The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 42.2

Chen Tanliang was broad and tall, and the phone he was holding was perched atop Chen Ruozhi’s head. She couldn’t see anything, but she heard Chen Tanliang take a deep breath.

“…… is it she? Is it her?”

In a bewildered tone, Chen Tanliang questioned Chen Ruozhi.

Chen Ruozhi took his phone and looked at it briefly. Only to have her mind explode.

Jiang Yiru, their mother, is not exceptionally attractive, but she is fair-looking and has a kind personality. A woman of humble origins with the grace of a wealthy lady, or, in Chen Jiacheng’s words, “style.”

This Jiang Shining is far more delicately lovely, with exquisite facial features.

However, her feelings and the expression on her eyes are eerily similar to Chen Ruozhi’s.

Both brother and sister cannot express their feelings, but the youngsters will never forget their mother’s charm.

“Like, really like ……” Chen Ruozhi murmured.

That brow, that feeling……

Chen Ruozhi was a little nervous. She’s traveled a lot of the world and accomplished more than other women, but her heart is racing right now.

“What are you going to do, brother? Is she or isn’t she a mother?” Chen Ruozhi couldn’t help but lean towards Chen Tanliang as soon as she was frightened.

Chen Tanliang wrapped his hand across her shoulder to console her. Chen Ruozhi raised her head, only to notice Chen Tanliang pursing his thin lips. His eyelids were swollen with blood.

“I knew…… my persistence was correct……,” he said quietly. As though he were a poor big boy who had fallen on hard times.

They were unhappy that they skipped the carnival show.

They drove away from the airport. The Christmas spirit grew stronger as they approached the city. Christmas carols were being played in the streets. Some pedestrians were sporting Christmas hats, while others were handing out flowers and tiny gifts to passers-by.

The vibrant atmosphere drifted through Chen Tanliang’s ears, but did not linger in his mind until the car came to a halt in front of the hotel gate.

His thoughts were foggy, but his hands went to check with the front desk, get the room card, and take Chen Ruozhi into the elevator……

They were both silent after entering the suite and closing the door. They didn’t even talk. One sat in the corner of the bed, while the other turned on the laptop on the table and discreetly looked up the information.

Chen Tanliang silently scrolled the screen on the V blog, going through Jiang Shining’s information one by one. When he looked at a lot of pictures and videos from the awards show, he concluded that the person was Jiang Yiru.

He scrolled for a long time and came across a lot of strange words. Ninglu media, 4T, Longteng, Xiu Lingfei, movie star Zhang Sujin, and so on…….

Chen Tanliang’s long and thin fingers seemed to be shaken as he hung up the phone.

The exhilaration of not daring to believe, and the trepidation of letdown.

He lifted his head and met Chen Ruozhi’s frightened gaze with his own.

“…… What are we going to do?” She asked, her voice shaking.

Chen Tanliang tilted his head sideways and glanced out the floor-to-ceiling window. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“— go to C Country!”

The author has something to say:

I wanted to write about their encounter right away, but I had to accompany the elderly in the afternoon, so I squeezed some time in advance to write.

= 3= We’ll meet in the evening! Fall!

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