Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 54


Chapter 54

Fu Hanzheng’s obsidian-colored eyes were hazy. He took a sip of the water that Fu Shiqin had poured and nonchalantly said.

“Wang Weidong has dispatched someone to abduct you.”

Gu Weiwei was taken aback. She stated that the last time she calculated Wang Weidong and Zhou Meiqin in this manner.

They should have come sooner to bother her, but they haven’t found her in days.

She has been vigilant about her surroundings these days, just in case the Li family or Wang Weidong come to bother her.

However, no suspicious people have been identified. There is no Wang Weidong, and no one has been found following her.

It appears that the people he sent were not only skilled in dealing with the people Wang Weidong sent to find her, but they also did not let her find out.

She remained silent for a long time and cast a glance towards Fu Shiqin, who was standing in the kitchen, attempting to minimize his presence.

“Could you go out for a little while?”

Fu Shiqin walked away without saying anything. The atmosphere in this room was terrifying.

The room was deafeningly quiet after the apartment door was shut.

Gu Weiwei took a deep breath, walked over to the sofa, and stared into the man’s frigid pool of eyes.

“Fu Hanzheng, I’m sorry for bothering you in the past, but I’m so exhausted right now. I have nothing left, and all I want to do is live my own life peacefully…”

Fu Hanzheng’s voice softened subconsciously as he noticed the girl’s hidden grief in her eyes.

“From now on, you have me. I can offer you anything you want and help you reclaim everything that is yours.”

Wasn’t that the point of her approaching him at first?

 Now he gave her everything she once wanted. Why did she refuse to ask for it?

Gu Weiwei said firmly with a chilly smile.

“But I don’t want you, and I don’t want what you’ve given me.”

When she was one year old, her mother died of a serious illness, and she was brought back to Gu’s house.

Gu Siting was her favorite man and her closest brother.

He dominated her world, but he dug her heart for Ling Yan, and he didn’t even mourn her death.

For more than 20 years, he provided her with the noblest and most affluent lifestyle, yet he also abandoned her in the coldest and most desperate hell…

Fu Hanzheng can say such things to her right now, but she’ll wait till he realizes she’s not Mu Weiwei.

Is it possible for her to say such a thing because she is the Fu family’s enemy?

At that time, she was afraid that he had the heart to kill her.

She couldn’t afford to offend him, so she avoided him and used her hard-won rebirth to fulfill a long-cherished goal.

“So you can just walk away after you provoke me?” Fu Hanzheng’s dark eyes narrowed slightly, icy and piercing.

Gu Weiwei was wronged to death, but it was Mu Weiwei who provoked him, and now she must pay the repercussions.

OK, she’s admitted it.

 Since someone’s body is used to live, there is always a price to pay.

She closed her eyes and took a long breath before starting to remove her jacket and then the T-shirt inside.

Then there are denim trousers underneath, and eventually… only the body-covering underwear remains.

Under the light, the girl’s skin was white and lustrous, and her slender and slender figure was fully exposed in front of the man’s gaze.

Fu Hanzheng looked at what she was doing. His brows wrinkled and his thin lips pursed tightly.

Gu Weiwei walked up to him, straddled his lap, and reached out to untie his perfectly laced tie.

“What are you up to?” Fu Hanzheng’s eyes and words were both icy.

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