The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 43.1

Little flakes of snow were falling all around P City in the morning.

Jing Yuan dragged Jing Xuan to a good lunch and drinks last night for Christmas. Even though Jing Xuan has a high drinking capacity, he was dizzy when he woke up today.

Jiang Shining changed her clothing and walked downstairs to put her boots on. She felt a heavy weight on her shoulder as she bent down. Jing Yuan was the one who wrapped her in a massive black down jacket made of very thick material.1

“It’s snowing outside, so dress warmly.” Jing Yuan said.

Jiang Shining removed the down jacket and scowled. “Too unfashionable. I am the boss of an entertainment company. I have to wear fashionable and good-looking clothes.”

“Everything you wear is fashionable and attractive. Put it on.”

Jing Yuan was carrying the down jacket and whispering in Jiang Shining’s ear as if he were a little daughter-in-law.

Jiang Shining pretended not to hear anything and put on her stylish plaid trench coat, pleased with the fit in the mirror.

Well, you should dress up every day with the idea of being photographed in the street!

She stared at her gorgeous self for a while, feeling as if the less snow outside had suddenly improved.

“I’ll see you later tonight. You go get your company.” Jiang Shining cheerfully told Jing Yuan. She then took her small bag of the same color.

When she opened the door, she felt her shoulders wrapped in a down jacket again, and Jing Yuan said, “See you tonight!”

Then he immediately slammed the door behind her.

Jiang Shining:…

Isn’t her son an idiot? He didn’t realize she had the key?

Don’t worry about it; don’t be concerned about those children. Jiang Shining had to put on the down jacket and go to the garage to retrieve her car. This short distance is a little chilly, but her physique is incredible, and she will not develop a cold. That’s why she could wear fall outfits in the winter.

Jiang Shining threw her down jacket on the co-pilot seat as she drove out of the neighborhood and proceeded to the company.

Jing Xuan had to leave for work after another 10 minutes at home. He was fully clothed and dressed in his suit. He appeared to be looking for something but couldn’t find it.

“Did you see where my down jacket went, Jing Yuan?”

“You’re such a big man. You only need a few minutes to walk to your car. Why bother with a down jacket? Being more frozen is healthier,” Jing Yuan said, holding a cup of tea. This clearly shows his double standard attitude.2

For a moment, Jing Xuan was dumbfounded. “You really are my brother!” he exclaimed.

Then he went to work as well.

Jing Yuan is drinking tea while sitting on the sofa. It’s quite comfortable.

Jiang Shining, on the other hand, arrived at the company by going up directly from the underground parking lot, which is equivalent to entering by the back door. She was standing in front of the elevator door, waiting for the elevator, when she heard fast footsteps and realized it was the receptionist.

“Boss, you’ve arrived!” The receptionist lady appeared to be a little excited.

“What’s the matter?”

“Since last night, there has been a man standing in front of our company, who was eventually chased away by the guards. But just today, I noticed that he appeared to return…… We’re not being watched by anyone, right?”

Jiang Shining raised her brow.

“What else is so interesting?”

Isn’t that interesting? For a brief while, the receptionist lady tensed.

At least for Jiang Shining, with her power level adjusted high and her days going smoothly so far, this surprise occasion seemed a lot more enjoyable.

“I’ll go see what’s up front.”

“Ol’ boss, get the security together, you ……”

Jiang Shining waved her hand to stop her and took a step towards the front door.

The front desk lady was on the verge of leaving when she noticed Jiang Shining’s outerwear was simply a trench coat. “You wear more!”

Because Jiang Shining is so generous to her staff, the upper and lower classes have a very pleasant relationship.

But Jiang Shining is unconcerned about this. After all, she has a strong constitution and will not catch a cold.

She walked out the front door, stood in front of the gate, and paused for a moment. She looked around, and there didn’t appear to be any lingering figures, aside from the employees who were busy going to work in various areas.

She shuffled amid the office employees as she stepped slowly into the snow.

After walking for a few hundred meters, Jiang Shining noticed a figure crouching next to the tree bed of a huge tree.

Because this area is still under the company’s control, the road in the center has a strong feeling of decorative design. This large tree and tree bed are for adornment in the middle of the road. Employees of the company will occasionally wait next to the large tree for express delivery or something else. You can see how noticeable the tree is. It’s far too visible to squat beneath it.

The tree limbs were covered with snow, so the man knelt beneath them and bent his head. The wind blew from time to time, and the snowflakes on the branches rustled.

She did not know what had happened, but Jiang Shining’s feet marched reflexively towards the large tree. When she regained consciousness, she had come to a halt in front of the tree bed and was staring at the man who was squatting on the edge of the tree bed.

“…… Good day?” She spoke up.

The man’s back, with his head down, shook as if he had been startled. His eyes were astonished when their gazes connected as he gently raised his head.

It was as if time had stood still, and just the snowflakes were falling.

Chen Tanliang’s eyes were crimson, and his lips were pursed.

“…Mom,” he said hoarsely and tremblingly.

Jiang Shining stared at him blankly until Chen Tanliang reached out and softly wrapped his hand around her waist. He was still crouching on the tree bed as if he were a child, quietly placing his head on Jiang Shining’s abdomen.

She could hear the young man choking in the silence of the snow.

Jiang Shining trembled and stretched her hand to touch Chen Tanliang’s hair, but it was a chilly snowball on his head.

“You…what are you doing here squatting? Why don’t you go in and find me? Why don’t you just contact the company?” Jiang Shining finally found her voice and pulled Chen Tanliang’s shoulder.

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  1. A down jacket, often known as a “puffer jacket,” is a quilted coat insulated with duck or goose feathers.
  2. Double standard refers to persons who treat others with differing attitudes and criteria.

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