I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 48.2

“Who’s inside?”

You Qiuqiu’s voice.

“Dong Tiantian.” The program staff said quietly.


There was no further discussion there.

Dong Tiantian bit her lip as she subconsciously stared in the direction of the restroom door.

You Qiuqiu is here?

What exactly is she doing here? To laugh at her?

Dong Tiantian’s psychological process might be described as complex. You Qiuqiu didn’t ask her because she thought You Qiuqiu was too cold-hearted. Now, when she believes You Qiuqiu is coming to comfort her, Dong Tiantian feels You Qiuqiu is hypocritical because she is simply showing off and laughing at her jokes.

The restroom door was gently knocked twice, and a small, milky voice could be heard from outside.

“Are you inside, Dong Tiantian?”

Dong Tiantian: “…”

She didn’t want to respond to the other person.

However, Dong Tiantian did not dare remain silent. She didn’t know if a woman as cunning as You Qiuqiu would allow the cameraman to follow her. If she fell into her trap, she would be mocked by anonymous netizens, who would step on the gas for You Qiuqiu for free.

As a result, Dong Tiantian reluctantly responded.


You Qiuqiu is about to begin her act, right?

You Qiuqiu paused for three seconds before asking, “Do you have a stomach ache?”

“I’m in a rush to pee now.”

Tiantian Dong:??

She had been taken off her guard. She was still expecting You Qiuqiu to console her to gain the favor of the audience.

What’s going on here?

“…I don’t have a stomach ache,” Dong Tiantian says.

You Qiuqiu: “Then please come out soon after you’re done.” Give her the seat.

You Qiuqiu would not have knocked on the door if it hadn’t been for her balder to torture her. When she was shooting outside, she already wanted to use the restroom. Who knew Dong Tiantian was sprinting so fast that You Qiuqiu didn’t catch up with her.

You Qiuqiu expected the little girl to come out soon, but after more than a half-hour of waiting, she had had enough.

Dong Tiantian came out of the restroom in a tumultuous mood. There was no cameraman outside, just You Qiuqiu waiting to use the restroom.

She said to Dong Tiantian, “Thank you.”

You Qiuqiu said in a low voice as if thinking of something, “If your stomach is uncomfortable, I still have medicine for constipation.” In a low voice, you can see she is very kind and took care of the small girl’s self-esteem.

Dong Tiantian: ! ! !

No, she does not have stomach pains or constipation. She is definitely just sorting out her feelings on the inside.

Dong Tiantian didn’t have time to explain, but You Qiuqiu already went into the bathroom after saying, since she had waited far too long. Dong Tiantian just saw an afterimage before the door shut in front of her.

Dong Tiantian: “…”

Dong Tiantian couldn’t open her mouth while she was staring at the closed door, and she finally swallowed the words back fiercely.

You Qiuqiu had no idea about Dong Tiantian’s psychological process since she didn’t realize Dong Tiantian was crying because of her suona.

Dong Tiantian sorted out her emotions, not wanting to hear the word suona for the time being.

Cannot afford to offend, but it is also unavoidable?

Dong Tiantian had no idea, but she had the mentality of Shi Jing when Shi Jing and You Qiuqiu faced each other for a while, as well as the notion of the actress she had replaced at one point.

However, this is often the case. The more people reject something, the more they give it to her.

The program group’s director summarised: Now the guests are rich because of the big bug of You Qiuqiu, and they are not starving to death, which is beneficial for them. Fang Shubai has been playing stupid lately, and everyone has visibly gained weight.

However, this is not a positive thing for the show.

There is no material.

How long without materials… No, how to edit interesting variety shows that the audience likes.

So the program team’s director met with various playwright-directors for an afternoon and decided to assign jobs to everyone so that they could all fit into this small fishing village.

The guests wailed when the program group’s director gave everyone a task card with a horrible smile.

I know it’s here again.

“Can’t we get some rest? Is it difficult for us to learn musical instruments every day, okay?”

Lan Xuan screamed angrily.

It’s pointless to complain.

Dong Tiantian thought it would be alright as long as she wasn’t in the same group as You Qiuqiu.

After that——

“Dong Tiantian and You Qiuqiu, you two go help the villagers feed the big goose.”

Dong Tiantian: “…”

You Qiuqiu, have no other objection. It’s the same task as anyone else’s anyway.

She hoped she wouldn’t have to perform the task.

Of course, this is not an option, and she came here to get her paycheck.

On the contrary, Fang Shubai was very worried.

He just asserted that there was something wrong with Dong Tiantian, and because he didn’t want to cause any harm to You Qiuqiu, he couldn’t wait to request a team change.

You Qiuqiu reassured him, saying that mathematics was enough for a little girl.

Dong Tiantian’s disdain is only surface level. Even if she is compelled to be attached to You Qiuqiu, she refuses to find a topic.

You Qiuqiu, the “evil bully,” walked leisurely behind Dong Tiantian.

She’s drowsy again because the sun is shining brightly…

You Qiuqiu quietly covered her mouth and yawned, only to discover that she had been captured by the cameraman. Her eyebrows were curled, and she smiled with embarrassment.

The cameraman who got hit: How is she so cute?!

The staff of the Leisure Time program team is also the original team. You Qiuqiu had previously impressed them in the previous season. The staff workers were more impressed by her pleasant temper than by her stunning looks.

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