The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 46.2

The two did not stay in the kindergarten for long since the scythe of the god of death seemed to dangle above their heads.

It took a few days for them to transfer some of the asteroid’s valuable resources onto the spacecraft with the help of small robotic assistants.

Their spaceship vanished over the barren star like a meteor.

Qing Sha’s ability to ‘curse’ was recorded in Xu Qiu’s tiny book on cubs.

According to Xu Qiu’s memory, only the mummy who has been sleeping in the pyramid for many years has this exceptional ability.

But little Qing She didn’t know anything about his past, and Qing Sha was always truthful in front of her, so he wouldn’t make things up just to make Xu Qiu happy.

“Perhaps Qing Sha is connected to the gods.”

That night, Xu Qiu jotted down a statement like this on her small notepad.

She made fun of herself. She was a science teacher who taught about scientific principles every day, but she became more and more superstitious.

Perhaps it is more accurate to say that theology is the end of science.

Philosophy is a subject that requires thorough consideration. Xu Qiu hurriedly shook her head and resolutely broke off those ever-expanding thoughts.

She must focus on the present and seize the moment, regardless of what has happened in the past or what will happen in the future.

Aside from waking up in the new dorm every morning, kindergarten life seemed to have remained quite unchanged.

The cubs’ lives are simple, but warm. They eat, go to school, play games, sleep, and play.

These cubs’ faces plumped up a little as a result of Xu Qiu’s diligent feeding.

“It’s Haha Tailang time.”

Xu Qiu renovated the living room and constructed a home theatre.

The living room’s one wall serves as a screen, and the cubs can watch movies and TV shows together.

They favor cartoons with cubs as the protagonists, not storylines like You Love Me, I Love You.

Because they normally have to study, the cubs are only permitted to watch anime for one hour after dinner, but they can watch it at midday and night on weekends, for a total of four hours.

Haha Tailang is a famous anime among interstellar cubs that is now airing.

The narrative is set in a lush grassland. Haha Tailang, the anime’s protagonist, is a little wolf who eats vegetarian food. He is smart, bold, and compassionate.

However, Haha Tailang is frequently misunderstood due to his outside look, which contrasts with his kind and weak heart.

Mu Zhi couldn’t stop crying whenever she saw this kind of plot. She felt as if she had become that Haha Tailang who was misunderstood and wronged.

Too aggrieved, too miserable!

Yuan Jiu, on the other hand, was focused on Haha Tailang’s tiny companion, a lovely white bird.

Yuan Jiu was always silent when the bird came out, and he couldn’t help but relax his breathing.

This anime is broadcast daily, and the short storylines are often unrelated. The protagonists in the tale have had numerous winter and summer vacations, yet they have not grown at all.

The cubs do not envy the characters in the plot at this stage, because they are growing up slowly every day, and eventually, they will become powerful adults!

Today happened to be the day that the side story of Haha Tailang was shown.

Haha Tailang’s weight loss record.

 When watching the anime, everyone was hahahaha the whole time, but today, they realized something was wrong.

The fluffy cubs clutched their bellies, and if they keep doing this, they’ll end up looking like Haha Tailang before losing weight.

Bai Sa, who didn’t seem to have changed much from before, was also recalled.

Because he just drilled into a gap and got stuck.

He used to be puffy and supported by fluff, but now he has grown and it is all actual meat!

Bai Sa was distressed because he thought his steps were not as light as they had been before.

Several cubs put their heads together and muttered a major plan: A weight loss plan for the cubs!

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