The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 47.1

If you want to lose weight, all you need to do is these six words, 1. For the cubs, it is really difficult for them to keep their mouths shut.

On the one hand, it was because everyone had been so hungry, and when they came across something delectable, they couldn’t help but want to eat a few more bites. On the other hand, it is because the principal will always provide some delicious food, and those delicious foods are quantitative.

It can take a long time to eat these foods once, and if they eat a little less this time, they feel as though they have suffered a significant loss.

After all, not all cubs want to slim down. Hua Lan as a vine species wishes he could be fatter.

Look at the bamboo, the bush, and the fruit trees. They don’t need to run fast. They are all obediently anchoring their roots in the ground, not moving an inch.

“You can leave it to me to eat if you don’t want to eat.”

Hua Lan wanted to join in the fun even if he didn’t participate in the weight loss.

The little Mu Zhi, who is not particularly overweight, also stated, “I believe it is better for me to be a little heavier. In any case, I hunt by weaving webs.”

If a race like her hunts, all they need to do is spread a huge and good web and then wait for the rabbits and prey to be wrapped before eating.

 The weight-loss advocate, Yuan Jiu tilted his round belly and said, “Then your web and spider silk is so slender, if you grow too fat, you won’t be able to bear your weight and fall down… tsk tsk tsk.”

Mu Zhi imagined the situation and felt as though she was going to suffocate.

“I’m not going to. When I grow up, I’ll be able to produce stronger silk and weave stronger webs!”

Those large spiders did not fall off just because they grew in size.

“Then your spider silk will be so visible that any prey will not fall into your web.”

Mu Zhi was still not convinced, but she was quietly planning in her mind that when it came time to eat, she would take two bites fewer.

As a result, shortly after planning the cubs’ weight loss plan, Xu Qiu said, “The weather is getting cooler today. How about we eat hot pot?”

“Hot pot! Hot pot!”

Xu Qiu strives to enhance everyone’s ability to work independently. This time, there are a lot of hot pot ingredients. The cubs were the ones who helped with the cleaning.

“Let’s gather this enoki mushroom. Please choose the somewhat thinner one, okay?”

The cubs wear specialized gloves on their hands that were produced in the workshop from specific products that are light and skin-friendly, ensuring food safety without limiting everyone’s flexibility.

“Zhu Niang, come help wash the scallops.”

Despite the fact that Zhu Niang is a cub growing in a clamshell, these cubs bear no psychological burden when they eat food that resembles themselves.

After all, giant fish eat small fish, eagles eat chickens, and mussels eat scallops. Nothing wrong with that!

“Yuan Jiu, you are in charge of cutting the snails’ tails.”

Donald and the others brought the snails. They are Diamond Star’s unique products. They are huge, similar to snails. The meat is tender and flavorful.

The sand must be removed from the snail after it has been raised with water for a few days.

The shells of these snails, however, were extremely hard, so Xu Qiu handed them over to Yuan Jiu and the little robot assistant on the side.

The snails weighed a lot. Xu Qiu separated them into two piles, one for the robot and one for Yuan Jiu.

The robot’s precise cutting skills are naturally exceptional, but Yuan Jiu’s speed is not bad at all.

“Flying feathers!”

His feathers turned into sharp metal, flew into the pile, and cut off the snail’s tail right away.

When skills aren’t used often, they weaken and become less effective. Yuan Jiu can now use his skills to cut snails very carefully.

The day’s lunch was a spicy and fragrant stir-fried snail and a hot pot of old hen with mushrooms.

Stir-fried snails are the first time they have eaten them because they are not an ingredient produced by the system.

The fried snails have a very appealing aroma because she mixed them with ginger, garlic, and chili pepper.

There isn’t much flesh in the snails, so they can eat them one by one.

When eating hot pot, some people may eat fewer bits and may not be discovered by the principal.

After all, if you eat meat, you might get full quickly and add a few extra pounds to your body.

But everyone’s chopsticks and spoons are moving at such a fast pace.

The cubs that wished to reduce weight grew concerned when they saw the cubs who were eating normally.

In the end, they couldn’t hold back and joined the army to destroy food.

Everyone is the same if you take one mouthful of food. You will not gain weight if you eat one more piece of meat, and you will not lose weight if you eat one less bite.

The result of their fights is that each cub stops eating until their stomach can no longer hold the food.

The first phase of the group weight loss program was a failure!

The cubs rested for a while before brushing their teeth and washing their faces, and it was soon time for bed.

They will be detected by the principal if they perform the vigorous exercise in the room because they live on the same floor.

So they close the door and do it quietly.

The cubs were working out in their room that night in order to lose weight.

Bai Sa crawled around on his giant cat climbing frame, while the little fox jumped up off the mat, fell down, and then jumped high again.

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  1. shut your mouth, move your legs (motto for losing weight)

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