The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 46.1

When the little green snake followed Xu Qiu out, the two small bats flew out and stood on Xu Qiu’s shoulders.

The cubs have almost finished putting their belongings away.

Even though it isn’t finished, they spot Xu Qiu in the corridor and they all follow her out one by one.

“It’s a trivial matter. Let’s take a break in the room first. We’ll have to wake up later. Tomorrow is a working day, and we must attend class.”

Taking lessons well is Xu Qiu’s bottom line. How could she let the cubs mess around?

“Then why Ding Ding and Dong Dong can go together?”

Qing Sha is all right, but what happened to the twin bats?

“We don’t have to sleep for two nights!”

“That’s correct.”

“All right, you may follow along if you want.”

Anyway, the cubs will be unable to sleep because they are too excited about the new dormitory.

Simply take a short leave tomorrow morning and return in the evening.

As soon as Xu Qiu finished speaking, the cubs who could come out followed one by one, and even the aquatic cubs, such as You Yu, who was difficult to move, trailed behind the team.

“Jasper is currently lying in the pavilion.”

It stands to reason that they are both cursed, and Donald should request that the small green snake feed himself first.

However, he was kind enough to give the chance to Jasper, who was in a worse situation.

Companionship is one thing, but he can also observe Jasper’s circumstances first.

Xu Qiu cast a glance at Donald. She lacked mind-reading abilities, but the small bats can.

It wasn’t long after the two of them whispered Donald’s thoughts into her ear that Xu Qiu had a strong feeling that this young man was not as naïve as he seemed.

“You’re right, none of the males in this world are good.”

If Xu Qiu recalls correctly, the two little bats are both males, which means that one is scolding himself.

The little bat attempted to interpret Xu Qiu’s heart sound… uh, I couldn’t read it. Only a few sentences were quite strange.

Reading a sentence and comprehending it, is another matter. It could have two meanings. Having only known a few words, it is even more impossible to figure out what Xu Qiu is thinking at this moment.

Xu Qiu turned her gaze to the pavilion: “Qing Sha?”

The little green snake twisted his tail, reluctantly left Xu Qiu’s arm, and rushed into the pavilion.

He opened his lips, showing two razor-sharp fangs that bit the man’s arm.

The arm, which was originally black and purple, faded swiftly. Jasper let out a short murmur: “Um…”

He sat up slowly, shaking his sore head.

The strong blond man was still perplexed as he opened his eyes. Who was he? Where is he?

It took a while for Jasper to react.

He looked down at his arm, where there had once been a small snake totem, but now only a shallow tooth mark remained.

 Is this the curse lifted? It looks so simple!

Donald couldn’t wait to get closer, so he pulled up his sleeves and pushed his arm beneath Qing Sha’s mouth.

Because Donald was conscious, he could sense that a mysterious switch in his body that had burst out from time to time had been closed once more.

“All right, if you move back and forth regularly, your body will be fine.”

“What if we won’t be able to return for a while?”

Qing Sha: “At least it will take a few years for problems to arise. If you come once, you can push back the curse.”

This is equivalent to forcibly providing insurance. Even if it is not for profit, these two people will undoubtedly opt to cooperate with Xu Qiu.

However, the two coolies will certainly feel uneasy in this manner.

Xu Qiu didn’t have to force these two individuals. As long as they assist her in completing this transaction of up to 1 million Interstellar Coins, she will be able to unlock the trade.

Even if she does not have these two people, she can borrow Jin Xingxing’s account first and then arrange an appointment with other people online to complete these transactions in person.

“Can’t this curse be entirely lifted, Qing Sha?”

 Little Qing Sha shook his head: “Wait for me to shed a few more times. It should be fine.”

He is still a cub, and the inheritance inscribed in his bones has only been partially loosened. He only knows how to curse using his talents, but he does not know how to undo it.

“You heard it as well. This kid didn’t do it on purpose.”

Qing Sha said so, and Xu Qiu, of course, made an absolute choice and believed in her kindergarten cub.

“We can only wait for you to complete a few more transactions in this situation. Qing Sha is a fast-growing, intelligent teenage boy. Perhaps he doesn’t need to shed his skin a few times to solve the problem.”

Even if they are still a little uneasy, they have no choice in this circumstance.

In any case, this curse will have little effect in a few years. If the transaction is completed successfully, they will earn far more commission than they did on the previous task.

 The weight of life bent the waists of the two workers.

Jasper, who had the worst attitude at first, bowed his head this time: “We will do our best to meet the terms you stated, and I hope you can complete the contract.”

After all, the two of them are actually at a disadvantage. If Xu Qiu behaves like a rogue and does not act like a human being, the two of them have nothing to do.

With this bizarre curse in place, it is possible to charge Qing Sha with murder.

Not to mention that different planets have different rules; on this asteroid, where Xu Qiu has the last say, she can entirely absolve Qing Sha of all sins.

Even if it is brought to the Interstellar Court for trial, Qing Sha, as a cub, will not be required to pay any penalty since he is too young.

“Could you please transfer the related material tomorrow morning?”

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