The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 45.1

Despite knowing that the cubs would be allowed to go to a new dormitory, Xu Qiu took the time to mark the papers for the cubs.

The five assignments add up to fifty exam papers, which she and Jin Xingxing split in half and marked in less than twenty minutes.

Because of molting, the little green snake was in terrible physical condition, but few subjects were passable.

He was an honor student before, so he would be disappointed to hear such a result.

Taking all of this into account, Xu Qiu just did not read the results.

“This time, Lily, you passed the exam, and you can go into room 1.”

“Oh!” The small fox squealed with delight and sprang into the arms of the big fox.

The two large foxes, who resemble each other, embrace each other enthusiastically. Jin Xingxing is the one who marks the test papers, and she is as content as the little fox cub.

“You Yu, you’re qualified!”

The cubs’ dormitory was where Xu Qiu read the result. After she completed reading, the cubs may pick up what they thought was important, form a line, and march inside the dormitories as a group.

You Yu leaped up from her seat, did two rotations in the air, and then neatly returned to her seat.

Her entry into the water was flawless, with only a little spray of water splashing in the pool.


If the national diving team saw You Yu, they’d rush over and take her away. The two astounded “tourists,” couldn’t stop cheering for her outstanding performance.

Number three is Bai Sa.

Xu Qiu glanced at him, and of course, the response was the same: “Bai Sa, pass.”

Even though the grades had not been released, she still said the first place: “You are first in both the comprehensive score and the test score this time, and you have done a great job. Okay, keep up the good work next time.”

Bai Sa scooped up the long-packed baggage, which contained a cat’s paw cushion and a catnip stick, with grace.

No. 4 Zhu Niang naturally passed. His movements were low key, but because the luggage on his back was relatively large, even if he was quiet, they would draw the attention of others, because he had taken away the massive clamshell that he typically kept in the dormitory.

After Xu Qiu finished the application, the few remaining cubs swiftly lined up, and under the guidance of Xu Qiu and Jin Xingxing, they were separated into two teams and entered the dormitory together.

Xu Qiu opened up the original rooms and separated them into three huge rooms based on the cubs’ regular performance, fearing that the cubs would feel lonely living alone.

The number of cub students remains the same, but the beds have changed to some extent.

Lily, Bai Sa, and Yuan Jiu were the fuzzy cubs who lived in room 1.

Because they would lose their hair, Xu Qiu grouped the three cubs to make cleaning easier.

When the three of them walked inside the room, the other cubs popped their heads in to join in on the excitement.

The cubs exclaimed, “Wow!” as they saw the new room’s design.

The fluffy room is furnished with warm colors in general, such as the orange-red beating flames, light gold, and clean white that are the major colors of the three cubs’ fur.

The room is around 30 square meters in size and has a small balcony, a bathroom, and three windows. The windows are shaped like cat paw prints, fox paw prints, and bird paw prints. Of course, there are cartoon counterparts that are well-rounded and adorable.

Xu Qiu made a bed for each cub.

It’s a bed, although it’s more accurate to call it a lazy sofa.

It’s the kind of spherical sofa that sinks in the center like a doughnut.

These sofas are all manufactured to order based on the size of the cubs, with Lily having the largest, followed by Bai Sa, and then Yuan Jiu.

In the freshly baked workshop, these three sofas are printed.

The crafting workshop is created behind this building. A small stubby building, like the dormitories, is under development.

However, for the time being, it only unlocks a few extremely basic uses, and the resources are limited.

The sofa appears fluffy, and each sofa is built in the shape of a doll, which is a miniature version of a fox, cat, or parrot.

“Ahhh, I love it!”

Lily sank into the plush sofa.

Each sofa is unique in terms of color and size. You can see as long as your eyes are not impaired.

There is no other area for excrement in the room because there is a common bathroom on the first floor.

Cubs, especially kittens and foxes, dislike taking baths. Because they stay clean all year, there is only one modest single room with a sink.

The washbasin of the sink is large. Yuan Jiu does not require a large flow of water, and the size may be modified via the faucet.

The faucet in this room is manual, not induction like the one downstairs.

The sink mirror is facing the shelf, which has neatly hung towels in a uniform pattern.

The towel was obtained at the system store, and Xu Qiu had Jin Xingxing embroider a three-cub pattern on it.

She does far too much manual labor on her own, and she is far too busy to be busy.

The room with the three cubs faces the sun and is well lit. This space is ideal for cubs that enjoy being outside in the sun.

“Thank you very much, principal!”

The four cubs’ rooms, the two aquatic cubs’ rooms, and the twin brothers’ rooms are all put together next.

This room is significantly quieter than the warm tones next door.

The overall color is cool tones like blue and green, and because it is light, it will not be sad to look at.

Clearwater, green mountains, a blue sea, and a blue sky. The pools of Zhu Niang and You Yu are adjacent. Although the seawater or freshwater is colorless and transparent, some seawater and shallow water plants are planted in the pool to mimic the environment of the cubs.


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