The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 45.2

The pool wall tiles are also light blue and light green, and the blue and faintly green water waves are undulating, creating a thrilling beauty.

It is difficult to construct a pool in a high-rise building. Fortunately, because this is a system-generated dormitory, there is no need to worry about issues like water leaks.

Because the property had been remodeled so long ago, it was hard to pull anything down. Therefore, Xu Qiu stacked the space high and then do a sunken design.

There is a gradual slope with ten stairs on one side to enter the room.

After ascending the steps, there are two pools heaped together, each with a depth of around one meter.

Fortunately, the room’s height is sufficient, and there are three or four meters above the two pools, so the cub will not feel low.

A nest of two small bats has been constructed on the wall.

Xu Qiu made a similar cave for the two of them out of the same material as the house above, and there were two little bat figures above the cave.

Unlike Bai Sa and the others, the fuzzy figurines are constructed from their hair, and the two little bats are made of metal that will not rust when exposed to water.

This room is built with a specific anti-penetration design, and a special waterproof coating is chosen to keep the walls from growing moldy due to humidity.

This room is arranged in the opposite direction as Room 1. It can get some sunlight during the day, but not at midday or in the afternoon.

Otherwise, too much sunlight might be unpleasant for those who like dark and damp environments.

This room has only one window, and it is on this side of the two aquatic cubs, so if they want to sunbathe in the sun, they can open the window, and the water waves will touch this side of the cubs.

“Our room is also very good.”

Bai Sa’s room is beautiful, but You Yu, Zhu Niang, and two small bats all prefer their room.

Zhu Niang walked into his pool with his large clamshell and his slender white ankles. He preferred the chilly pool water temperature.


Little Zhu Niang let out a small exclamation. He bent down and took out a little man-made of seashells from the pool with both hands.

Although it does not look like him, it is clear that it should be him.

Originally, he had noticed that the three cubs had a doll and that the young bats had cave “statues,” but they didn’t, and he was a little sad.

But it appears that the principal has not forgotten about him. He also has a shell figure.

You Yu plunged into the water impatiently after seeing the item in Zhu Niang’s hand.

The small mermaid was holding a mermaid made of shells and conch shells.

There seemed to be fewer conch shells in the pool the last time he said it because it wasn’t a really important thing, and You Yu wasn’t sad.

The principal’s skillful hand brought the conch shells back to him in this way. It was a surprise that they didn’t go away.

You Yu’s beautiful eyelashes trembled slightly, and tears streamed down her cheeks.

Xu Qiu was worried, so she asked gently, “Why are you crying? Don’t you like it?”

“No, I’m ecstatic. I love the new dormitory. Principal, I will take good care of it,” You Yu said as she wiped her tears.

This room also has a small single room of 1 square meter, which has the same basin, towels, toothbrushes, and mugs that are labeled.

Hua Lan, Qing Sha, and Mu Zhi have the last room.

These three cubs are the least attractive in kindergarten, yet they all have nice temperaments and get along quite fine.

The second room is filled with water, and the third contains sand and rocks.

The sand comes from the endless supply of golden sand outside the kindergarten. The third room, like the second, has the same one-meter-high steps as the second.

A big sandpit is beneath the steps. The sand is almost half a meter thick. It is pure, white sand that has been cleaned by robot assistance.

The little green snake was quietly wrapped around Xu Qiu’s arm, and when he saw it, he plunged into the sand. The flower pot, like the kindergarten room, includes the dirt dug by the robot, and Hua Lan’s beloved wooden stake sits next to him.

In the other corner, a hollowed-out ledge was made with branches and rocks, and a miniature black spider doll was placed on it.

It’s a fluffy wood weave made of Bai Sa hair that’s been dyed a fuel color.

Mu Zhi can weave the net as she pleases on this complicated shelf.

“Thank you very much, principal!”

“Teacher Jin and the other robot assistants also helped.”

“Thank you very much, Teacher Jin!”

“Thank you very much, assistants 1, 2, 3,…11, 12.”

After the cubs praised Xu Qiu, the little spider climbed up with her own small package and began spinning silk and weaving webs with great attention.

And Qing Sha rolled around in the sandpit, looking for his figure.

Donald, who came to visit, said, “Please, look at us. Let’s solve our curse problem first. Jasper has passed out.”

Ahem, Xu Qiu would have forgotten about him if he hadn’t spoken up.

“Come with me, Qing Sha.”

“Wait for a second!”

Qing Sha swam around the bunker until he located the miniature green snake figure that Xu Qiu had hidden inside.

This small green snake is made of fabric. It appears dull and awkward, and it does not appear to be as good as he was.

But Qing Sha, was quite delighted and wrapped the little doll with his tail and hung it on the cactus decoration in the sandpit.

The thorns on these cacti are soft and do not belong to the actual plants.

Qing Sha hung the snake doll from the thorny branches. The doll lacked the strength of Qing Sha. It slipped off after being hung.

Qing Sha was not content, so he grasped the doll’s head with his mouth and wrapped the little snake doll several times around the thorn.

As a result, the doll lowered his head, and his mind was clogged when he glanced at Qing Sha.

He paused for a moment, then leaned against the other thorn. Although it was still crooked, it was slightly aesthetically appealing.

He wrapped his body around Xu Qiu’s wrist with a flick of his tail.

Now Qing Sha is going to lift the curse on their kindergarten coolies!

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