of the instruments in front of it lost their voices in an instant.

Dong Tiantian’s dulcimer was almost gone, leaving only the suona “woo woo,” which was high-pitched, happy, covered everything, and crushed everything!

All abilities are like a younger brother in front of it.

The sound of the suona may be heard from a long distance, and it is the only sound that can be heard.

Dong Tiantian: “…”

The rest of the guests: “…”

The program group’s director: “…” Don’t cue him, he’s about to die, either laughing himself to death or being sent away by You Qiuqiu Suona. Choose one or both.

Ha, ha, ha!

Fang Shubai was anxious to give it a shot and joined the ranks by playing the erhu.

After the two music streamers collided, nothing remained, no grass grew, and they pushed your head and ears to be listened to.

Dong Tiantian burst into tears.

She really cried.

Really cried.

She couldn’t stop the tears from falling down her cheeks.

What kind of horrible musical instrument is this? Her mind is broken.

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