Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 59


Chapter 59

Gu Weiwei just finished her physics exam at Yingcheng High School.

Fu Shiqin’s text messages arrived one by one shortly after she turned on the phone that had been turned off for a day.

[Mu Weiwei, what did you say to my brother on the phone?]

[What on earth did you do to my brother?!]

[Give me five minutes, and if you don’t coax my brother well, I’ll post on Weibo that you put my brother to sleep, and women all across China will tear you up!!]

Gu Weiwei’s brows furrowed the more she looked.

Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian approached and expressed their unhappiness.

“Weiwei, we have an art test coming up next week, and you haven’t taught us how to play the piano for a long time.”

When the phone rang again, Gu Weiwei was about to agree to accompany them. It was Old Lady Fu.

 “Hey, Grandma Fu, what’s the matter?”

“Weiwei, I’m close to your school. Are you there right now?” Old Lady Fu asked.

“It’s only a few minutes after school, but I’m going to a classmate’s house…”

In a slightly nervous tone, Old Lady Fu continued before she could finish her sentence.

“I’m… not feeling well. Could you please come over right away?”

Gu Weiwei’s voice was a little faint. “I’ll be right there.”

She hung up the phone, told Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian what had happened, and put on her schoolbag. Then, she dashed out of the school, found the Fu family’s car, and jumped in.

“How are you, Grandma Fu?”

Madam Fu smiled softly as she caressed her heart.

“I just took the medicine, and I’m already feeling considerably better.”

“Are you sure you don’t need to go to the hospital?” Gu Weiwei asked in a concerned tone.

Mu Weiwei would have lived on the streets for a long time without knowing what her life would have been like if it hadn’t been for old lady Fu.

As a result, even if she is no longer Mu Weiwei, she needs to repay this kindness.

Old Lady Fu waved her hand, told the driver to drive, and reached out to hold her.

“I just bought groceries and am on my way to your place to see you. We can just return together.”

Gu Weiwei grinned and returned to the flat with old lady Fu to help carry the vegetables upstairs.

“It just the two of us. Can’t we eat so much?”

“Because it’s close to the company, I want to invite Hanzheng and Shiqin to accompany me. Unfortunately, due to a case of cross-border collaboration, they were recently been too busy to eat well.”

 Old lady Fu entered the door, took off her coat, and said.

Gu Weiwei uneasily smiled. Grandma Fu, aren’t you the rescuer Fu Shiqin invited?

But here is someone’s house, and this is someone’s grandson. So what can she say as an outsider?

“Grandma Fu, put the things down and I’ll get them.”

While rummaging for items in the kitchen, Old Lady Fu stated.

“No, you can call Hanzheng and invite him to meal later.”

“Grandma Fu… Should you just call him?” Gu Weiwei said as she took the phone and headed to the kitchen.

Old Lady Fu sighed and pointed to her ear.

“I’m already too old and can’t hear very well. You should make a call.”

Gu Weiwei boldly picked up the phone and dialed Fu Hanzheng’s number.

A man’s deep and clear voice came out a few seconds after the phone rang.

“I said, don’t go.”

Gu Weiwei cleared her throat and said embarrassedly.

“Grandma Fu has arrived and has brought your favourite food. She invites you to join her for a meal.”

Fu Hanzheng remained silent and did not respond.

Gu Weiwei looked at Old Lady Fu and asked again.

“You can’t come?”

“I’ll be there in half an hour,” Fu Hanzheng said after a bit of pause.

Fu Shiqin glanced blankly at his cloudy-faced brother, hung up the phone, and said that the meeting was done.

You tortured us all day long as soon as someone called in the morning.

After a phone call, you’re in a good mood.

You said in the morning that this couldn’t pass and that they couldn’t say anything right now, and then you said it would pass in half an hour in a second.

 It is said that women are fickle, but his brother is even more fickle.

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