I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 48.3

There appears to be no pressure or worry around her, and they can’t stop laughing.

The villagers’ house arranged by the program team for two people, was close to where the guests lived. Dong Tiantian moved quickly in front. She was afraid of getting involved with You Qiuqiu.

Dong Tiantian asked where the goose was after arriving at the villagers’ house and strolled over with something to feed the goose.

She immediately panicked, ah ah ah, and was chased by the goose before fleeing.

Dong Tiantian has never encountered a goose. She has only seen swans at the park, and she believes they are of the same species and appear identical.

The giant goose, on the other hand, is the village’s true evil bully.

Dong Tiantian, who thought she could finish the task quickly, was bitten by the big geese, and everyone panicked.

You Qiuqiu: “Huh?”

She spotted Dong Tiantian with a terrified expression as soon as she arrived.

“Did you finish feeding the goose?”

You Qiuqiu scooped up the bowl containing the food after receiving a negative response.

Dong Tiantian was so terrified that she tossed off the food in her hands.

Dong Tiantian seemed confused when she realized You Qiuqiu was going to feed the goose and finally yelled out.

“You, be careful!”

“The goose on the inside bites.”

You Qiuqiu surprisedly turned her head. When Dong Tiantian saw You Qiuqiu’s eyes, she fluttered her eyes away as if electrocuted, and her tone was a little harsh at the time.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

You Qiuqiu softly smiled at her and replied: “Okay, thank you.”

Dong Tiantian’s cheeks began to flush as she learned that the people over there had already gone to feed the geese. Only then did she dare return her glance to You Qiuqiu.

She felt that she was probably in the midst of evil. Why was she suddenly so nice to her? Didn’t she hate her?

Dong Tiantian caressed her hot cheek, and then she noticed the stench, and then she realized that she had just held the not-so-clean goose food.

The village is not particular about the food bowls that feed the chickens, ducks, and geese.

Dong Tiantian: D*mn D*mn D*mn!

Full of dirty things.

It’s all You Qiuqiu’s fault.

She thinks.

Dong Tiantian’s face got hot because of this, and she watched You Qiuqiu stroll towards the flock of geese, gloating over her misfortune.

She can’t be unfortunate on her own. She was just chased and bitten by a large goose, and You Qiuqiu is not much better.

Dong Tiantian even intended to find a phone to record a video, but she didn’t carry it with her when she walked out. There were several cameramen nearby, and they would have undoubtedly caught the scene of You Qiuqiu being chased by the geese more clearly than she did.

The program’s crew thought the director was cruel as well.

How many people have been terrified by this and can be referred to as a goose of shadows?!

The cameraman can’t stand watching You Qiuqiu being chased.

However, the scene of You Qiuqiu being chased by the geese was not shown.

After You Qiuqiu put the food in, those irritable village evil bullies ate it honestly. You Qiuqiu even reached out and tentatively touched the big goose’s head, but the other party was not angry at all.

The big goose was well-behaved, like a little daughter-in-law.

It’s completely different from the way the big goose stubbornly bit Dong Tiantian’s leg just now.

The entire process of You Qiuqiu feeding the big goose could not have gone more smoothly, and it was over in a matter of minutes.

The program team’s staff had to agree that it was weird. What in the world was going on? They were well aware of how tough it was to manage these big geese. A few powerful males who had never seen the outside world were also raped violently by the big goose.

If it is said that the big goose has changed now, or has changed personality, then…

What happened to Dong Tiantian?

Dong Tiantian: Don’t look at her. She’s more at a loss than everybody else.

Dong Tiantian is confused. What is going on? Is this big goose still picking people to bully?

Doubt life.

Everything was calm after You Qiuqiu finished feeding the geese. They couldn’t understand why Dong Tiantian ran out shouting just now.

The goose feeding task was accomplished alone by You Qiuqiu, and the owner of the big goose stated that the task was not yet finished.

“Take the geese to the pond to drink and bathe. They should also walk around.”

Dong Tiantian exhaled a sigh of relief, knowing they still had to chase the geese, but her legs and feet began to shake again. “…I dare not.”

You Qiuqiu did not mock her as Dong Tiantian imagined. She looked at the big goose and said, “I’ll try.”

She had never been in contact with a goose before, and she didn’t know how to catch it, so she could only try it.

This time You Qiuqiu also have to problem catching. Just when she wants to catch the geese, the geese obediently follow You Qiuqiu. They even proceeded directly towards their goal while shaking their heads one by one.

You Qiuqiu changed from her leading the geese to the geese leading her.

Sometimes she goes a little slower, and the big white geese in front of her will stop just to wait for You Qiuqiu.

They are truly patient.

The geese’s behavior astounded the program’s crew.

Dong Tiantian: Do You Qiuqiu have a destiny with these geese?

She was aware that You Qiuqiu was in the spotlight during this time, and Dong Tiantian should have tried again so as not to leave You Qiuqiu alone.

Then Dong Tiantian cast a glance at the large white goose’s iron mouth.


She thought it was all right.

She retreated quietly behind You Qiuqiu.

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