Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 56


Chapter 56

The underground garage of the apartment.

Fu Shiqin was scratching his head, unsure whether to leave immediately or go up and check the situation.

Then he noticed Fu Hanzheng approaching from the elevator entrance.

It’s simply that the jacket and tie aren’t on, and the buttons on the neckline are also unfastened.

The whole person is a little… sexual with desire and dissatisfaction after changing from the typical stern and serious look.

“Go back to the villa,” Fu Hanzheng said as he got into the car.

Fu Shiqin tilted his head suspiciously to look at his brother in the rear seat, who was obviously neat when he arrived here.

Something must have happened just now, because the clothing is now unkempt.

But if he does something, he will only be down for half an hour. His brother… not so fast.


Fu Hanzheng reclined against the back of the seat, fatigued after the long journey back.

Fu Shiqin drove away from the apartment, occasionally peering back in the rearview mirror at the people behind him.

“Are you really interested in Mu Weiwei, Brother?”

Previously, he assumed that his brother was only physically attracted to Mu Weiwei, but it appears that it is more than that now.

Shouldn’t it, it’s quite moving?

“Yeah.” Fu Hanzheng responded lightheartedly.

He believed he wanted her body after sleeping with her at first.

But he gradually realized that he desired more.

She’d been living in Fu’s house for a few months, but he hadn’t given it a second thought.

He began to visit her again after she left Tianshui Villa.

There was a wild idea in the depths of his soul, as if there was a voice instructing him all the time.

That’s the one he’s looking for, and she’s the one.

“Then…why are you still coming down?” Fu Shiqin asked, looking in the rearview mirror.

Your clothing has already been removed in this manner. Why don’t you return to the Tianshui villa if you don’t stay overnight?

“She hates me,” Fu Hanzheng stated.

“How is that possible? Her eyes gleamed like a dog’s bone when she first saw you.” Fu Shiqin was skeptical.

It must be the hard-to-get routine, and now she has also succeeded in the routine, that has made her indifferent to his brother.

“Really,” Fu Hanzheng said as he opened his eyes and peered out the car window into the dark night.

He could see by her eyes that she didn’t like him.

He even had the impression that she was in love with another man whom he didn’t know about.

Fu Shiqin gazed in the rearview mirror at his brother and wanted to say something.

You drove people away at first, my dear brother, and now you want them to come back and fall in love with you.

 Is it really appropriate for you to slap yourself like this?

When the two returned to Tianshui Villa, it was late at night, and Fu Hanzheng went back to his room to rest.

Fu Shiqin had just gotten out of the shower and was lying on the bed when he heard the phone ring. He picked it up and noticed that it was a WeChat message from Fu Shiyi, the Fu family’s third son.

Shiyi: Dad just called to tell me that my eldest brother is in love with a girl.

Shiyi: Is it true?

Fu Shiqin pondered it for a time. Fu Shiyi had the most dating experience, so he asked: What do you think if that girl doesn’t like our eldest brother?

Shiyi: From which planet is she from? Given our eldest brother’s net worth and appearance, is there a woman who dislikes him?

Fu Shiqin: Don’t talk nonsense. How can we let eldest brother catch up with the girl now?

Shiyi: How do I know?

 Fu Shiqin: You have so many girlfriends, you don’t know how to chase girls?

Shiyi: <( ̄︶ ̄)> It’s all girls chasing me.

Fu Shiqin: Get out!

 Shiyi: Let’s talk about what’s going on first?

Fu Shiqin expected a lengthy explanation and then sent a voice message, briefly summarising his own brother’s and Mu Weiwei’s condition.

Shiyi: So she had a change of heart after that night?

Shiyi: (→_→) Of course, she was dissatisfied with eldest brother’s performance that night. Because the eldest brother’s spear hasn’t been used in a long time, it may be rusted.

Fu Shiqin: I had my doubts as well.

The Great Demon King: Really?

Fu Shiqin was so terrified that he dropped his phone and then picked it up to look, only to discover that the mud horse Fu Shiyi was talking to him in the WeChat group, which had three people in it.

He, Fu Shiqin, and… Fu Hanzheng, the “The Great Demon King.”

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