I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 48.4

The big white goose successfully slid to the pond’s edge and then joyfully jumped into the water one by one, like cooking dumplings. You Qiuqiu and Dong Tiantian stood beside them and rested for a while.

You Qiuqiu leaned against the tree trunk, feeling the sunshine that was neither arrogant nor impetuous.

There was nothing to say between the two of them. Dong Tiantian used to be able to ignore the surrounding people, but for some reason, she was suddenly embarrassed.

As if not saying something is wrong.

You Qiuqiu does not know how tangled the little girl’s mind is, but Dong Tiantian won’t have to worry for long.

You Qiuqiu’s lazy posture vanished suddenly because of what she saw, and the entire person became tense.


Not one, but several!

The most common guard in the village is the big black dog and the big yellow dog. They undoubtedly join in the fun and stare at everyone not far away.

Dong Tiantian also noted that the dogs were not small, and she was taken aback, but considering that there were so many cameramen around, Dong Tiantian remained quite calm.

But You Qiuqiu couldn’t calm down, Dong Tiantian only felt an afterimage and a gust of wind flashing in front of her.

It’s You Qiuqiu.

She ran away.

Dong Tiantian: ? ? ?

You Qiuqiu fled as fast as a dog was chasing her. After she ran, the dogs chased after her excitedly.

You Qiuqiu: “Ah ah ah!”

She cried out in panic.

You Qiuqiu yelled and looked towards the back, “Don’t chase me!”

Dong Tiantian: “No… don’t run.”

Isn’t it the case with dogs? The more you run, the more they chase you? If You Qiuqiu stood here honestly, the dogs would not chase her. Now the dogs think that You Qiuqiu is playing games with them.

You Qiuqiu: “How could I not run…Brother, I beg you brother, if you succeed or not, please don’t chase me anymore!”

You Qiuqiu has always been terrified of dogs. No matter how calm she was, she would unconsciously want to run away when she saw it.

She was so scared that she called the dog ‘brother.’

The staff laughed.

Omg, although it’s a bit miserable, it’s extremely funny!

Just now Dong Tiantian was chased by the big goose, but now it is You Qiuqiu being chased by the dog.

Dong Tiantian was psychologically imbalanced earlier, but she quickly became mentally balanced when she watched this scenario. She was chased by a big goose, while You Qiuqiu was chased by a dog. She was not alone in the shame.

The show crew couldn’t stop laughing, but everyone wasn’t too evil. You Qiuqiu seemed really afraid of dogs, so someone decided to help.

But before they could provide a helping hand-

“D*mn it!”

“Look, what’s going on!”

Someone pointed forward and exclaimed in amazement.

Not far away, the dust is flying, and it has the style of the mysterious big guy in the movie.

The dust dissipated, and the camera captured the figure of the mysterious boss.

A thin neck, brilliant yellow small feet, a snow-white gown… feathers.

It was the big white geese that used to play in the pond.

They returned to the land from the pond, and at this point, they rushed furiously, with unruly eyes, towards the army of dogs.

You Qiuqiu were among the large white geese. She initially raced in the opposite direction, but she noticed that a large goose had already rushed in front of the dog, viciously biting the dog many times.

The wicked bully’s reputation in the Big White Goose Village is not without reason. Whether it is a dog or a person, they must bow under its noble head in the face of the Big White Goose’s iron jaws.

When the dog came face to face with the Big White Goose, the dog that was chasing You Qiuqiu lost its excitement.

You Qiuqiu was no longer terrified.

She turned around and hurried towards the dog, surrounded by geese who comforted her.

The dog was chasing You Qiuqiu just now, but now You Qiuqiu is chasing the dog with the large white goose, making a comeback.

This time, instead of laughing, the show’s crew was on the verge of throwing up from laughing.

Why is it so funny when it only happens to You Qiuqiu?

Someone has previously considered this late stage and placed a text on You Qiuqiu.

Brother, they are bullying me!

Big Brother White Goose returned to the field after lining up for You Qiuqiu.

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