The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 47.2

Yuan Jiu was even more convenient. He flew around the room, flapping his wings. Then his head got dizzy from too many circles.

Finally, the wings became too fatigued to fly. They were overjoyed at first, but then they slowed down. Getting to the top of the bed wasn’t easy. With Yuan Jiu’s wings folded, he fell to the center of the bed and snored.

Xu Qiu used the remaining snails to make snail noodles for everyone the next morning.

Buying handicrafts from the system is expensive, so she will play with the materials to do it herself as long as she can.

Of course, most of the physical labor is delegated to the robot assistant. They will be able to carry out perfect industrial production after their success.

It’s not enough to produce a lot of money-making items, but it’s more than enough to feed the cubs.

Xu Qiu made potato noodles this morning.

Because potatoes have a high output and a substantial amount, Xu Qiu used them to produce potato noodles.

The fat white potato noodles are really tough, so she added rice noodle soup instead.

It was summer when she arrived, and it is now autumn and winter.

In the autumn and winter, they should eat more steamed foods and drink more soup.

A big bowl of snail noodles with homemade tofu skin, fried soybeans, and fresh snail meat was placed in front of the cubs.

“It’s breakfast time.”

Xu Qiu’s voice had just fallen, and the classroom was filled with noise.

She considered starting to improve the kindergarten breakfast recipes after she finished eating.

It’s autumn and winter, and the recipes must be modified to reflect the changing seasons.

She doesn’t have much of an appetite in the summer, so it’s more appealing to drink porridge and eat refreshing side dishes, which can occasionally be supplemented by a little fried food.

Breakfast is cold noodles.

In the winter, they must eat something warm so that the tip of their nose can sweat, and there are other foods available.

Rice noodle soup from Yunnan province, snail noodles, hot and sour noodles, wontons, dumplings.

By the way, Xu Qiu prefers sweet potato noodles to regular potato noodles. After boiling, the sweet potato vermicelli will become transparent in the pot. Take a bite; it’s tough, bouncy, and has an excellent flavor.

The sweet potato and cassava cousin can also be used to make pearls and bubble tea.

Xu Qiu stared out the window. The harvest seasons were autumn and winter.

Six to seven trees have now been planted in their yard, and some of them provide abundant fruit.

 On the day Xu Qiu transplanted the tree, Hua Lan would go to this tree and talk to it tomorrow.

The trees in the yard soon flowered and fruited as a result of Hua Lan’s efforts.

These fruit trees grew even faster than those planted in the system space by Xu Qiu.

Hua Lan, as the only plant, appears to have a stimulating effect on fruit trees.

Xu Qiu saved a lot of money on fertilizer after finding this.

She wrote down Hua Lan’s accomplishments in the small book, and when she harvested the fruit, she gave Hua Lan some as well.

The fields in the backyard have developed into ten sections, and the hens and ducks in the pasture have matured.

In the system’s ranch, Xu Qiu also produced a large sow. She gave it over to the system after harvesting it, and she could receive a similar amount of meat with better quality pigs.

Crops in the system space field are more diverse and plentiful than those in the kindergarten.

Xu Qiu frequently adopts it in kindergarten and then adds certain things to the system when creating it. In any case, most of the time, the cubs only know how to eat and aren’t concerned with the number of ingredients.

The new snail noodles were also welcomed by the cubs, and everyone drank the soup to the last drop.

It’s all their principal’s fault for making it so tasty. How can they lose weight after eating so much?

While eating the noodles, the cubs wiped away their tears, thinking that after today was done, they needed to exercise well.

This group of cubs has shown remarkable perseverance. They couldn’t keep their mouths shut, so they opened their legs anyway.

Even those cubs who thought they didn’t need to lose weight were infected by this competitive environment and surreptitiously exercised.

Xu Qiu saw that the cubs were eating more than usual because of their exercise.

Autumn and winter are fattening seasons. Everyone will develop a stronger desire for food because of calorie consumption. She didn’t give it much thought, but as she was cooking, she remembered to cook more.

The cubs’ perseverance paid off.

The soft flesh on their bodies had finally vanished and was replaced by steely muscles!

The changes in the cubs were finally detected by Xu Qiu, who became aware of it later.

Xu Qiu planned to give the fluffy cubs a good bath on a sunny day so that they could spend the winter delightfully.

When she washed the young fox’s fur, she was shocked to learn that the cubs’ soft bellies had turned into strong muscles.

It’s too late, the cub is about to evolve into an elder brother noble beast!

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