The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 42.1

“Hello, what are you looking at?”

The two females were sharing one headset and watching the movie in a low, eager voice when they heard a deep, mesmerizing voice behind them. They turned around to see a handsome man with a fantastic sense of style.

The girl answered, rather nervously, “yes, I’m sorry. Did it bother you? We will keep our voices down…”

With a shake of his head, the man expressed his disagreement with the situation.

“What are you looking at? Who is Jiang Shining?”

The young lady was taken aback. Looking at this handsome guy, he looked straight. Was he attracted by their fresh meats?

“Oh oh, it is so, this is ……”

However, because it was a handsome man who asked, the two immediately and enthusiastically explained and they originally wanted Chen Tanliang to search for himself, but the plane does not allow for Internet access, and the girl with the iPad then turned moved the progress bar of the video they were watching.

“You see, she’s Jiang Shining, and she’s the president of the entertainment company, Ninglu Media Company, which is now training new talents and investing in self-produced variety programs, movies, and so on.”

The girl is still doing her job as a promoter as a daughter-in-law fan. She couldn’t persuade the attractive man, who appeared to be serious, to watch her love bean show, so she told him, “They’re going to produce a movie next. You can pay attention to it if you’re interested……”

Chen Tanliang appears to have been oblivious to the girl’s voice, his gaze riveted on the screen. The stalled video came to a halt at the guest seat. A youthful but very temperamental female boss was dressed in a black gown; even in the live video clip, her skin and appearance were flawless. The most important thing about her is that she looks like a young woman who isn’t in her twenties, which differs greatly from how she looks now.

Chen Tanliang sank back into his seat slowly. He was only paying attention to the woman named Jiang, yet his heart was now pounding like a drum. Her expressions lingered in his imagination.

Although this female president appears to be more attractive and charming, the sensation she conveys…… and Jiang Yiru are also very similar.

Chen Tanliang’s eyelashes flutter slightly, his chest rising and falling.

But how is this even possible?

Is it possible that she…… has also been reincarnated? But is there still such a thing as a coincidence?

Chen Ruozhi closed the book and glanced at Chen Tanliang sideways, sensing his oddity.

“What’s the matter, Brother?”

Chen Tanliang opened his mouth but said nothing.

Even he couldn’t believe his own guess. But he is unable to investigate. Telling Chen Ruozhi is pointless. As a result, only one person can suffer on the plane.

Besides, if it’s not what he expected, he’d rather endure this disappointment by himself.

“It’s all right.”

Chen Ruozhi was a little taken aback. It had only been a few minutes. Chen Tanliang’s voice was slightly hoarse.

“I know you’ve always been concerned about women surnamed Jiang, but…… Tanliang, I understand your feelings, but you have to let yourself go appropriately,” she comforted him.

Chen Tanliang’s heart appears to be wrung with force since the death of Jiang Yiru in his previous life till today.

He can’t get along with himself.

He simply felt that he, or the Chen family as a whole, owed his mother.

Chen Ruozhi’s love and longing for his mother is equal to Chen Tanliang’s, but because Chen Tanliang is the eldest son, he takes on more. He is far too nice and occasionally enjoys seizing the bull by the horns. On the other hand, Chen Ruozhi is not as tense. She reads more books and has a broader perspective and way of thinking. She can see a lot more than Chen Tanliang.

Chen Tanliang didn’t say anything, but closed his eyes and nodded quietly.

The plane finally landed a couple of hours later after a grueling journey across M Country. Chen Tanliang pulled out his cell phone as soon as he stepped out of the airport.

Chen Ruozhi planned to catch a taxi, but when she turned around, she spotted Chen Tanliang standing among the crowds, his form upright and tenacious, like a towering pine tree.

“Brother.” Chen Ruozhi muttered helplessly.

Chen Tanliang used a foreign browser to look for the name. He’s not sure if he typed it incorrectly, but he couldn’t find it. Chen Tanliang frowned at the screen, his attractive brows furrowed.

The tour group happened to come out behind him, so he stood there and waited, his eyes scanning over the crowd till he saw the two girls come out with a glance, and he stepped over.

“Hello, may I ask what her name is? What application is popular in C Country right now?” he asked.

He blinded the two girls, and their eyes blinked briefly. Previously, they were just sitting and not paying attention. They only thought the person was pretty attractive. Now that they were face to face, they discovered Chen Tanliang to be strong and tall, with an outstanding appearance and a good demeanor, which caused them to blush. He appears to be more attractive than those celebrities.

They have no idea why Chen Tanliang is so interested in the boss, but they were so dizzy from gawking at him that even if he asked for their bank account, they’d probably tell him. The two took the phone memo and put up Jiang Shining’s name, then introduced him to popular domestic apps like V Blog, Xuan Yuan Video, V Letter, DN, and so on, making the arrangement obvious.

Chen Tanliang thanked them and began to drum up the phone.

Chen Ruozhi was helpless and went to his side.

“Tanliang, how cold is the roadside? When you get in the car, you can search.”

Chen Tanliang remained silent. He just stood there and downloaded the program. The two girls informed him that the most recent information could be found on the V blog, so he opened the app and entered Jiang Shining’s name into the search box.

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