’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 48.1

The princess of the piano Dong Tiantian, who has received numerous awards both at home and abroad, had intended to master the dulcimer. She wants You Qiuqiu to be embarrassed by her superb performance in this competition.

But now——

She was destroyed by the suona.

Dong Tiantian cried so hard that she couldn’t play the dulcimer any longer. After all, there was no sound, even if she did!

She cried uncontrollably, tears streaming down her face, and she looked pitiful.

The important point is that if she had made such a big move, she would have been discovered quickly, but everyone has been brainwashed by the immensely magical suona and erhu. No one saw her situation except for the cameraman who was following Dong Tiantian.

The rest of the people, with their mouths open, were still listening to the sound of the golden suona and screamed: Is this the power of the suona?!

Dong Tiantian’s cameraman noticed that the situation was not good. It is not a nice thing to make the guests cry, so he intends to report it to the director.

However, the director of the program was completely focused on You Qiuqiu’s suona. The only person who could periodically distract him was Fang Shubai, who was holding the erhu beside You Qiuqiu.

Dong Tiantian, “…”

Cameraman, “…”

He had no idea what to do, but he did his best.

Finally, You Qiuqiu was the first to see Dong Tiantian crying and stop playing the suona.

Dong Tiantian’s strangeness was finally noticed by the others because of her sight.

For a while, the scene was a little hectic.

A group of staff gathered around Dong Tiantian and asked what had happened. Dong Tiantian wiped her tears with the back of her hands and remained silent.

She didn’t even dare to say anything.

Could it be that You Qiuqiu’s suona is too powerful, causing her to cry?

Fang Shubai noticed Dong Tiantian crying, but he showed no sympathy. If this little girl was a little more normal, he might sympathize with her.

This one is not sweet at all.

So Fang Shubai could only talk to You Qiuqiu on the side while dreaming with his erhu. “Is it because my erhu is so good that she is so moved?”

Fang Shubai remembered the musical instrument teacher saying that erhu is easy to discern people’s feelings, especially sadness. Has he reached the master’s level?

You Qiuqiu: “…”

She looked at Fang Shubai, who was a little excited, and thought he was capable of making up his mind and comforting himself.

You should know that Fang Shubai has only recently risen above the level of sawing wood.

Dong Tiantian didn’t want to explain the cause, so You Qiuqiu nonchalantly answered, “Maybe the eyes got into the sand.”

She doesn’t control her voice, and she never speaks negatively about anyone.

After You Qiuqiu finished saying, she sensed something was off, and before she could remedy it, Dong Tiantian who was asked and didn’t know what to say, heard such an answer in the breeze.

“I’m alright…The eyes got in the sand,” she sobbed while copying and pasting.

Program director:??? I’ve only heard of sand getting into the eyes, but never of eyes getting into the sand.

Fang Shubai had not expected Dong Tiantian to exactly say what You Qiuqiu had described. Even in front of the camera, he couldn’t stop giggling like a bursting balloon.


Dong Tiantian discovered she had unwittingly learned from You Qiuqiu and stated something incorrectly after Fang Shubai giggled. At that time, she was even angrier, and the tears that she was about to go back fell again.

Dong Tiantian: She can’t stand this grievance.

The key is that even after the setback, Dong Tiantian refuses to believe in evil, packs her emotions, and calls out to do it again.

Ma Juan couldn’t persuade her, but Dong Tiantian said righteously, “I can’t delay the progress of the show team because of me.”

The program team’s director wanted to persuade her. In fact, she doesn’t delay the progress at all. He wants to make sure everyone is comfortable when recording.

For the first season, the director intended to make the show faster and ensure that the conflict was not interrupted. He even hired Shi Jing, but in the end, it turned into a really slow variety show. After receiving a positive response from the audience, the director decided to let them go as long as the general direction stayed the same.

However, Dong Tiantian was too serious, and the program’s director also felt that telling the truth might not be suitable, so he swallowed it back and followed Dong Tiantian.

It was going to continue, but because she suddenly cried, the program team’s director decided to pause for a bit. Since the parties have strongly requested it, then –


Even if Dong Tiantian tried her hardest, the sound she made was still muffled by suona in the following period.

Keep cheering, keep rolling.

Repeated this several times.

Dong Tiantian does not believe in evil, but she believes in this evil.

She locked herself off and refused to speak any further.

Dong Tiantian dashed back to the place where she lived after completing the “friend” PK.

Many people comforted her when she cried, including staff and guests, but Dong Tiantian didn’t need anyone’s consolation at all.

She was so ashamed that she just wanted to cry in a no-land man’s

They were filming the location of the variety program, however, and there were cameras in the temporary residence. Only the private areas, such as the restroom, lacked cameras, so Dong Tiantian avoided others and cried in the restroom.

In her heart, she complained about You Qiuqiu while crying.

It’s all her fault. If it weren’t for her, she wouldn’t be upset and crying, and she wouldn’t be embarrassed in public!

And You Qiuqiu, didn’t think she did anything wrong, so why didn’t she ask her?

Dong Tiantian immediately heard a conversation outside the door.

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