The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 44.2

The words “explain” came to her lips, but she couldn’t speak them.

Jiang Shining couldn’t bear to talk to Chen Tanliang. “Go downstairs and get us something to eat and drink,” she told him.

Chen Tanliang dutifully complied. Chen Ruozhi gazed at Jiang Shining after he left.

“Do you have anything to say to me, Mom?”

Her daughter was smart.

Jiang Shining felt more at ease with Chen Ruozhi, so she explained the matter to her daughter in detail. Chen Ruozhi’s eyes grew wider and wider as she narrated.

“….. So it’s like this, no surprise……” Chen Ruozhi muttered something. “You’ve worked hard, mom,” she said to Jiang Shining.

Jiang Shining was surprised by her instant acceptance and couldn’t help but ask, “You don’t blame me?”

Chen Ruozhi gave a sweet smile.

“This is your work. You don’t have a choice, and how can I blame you? The feelings are real, and so is the gift of procreation,” she remarked. ” Looking back, you have been more helpful to us. Else, my brother and I would not have ended so well. We are too late to repay. How can we blame it? Tanliang will understand this as well. He will not have an opinion. It’s just… he would be very sad. “

Chen Tanliang is not a troublemaker; he will accept the facts without question, yet he will be unhappy on his own.

Jiang Shining felt as though she was going crazy. Perhaps these children had an especially awful fate in the book, as practically every character is extremely sensitive. Put them together, and she won’t be able to console any more children in the future.

“How should I start?

I guess I’m sorry for you,” Jiang Shining replied angrily, blaming herself.

Chen Ruozhi exhaled a sigh.

“This is the world’s cruelty. We are fortunate to meet again. This type of distress should be seen positively, so don’t blame yourself. Otherwise, I’ll talk to my brother about the problem tonight, comfort him, and when the situation is stable, you’ll take us home,” she added.

“Besides…you have to take care of your children at home now,” Chen Ruozhi added, as Jiang Shining was still a little concerned.

Jiang Shining was taken aback. Yes, she must inform Jing Yuan and Jing Xuan of this situation…

“Then you should comfort him tonight,” she murmured helplessly.

After Chen Tanliang returned, the three of them ate the meal in a dull atmosphere. Chen Ruozhi looked for a topic in the middle.

Jiang Shining stood up and put on her coat after a tumultuous meal, and Chen Tanliang followed suit. “Tanliang, you and your sister will stay here for the night,” Jiang Shining said, sighing. ” I’ll return home and take care of the house. We’ll talk again tomorrow.”

Chen Tanliang’s dark eyes were a little disappointed, but he nodded nevertheless.

“I’ll accompany you downstairs.”

Jiang Shining waved at him as she walked downstairs, then drove away.

She had to let go of Chen Tanliang’s business first, and then confront the brothers when she returned home.

She arrived home at five o’clock in the evening. Jiang Shining used the key to unlock the door and noticed the two brothers cooking in the kitchen, as though they were still debating ideas.

“You’re back, Mom.” Jing Xuan grinned.

Jiang Shining smiled forcefully. She hung up her coat, put on her shoes, and proceeded to the home.

Both brothers felt Jiang Shining’s absent-mindedness during the dinner. Although she tried her best to deal with it, there was something in her eyes.

Jing Yuan and Jing Xuan exchanged glances, and a bad premonition flashed across their minds at the same instant.

“Mom… Do you have anything to say to us?” Jing Xuan asked slowly.

Jiang Shining, who had been wandering outside, finally came back to her senses. She gave a wry smile to her two sons in front of her.

“Yes. I have something I want to talk to you about…” she explained.

The serious look of Jiang Shining set off two warning bells in their hearts.

Jing Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly and his thin lips pursed, which was extremely threatening. He didn’t say anything, so Jing Xuan had to.

“You… you say.”

Jiang Shi looked at them, then took a big breath and burst out laughing.

“I discovered another pair of siblings,” she explained. “They are now staying at a hotel, and I may arrange for you to meet tomorrow.”


The silence in the living room was broken by a sharp sound. Jing Yuan’s hand crushed the soda bottle.

He silently moved the chair away, turned, and walked away.

Jiang Shining’s temple ached. She groaned gently and covered her brow.

Jing Xuan remained seated across from her, the color of his eyes changing several times. His hands under the table curled into fists and then let go, and then a smile came. “That’s a good thing,” he remarked. His voice has become a little raspy. “You know Jing Yuan has this temper. If he vents it out, it will be…the day after tomorrow.”

Jiang Shining had been suffering from a headache all day and was nodding tiredly at this point.

“He might pay attention to what you say…”

“All right, I persuaded him. “It’s okay, don’t sigh. After running in for a bit, there won’t be any problems,” Jing Xuan reassured Jiang Shining. “I’m going to see him.”

Jing Xuan stood up, and as he approached the stairs, Jiang Shining stopped him.

“Xuan’er. Thank you for your hard work,” Jiang Shining replied tiredly.

Jing Xuan stopped, revealing a helpless, wry smile.

He knows well that he has always been the most obedient and worry-free person in Jiang Shining’s heart, but what other option does he have? His big brother is extremely arrogant, and if he continues to be rebellious and willful, his life will be over.

Jing Xuan made his way up the stairs and knocked on Jing Yuan’s door. He walked right in, knowing he wouldn’t reply.

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