The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 44.4

Jing Yuan lowered his wine glass and raised his head glumly.

He happened to look Chen Tanliang in the eyes.

They were both stunned. It seemed as if something had forcefully exploded in their head.

“J?!” Chen Tanliang was taken aback.

Jing Yuan abruptly recovered from his astonishment. He straightened up in a second, narrowed his eyes, and said, word by word, “Kelly? What brings you here?”

“His name is Chen Tanliang, and her name is Chen Ruozhi. You two knew each other before?” Jiang Shining asked her two sons.

Jing Yuan smirked as Chen Tanliang was too surprised to speak.

“We’re acquainted. We have cooperated once.” he gritted his teeth.

Chen Tanliang must be a soldier or official even if he is abroad, but Jing Yuan is the polar opposite of him. How can they work together?

Jiang Shining couldn’t help but wonder whether the two of them didn’t hate each other.

Jing Yuan approached Chen Tanliang step by step, and the two men exchanged stares. After a while, Jing Yuan smiled glumly.

He extended his hand, hugged Chen Tanliang politely, and vigorously patted his back.

“Since there will definitely be extra people, I’m glad that this person is you.” Jing Yuan said.

Chen Tanliang abruptly regained his composure and pushed Chu Jing Yuan.

He mumbled, “It’s impossible…”

Jiang Shining looked left and right, and she was also unsure about the two’s previous relationships.


Jing Yuan had already smiled before the words could be said.

“Mom, I know him. Can we catch up?”

“Yes. But—” Jiang Shining’s phone rang before she could complete her sentence.

It came out that the secretary had called her and said that she had run into some problems with the film’s preparation and asked her to look into it. Several people who had been invited to the following variety show responded, and Jiang Shining had to return to see whether there were any issues.

Why choose to do it right now? Jiang Shining grimaced as she hung up the phone.

“Then you go,” Jing Yuan replied, smiling. “We just need to get to know each other. We can’t let you worry.”

“Really?” Jiang Shining looked at him suspiciously and said, “How did you two…how do you know each other? “

 “We are a life-threatening friendship.” Jing Yuan said. When he saw that Jiang Shining wasn’t convinced, he turned to face Chen Tanliang and asked, “Right?”

Chen Tanliang remained silent and replied, “Yes.”

Jing Yuan continues to speak eloquently, but Jiang Shining knows that Chen Tanliang will not lie.

She wanted to go there, so she could only sigh.

“All right, get along first, communicate well, and I’ll come back early in the evening.”

“Okay, no problem.” Jing Yuan said with a smile.

A room of people watched Jiang Shining leave and closed the door.

Observe her as she drives away.

Estimate the time.

Then they waited for another two minutes in silence.

Chu Jing Juan and Chen Tanliang exchanged glances, the corner of Jing Yuan’s mouth no longer smiling.

“Why is it you?” Jing Yuan said coldly.

“Do you think I’d like to be your brother, bastard?” Chen Tanliang said coldly.

The two had already begun fighting before anyone else could react. Chen Ruozhi, who does not practice martial arts, felt a rush of black wind, and the two of them tumbled into the living room and fought fiercely.

“Fight, fight, good fight!!” Chen Ruozhi shouted happily when she heard a delicate, soft voice. She lowered her head and smiled at a little girl who had leaped up and watched them fight.

 “Don’t fight in the house!” Jing Xuan shouted anxiously. “It’s hard to clean up if it’s broken! Don’t fight in the house!”

The two of them reluctantly stopped. Jing Yuan’s hair was tangled, while Chen Tanliang’s neat collar was undone. They exchanged gasps and stares.

“Change the place?” Jing Yuan said coldly.

“You pick.” Chen Tanliang said coldly.

“Go to the harbor; there are some abandoned warehouses there.” Jing Yuan sneered, “Don’t regret it. I won’t be merciful this time.”

“Oh? You mean you were kind the last time? I honestly didn’t notice.” Chen Tanliang smirked.

Chen Ruozhi was taken aback. She’d lived two lives. It was the first time she had seen Chen Tanliang fight. How could he still mock people?

“I’m going as well!” Guoguo exclaimed ecstatically.

Jing Xuan instantly wrapped his arms around Guoguo.

The two exited the house one after the other, and it was chilly outside. With one shiver, their rage had subsided somewhat.

However, when they turned their heads to look at the other person’s face, their rage flared up once more.

“Which is your car?” Chen Tanliang asked.

“Harley.” Jing Yuan said.

“Did you only learn to drive a motorcycle?” Chen Tanliang sarcastically asked.

Jing Yuan’s rage flared up once again. “If you don’t want to sit down, run over yourself!”

The two second children stood at the door, watching their older brothers scold each other and ride away on the same motorcycle.

Have you ever seen someone in a similar situation?

Chu Jingxuan and Chen Ruozhi exchanged glances as Harley’s roar faded. A sense of shared pity caused the two to clutch their friendship hands tightly.

The author has something to say:

The two second children are heartbroken.

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