The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 44.3

As soon as he walked in, he noticed Jing Yuan sitting quietly on the side of the bed, leaning forward with his back bending forward, his elbows on his knees, and his black eyes were wary. The entire house had a gloomy vibe to it.

 Jing Yuan’s killing intent arose from anger and jealousy. From the beginning of the book to the end, he was not a kind person and being good to his mother and younger brother was only his softer side. On the outside, however, he is a terrible individual who murders other princes of the same father.

It’s just a shame Jiang Shining’s child isn’t able to move his heart. Furthermore, there is no injustice or hatred, and it is impossible for Jing Yuan to kill innocent people out of rage.

As a result, he can only bear his own rage and murderous intent.

 In the current scene, it is estimated that no one dares approach Jing Yuan. In his previous life, if he showed such a state, that meant someone’s head was not safe. It’s just that this kind of terrifying aura seemed to be ineffective against Jing Xuan. He closed the door, leaned against the door panel, and sighed.

 “If you look like this, mother will be embarrassed.”

 “I know.” Jing Yuan said in a deep voice, “But I can’t help it.”

Jing Xuan stared at him for a long time before asking, “Were you in this state when I was born?”

 Jing Yuan was stunned in anger. He paused before saying, “There were more anxieties. I was only seven years old, and I was scared that if my mother had a son, she would reject me. You know that I am a sensitive person, and she must look after me. It took me approximately two years to trust she would not abandon me.”

It was no surprise that the reaction was so strong. It turned out that he had been coaxing himself all his life. Now suddenly it’s unbearable.

“Now this result is not what she wants,” Jing Xuan stated blankly, “but how can there be flawless things in the world? Think about it, do you prefer to feel uncomfortable now, or do you prefer not to see mother at all in this life?”

Jing Yuan remained silent. They didn’t dare to think of reuniting with their mother, and they simply prayed for the best. With a mother, he hopes that people who are not obtrusive will appear. But…

Jing Yuan closed his eyes and pressed his fingers against the bridge of his nose.

“…That’s it. What else can be done now? I want to know what the other son’s virtues are,” he replied coldly.

Jing Yuan and Jing Xuan did not go to work the next day. They stood there silently watching Jiang Shining go downstairs. They knew that she would drive to pick up their new brother and sister.

Jing Yuan remained silent, turned his head, unwilling to look her in the eyes, leaving a stubborn profile. Jiang Shining was hopeless. He looked the same now as he was when Jing Xuan was born. She extended her hand and rubbed Jing Yuan’s hair.

 “I’m going out, and I’ll be back in about an hour.”

Jing Yuan put up with it and urged, “Put on your down jacket.”

“Yes, put on my down jacket,” Jing Xuan remarked as he followed the wind. Before Jing Yuan gave Jiang Shining Jing Xuan’s down jacket.

Jiang Shining smiled. It is really difficult for Jing Yuan to make such a move.

She was driving to the hotel when she noticed two brothers and sisters, one tall and one small, standing on the side of the road. Chen Ruozhi quickly waved excitedly when she saw her car.

Jiang Shining stopped in front of Chen Tanliang, and as he took a step forward, Chen Ruozhi pushed him to the co-pilot seat, and she sat in the back seat herself.

“Good morning.” Chen Tanliang said.

Then he silently fastened his seat belt.

Jiang Shining started the car and stared at Chen Tanliang – the young man’s eyes were a little tired, his lovely lips pursed into a straight line. He used to be a serious person, but now he appeared a little vulnerable.

Obviously, the pain of this incident is also great for Chen Tanliang, but he is angry and wronged, and he prefers to keep it all to himself and refuses to say anything.

Jiang Shining sighed, knowing that consoling was futile. All she could say was, “Tanliang, I know you’re upset. But are you going to return with this attitude?”

“Yes, yes, you are the elder brother. You have to be domineering.” Chen Ruozhi poked her head from the back row. “We will reorganize the family in the future, and your younger sister will have to rely on you!”

A sense of responsibility is the best way to awaken Chen Tanliang’s spirit. Chen Tanliang’s eyelashes moved slightly when he heard Chen Ruozhi’s comments, and he eventually buried his attitude and became more spiritual.

Jiang Shining drove all the way back, and Chen Tanliang realized she had been faintly staring at himself.

He bowed his head gently, despite his sadness, but he sensed Jiang Shining’s concern over his appearance, so he turned his head and raised the corner of his mouth slightly.

 “I’m fine, mom. I’ve made you worry.”

Jiang Shining felt even more helpless at this point. Her children were more sensible than each other, which added to her anxiety.

Jiang Shining drove back to the community and slowly stopped the car after another 10 minutes.

She can see the villa right in front of her.

 Jiang Shining hesitated for a moment.

 “You…you meet first.”

She was the first one out of the car, followed by her daughter and son. Jiang Shining took out the key to unlock the door, inhaled deeply, and pushed it open.

Jing Xuan was holding the naughty Guoguo in the living room, while Jing Yuan was drinking. Except for the little girl who was still humming in Jing Xuan’s arms, the two brothers froze when they heard the door open.

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