The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 44.1

Chen Ruozhi sat on the hotel sofa with a book in her hand. But she couldn’t focus. Chen Tanliang has always looked into these things, but this was the first time he was so persistent, and Chen Ruozhi’s heart also rose.

She couldn’t help but wonder if Chen Tanliang was mistaken and Jiang Shining was not their mother.

Even imagining it seems to burn her heart with disappointment.

Chen Ruozhi was fidgeting when she heard the door open unexpectedly.

“Tanliang, you ……”

Chen Ruozhi turned her head, her voice caught in her throat.

Chen Tanliang was standing near the door when a young woman entered. Chen Ruozhi stared at her blankly for a half-second before exclaiming, “…… mother?”

Jiang Shining quietly whispered, “Ruozhi…….”

Chen Ruozhi dropped the book and fluttered like a bird into Jiang Shining’s arms.

“Oh my god, it’s you! Brother found you!” Chen Ruozhi’s eyes were crimson, and Jiang Shining rubbed her back. Chen Ruozhi looked her up and down, crying, and murmured, “You’re younger and prettier. How wonderful!”

Jiang Shining reached out to wipe away her tears, then turned to face Chen Tanliang.

“Tanliang shut the door, and let’s come in and discuss.”

Chen Tanliang obeyed and shut the door, and Chen Ruozhi took Jiang Shining’s hand and sat with her intimately. The mother and daughter were very close. Chen Tanliang is the son, and he can only sit opposite them and stare at them intently without saying anything.

Chen Ruozhi passionately told her about her experiences throughout the years, as well as what she had seen and heard. Chen Ruozhi had been a quiet girl before, but now her mouth was moving so quickly that Chen Tanliang couldn’t interrupt. Jiang Shining reached out and lovingly stroked Chen Ruozhi’s black hair as she listened to her daughter speak incessantly.

She has just two daughters in her five lives, and she adores them. Looking at Chen Ruozhi today, she couldn’t help but recall her happy childhood.

She likes it more and more as she looks at it.

Chen Ruozhi discovered that she was the only one speaking as she spoke. She felt a little childish suddenly. Her face heated. “I… I’m too excited…” she whispered as she bowed her head.

“It’s fine. I enjoy hearing you chat. How have you been all these years?” Jiang Shining stretched out to touch Chen Ruozhi’s face again. “Have you wronged yourself? How is your life? “

Chen Ruozhi grinned when she heard these words.

“I’ve always been fine, particularly in this life. In my previous life, I thought and thought a lot, and in this one, I’ve gotten much lighter on material possessions,” she stated quietly. ” Although I was a little energetic as a child, the sea of books is limitless, and learning is limitless. I can get by merely by reading books, no matter how mundane things are. On the contrary, brother…”

She shifted her gaze to Chen Tanliang. If Chen Tanliang was a cat, the hair on his back would probably be tense and fluffed up right now. Because he knew Chen Ruozhi was going to complain.

Chen Ruozhi, as expected, stretched out and held Jiang Shining’s arm, laid her head on her shoulder, looked at Chen Tanliang, and softly whispered to Jiang Shining, “Brother’s devotion is too deep, I sometimes want to smack him when I see him take the bull by the horns.”

Chen Ruozhi has a higher state of mind, and it is believed that you can live millions of lifetimes by reading books. Therefore, she is similar to Jiang Shining in some ways. Jiang Shining’s tranquillity stems from her five lives, whereas Chen Ruozhi has studied a lot of books and developed insights. After reflecting on her life, she became enlightened and was able to walk away.

But Chen Tanliang is unable to. In his previous life, he led the army to war. If the general looked away, don’t fight the war. In general, the more courageous and warlike people are, the more obstinate they are. This type of person can make things happen, but it is difficult for them to let go of themselves.

In his past life, Chen Tanliang was fighting when Jiang Yiru died. He always felt responsible for his mother’s death, but people had already died, and he couldn’t let go. Chen Tanliang could only convince himself that because he no longer had a family, he could adequately safeguard the country. As a result, he was exceptionally fearless and had an incredible track record in the war.

This life is also the same. He had always assumed that since their brother and sister might still be reincarnated as a family, perhaps their mother is still in this world. Chen Ruozhi hopes that his brother will be able to let go. No one can live a lifetime with an obsession with their prior life, let alone this nearly unattainable wish. Chen Tanliang, on the other hand, was stubborn, and Chen Ruozhi could not persuade him.

Chen Tanliang did not believe he had done anything wrong, yet he still bowed his head in front of Jiang Shining’s stare, as if he had made a mistake.

 Jiang Shining’s temples were buzzing. She loves Chen Tanliang very much, but she still has more worries.

She was familiar with Chen Tanliang’s personality, and she wasn’t sure how he would react if she informed him she had additional children.

Jiang Shining was a little agitated. She was concerned about the Jing brothers and Chen Tanliang. Two sides of a hand are formed of flesh, and each of them had been raised by her since childhood. How could she stand seeing them sad? 1

Blame it on the Book Fixing Authority, but once the task was completed, she realized how valuable it would be for her to spend the rest of her life with her children. She would rather spend all five of her lives with her children and then die than watch them suffer one by one.

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  1. Because both sides of a hand are made of flesh, both sides are equally significant.

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