Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 51


Fu Shengying adjusted his spectacles and carefully examined the phone’s close-up of Fu Hanzheng’s face. The cut on his mouth was undeniably visible.

“Are you sure, your brother is looking for a girlfriend?”

  “Do you want my brother to find a boyfriend?” Fu Shiqin was terrified by his father’s brain hole and stated seriously, “It’s a girl and a very beautiful one.”

“That’s fine,” Fu Shengying said, “as long as it’s not a daughter of the Gu family, he can marry anybody he wants.”

Mrs. Fu cast a stern look at her husband. “It’s absolutely not possible for the daughter of the Gu family, but Mu’s daughter is absolutely not allowed. Neither can Mu Weiwei.”

Fu Shiqin massaged his eyebrow, but his brother is now staring at Mu Weiwei.

He was going to say something when the phone rang again, and when he saw the caller ID, he instantly answered it respectfully.

“Brother, what instructions do you have?” 

“Has she recovered from the cold?” Fu Hanzheng said in a low tone, as if he was in a bad mood.

“How do I know if she’s okay if I didn’t see it?”

“Then go see her right now.” Fu Hanzheng said coldly.

“My dear brother, it’s nearly twelve o’clock now, so I’m wondering why you won’t call and ask for yourself.”

Fu Hanzheng, on the other end of the phone, was silent for a few moments before saying, “She blocked me.”

Fu Shiqin was stunned for two seconds with a mouthful of rice. He smirked as he spat out a mouthful of rice, took a sip of water and drank it with difficulty, and said.

“Then call the apartment. She should be home right now.”

The other end of the phone remained silent for a few seconds more before saying, “The line is unplugged.”

Fu Shiqin covered his phone. His stomach hurt from laughing. His brother also had this today.

 This wronged voice. Why did he listen to it so well?

“Can you try laughing again, Fu Shiqin?” Fu Hanzheng issued a stern warning.

Although Fu Hanzheng didn’t hear the sound, he had a clear picture of what Fu Shiqin was doing.

“That… it’s late today, I’ll check it out for you tomorrow,” Fu Shiqin cleared his throat and stopped smiling.

Why hadn’t he thought Mu Weiwei and his brother were interesting before?

“Okay.” Fu Hanzheng answered the phone softly and hung up.

Fu Shiqin put down his phone and turned to face his parents. “Look, look, eldest brother, don’t forget to call when he’s away to see if the girl has a cold. This type of treatment… Has anyone in our family ever received it?”

“…Cold?” Mrs. Fu remembered Gu Weiwei, whom she had seen at the club today, and she seemed to have a cold when she spoke.

But she soon erased her worries. It couldn’t be her. Hanzheng had previously hated her, and it was impossible for her son to fall in love with a girl who would only cause trouble.

Fu Shengying folded the newspaper and asked, “Whose child is it? Your brother didn’t say when to bring her back to see?”

Fu Shiqin cast a peek at Mrs. Fu. She who disliked Mu Weiwei. Let’s wait for his brother to tell them himself.

“My brother hasn’t caught up with anyone yet, but with my brother’s efficiency, I feel he will be able to get her back to you soon. Maybe you’ll all be able to hold your grandson next year.”

His brother never waited too long to act. As long as he took a decision, he would undoubtedly attain his goal.

Therefore, no matter how hard Mu Weiwei tried, she couldn’t get out of his brother’s grasp.

“Come with me, Shiqin.” The old lady Fu stood up and exited the diner.

“Grandma, what’s the matter? You even called me out to tell me,” Fu Shiqin followed obediently.

Mrs. Fu looked around to make sure no one was there before whispering, “What you just said… is Weiwei?”

“Grandma, you have incredibly piercing eyes, brilliant eyes like torches, discerning things…” Fu Shiqin nodded heavily.

“I know that my eyesight is not far behind,” Old lady Fu stated proudly, smiling reassuringly.

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