The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 43.2

Chen Tanliang raised his head, pursed his lips, and muttered quietly, “I’m scared… I’m scared that my hope will be shattered once more, so…”

That’s why I crouched in the snow by myself all night, torturing myself.

“You…you silly child. What should you do if you catch a cold after spending so much time outside? Stop talking and come into the company with me,” Jiang Shining shouted angrily.

She yanked Chen Tanliang’s arm, but he didn’t move. His brown eyes were filled with tears as he peeked at her.

“I really miss you,” he said.

Jiang Shining was heartbroken. She was afraid Chen Tanliang would catch a cold, so she said quietly, “Enter the company first!”

She headed towards the company and turned her head. Chen Tanliang obediently stood up and followed behind her.

As soon as Jiang Shining walked through the door of Ninglu Media Company, the nervous receptionist who had been waiting brought her hot water. She is currently blaming herself. She should not allow the boss to be concerned about such matters in person. What should she do if something doesn’t go as planned?

A tall figure came in behind Jiang Shining in the space between the front and back feet, and the sister at the front desk was taken aback. Isn’t that the sneaky one?

“Everything is a misunderstanding. This is a relative of my mother’s family who came to find me,” Jiang Shining comforted her.

The front-desk sister was relieved.

To be more specific, Chen Tanliang swaggering in with her is unacceptable. In fact, everything seems too easy to photograph just now. But Jiang Shi couldn’t be bothered with such trivial issues. When she looked around, she noticed that Chen Tanliang had put on a mask at some point in order for no one to see his face.

Jiang Shining felt helpless and distressed, so she rushed him to the elevator and placed this cup of hot water in front of him.

“You drink.” Chen Tanliang didn’t take it.

“Drink them all.” Jiang Shining frowned slightly.

Chen Tanliang took the glass of water and drank it quietly.

He has been a soldier for many years, and his physique is really excellent, but in the winter, he spends the entire night outside on a snowy day, and it is difficult for him not to feel well.

After entering Jiang Shining’s office, she walked straight to her office closet to go through her clothes, but she found nothing suitable. When she looked up, she noticed Chen Tanliang standing by the door, his head bowed and confused, yet his military posture was tall and straight, as if he was guarding the door.

Jiang Shining sighed, clicked the call button on the table, and then dialed “Find me a man’s clothing, 187 in height, with a standard body.”

Ninglu Media, fortunately, has training trainees and its studio has plenty of outfits.

After a while, clothes were delivered, and Jiang Shining grabbed them up at the door before closing it. Chen Tanliang became on guard in the house as soon as she raised her head, standing upright but refusing to look at her.

Jiang Shining approached Chen Tanliang, reached out, and grabbed him, allowing him to sit on the sofa. She wiped his hair with the towel she had just found. Chen Tanliang bowed his head and let her play with it.

Jiang Shining stood, wiped gently, and then said, “Why don’t you speak?”

Chen Tanliang raised his head, his lips still pursed, and the corners of his eyes were red. Apart from being an excellent general, he was also a good boy. At this moment, his hair was messed up, and it was placed on his forehead a little obediently, and he looked a little grieved with his pursed lips, just looking like a little shadow of his childhood.

“I haven’t reached yet,” he hoarsely and gently said.

He looked at Jiang Shining’s eyes, and his eyes lit up.

Jiang Shining smiled, assisted him in drying his hair, and then handed him the clothes.

“Put your clothes on. They’re all wet.”

“It isn’t wet. It is waterproof.”

 Even though he said so, Chen Tanliang bowed his head, removed his jacket, and began changing. Jiang Shining took his clothes and felt them. It was waterproof. Both the inside and outside were wet and freezing. She groaned quietly, walked to her desk, and soaked a cup of instant milk tea given to her by Lin Qingqing in hot water.

Chen Tanliang had already changed into the black overall-style attire that the trainee wore to shoot photos when he returned. Chen Tanliang was a very upright individual who appeared to be appropriate for all types of formal dress. However, wearing the recently popular tooling style clothes and trousers gives the impression of a male model with a cold face.

Handsome people sitting lazily appear to move just ideal for photographing.

Jiang Shining offered him a milk tea. In her heart, she thought, if it weren’t for the fact that it would be simple to become popular, she really wanted to take all of her sons to shoot pictures. Just think how much labor costs would be saved!

“I’m sorry.” Jiang Shining was lost in thought when he overheard Chen Tanliang whisper.

“What?” Jiang Shining gave him a look.

Chen Tanliang bowed his head, his slim fingers gripping the cup.

“If I knew… that you were you, I would not be guarding outside and letting you find out.” He stated flatly.

 What Chen Tanliang meant was that he was apologizing for his behavior of staying up late on a snowy night because it made her feel bad.

Jiang Shining quietly sighed, “What is the use of apologizing? I’m pleased that you’ll be able to find me.”

Chen Tanliang appeared to put his worries aside and sipped the rest of the milk tea.

It felt like stepping inside a warm house after being outside in the cold. Chen Tanliang raised his head, squinted his eyes, and smiled sweetly at Jiang Shining after he had recovered.

Jiang Shining joined him in his laughter, reaching out and playing with Chen Tanliang’s hair. “Where’s your sister?”

The corners of Chen Tanliang’s mouth froze.

He was so overjoyed that he neglected to inform Chen Ruozhi, who was still waiting in the hotel.

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