Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 58


Chapter 58

Fu Shiqin had barely left Jinxiu Apartment when Fu Hanzheng’s special assistant, Xu Qian, knocked on the door, bringing two large cardboard boxes with two people.

Gu Weiwei opened the door and said, thinking Fu Shiqin had returned.

“I said…”

“Good morning, Miss Mu. The boss instructed me to come over and hand you some stuff.” Then, Xu Qian got right to the point.

Gu Weiwei was astonished for a moment. What did Fu Hanzheng need to hand over?

Xu Qian led them through the entrance, set the box down, and moved the files out one by one.

“Miss Mu, this part is the owner’s property in China, and this part is overseas.”

 Gu Weiwei blinked, “This is…”

 “If Miss Mu likes it, we can go through the formalities to transfer it to your name if you sign it. Of course… If you like it all, you can also sign it all.”

Gu Weiwei asked while her gaze was fixed on the documents on the table.

 “Are your boss… crazy?”

Xu Qian grinned gently and resumed his job.

“This is the car key. The car is already parked in the garage.”

Gu Weiwei frowned and stared at the row of car keys on the table as if he was insane.

Finally, Xu Qian took out a black card, placed it on the table, and said.

“This is the boss’s card. I have spoken to the bank, and you can spend whatever you want.”

Gu Weiwei laughed dryly. She had the entire house, car, and card to herself.

 So, is this the rhythm that he intends to support her?

“Then what? Is there anything else?”

 Xu Qian: “What else does Miss Mu need?”

“Similar to a contract or agreement, I need to sign it with your boss.” Gu Weiwei asked.

There must be an agreement if we are to discuss foster care.

Because Fu Hanzheng will not let her go, she will do whatever she wants and use the Fu family’s power to rise to a level equivalent to Ling Yan as quickly as possible and reclaim what she owes.

“The boss didn’t explain it,” Xu Qian said, shaking his head.

Gu Weiwei examined the black card containing real estate documents and car keys on the table and wondered, “What does this mean?”

“If there is nothing else, Miss Mu, I shall go to the company.” Xu Qian gave a tiny nod and motioned for the two people to go together.

Gu Weiwei picked up the phone and dialed Fu Hanzheng’s cell phone.

“Has the item been delivered?”

“So, when are you going to show up?” Gu Weiwei asked directly.

Fu Hanzheng had just arrived at the company and listened to Fu Shiqin’s report on his job. His voice was a little suppressed and cold.

“Why do I need to go?”

“The house, car, and card have all been provided. When will you come over to sleep?” Gu Weiwei said it in a very conventional and direct tone.

It’s as if they’re negotiating a contract.

“No.” Fu Hanzheng’s tone grew colder.

“You’re not going to bed with me, so what are you doing with that mess?” Gu Weiwei made a hum.

 “You want it.” Fu Hanzheng said.

“Then I want to move out, but would you agree to it?” Gu Weiwei was stunned.

If he wants to give it to her, she wants to move out and ask him to stay away from her. So why doesn’t he do the same?

“This is not a negotiable subject.” Again, Fu Hanzheng’s attitude was decisive.

“Since the deal can’t be agreed upon, then take your things back,” Gu Weiwei said, looking at the items on the table.

She then hung up the phone, changed her clothes, and went to school to take the mock exam.

As soon as his brother answered the phone, Fu Shiqin found out that he had become even colder and more intimidating than he already was.

He immediately wanted to cry.

What did Mu Weiwei say to his brother? Given his brother’s attitude, how did he live his life today?

Fu Shiqin hastily went to call his rescue soldier again after reporting his work.

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