Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 342

Chapter 342

With her hands on her hips, Xi Ying rebukes him angrily.

Lu Zijin: “…You overthink things. If you don’t go, I’ll sleep on the sofa.”

He lay down on the sofa after speaking.

“You…” Xi Ying felt a surge of powerlessness throughout her body as she prepared to speak.

Then she noticed multiple red warning characters scrolling horizontally in her mind –

Insufficient energy, please find an energy point within fifteen minutes to replenish it.

Bold and magnified, it’s pretty striking.

Solar energy, electric energy, water energy, wind energy, and everything else that can be transformed into energy can be used.

Electricity should be the most practical option in the current environment.

“I’m tired too, so I’m going to bed. But, Lu Zijin, I warn you not to think about slipping away. I have a very light sleep. I can hear you if you open the door.”

Xi Ying did not forget to threaten again before leaving.

Lu Zijin remained silent, and he closed his eyes.

The thick black eyelashes reflected beautifully on the light skin.

Xi Ying strolled into the room with a slight smile on her face.

She didn’t see Lu Zijin open his eyes after closing the door.

The dark ink pupil cast a light glance at the room’s door as if seeing Xi Ying inside through it.

His lifeless eyes burst into a brilliant smile.

Bright eyes that shine brightly.

[Reporting to the host, Lu Zijin’s favorability for you has reached 40%!]

Xi Ying was inserting her fingers into the power socket when she heard the sound of favorability.

Even though she knew the mechanical girl could refill their energy in this way, Xi Ying had mixed thoughts as she saw her fingers flattened and inserted into the socket.

Even though the mechanical girl’s body is indistinguishable from a human’s, she is still a robot.

Everything is a computer simulation.

In another way, the mechanical girl is a fake from head to toe.

She lacks actual limbs and a torso, and real internal organs.

As a result, Xi Ying, who was recharging her energy by inserting her fingertips into the power socket, began to reflect on life.

She recalled one of the Lord God’s tasks –

Lead a robot revolution and ensure that robots are treated with dignity.

Robot Revolution?

Xi Ying is a bad person.

According to her, even if it wishes to lead a revolution, it must not be a positive revolution.

So, how to do it?

Xi Ying glanced at her supposedly genuine arm, the corners of her eyes slightly lifted, and an evil smile came on her lips.

Give robots the respect they deserve.

The robot should have human limbs and internal organs.

Will robots gain the respect they deserve this way?

Because they are very similar to humans.

Hee hee hee.

[Reporting to the host, the side quest has been opened: receive a heartfelt, and let the other party willingly give you the heart so that you can become a human.]

[What the hell is going on?! Does this also work? This side mission is strange. Host, it appears when your mind is blackened!

Is this to say that Bing Ning felt resentful since Liang Kaiyin murdered her in her previous life, so she desired a human heart?]

Xi Ying pondered for a while.

“Who knows,” she finally responded.

Xiao Yiyi, who had been waiting a long time:…

On the other hand, Xi Ying is particularly interested in this task.

Get a heart?

Do the side quests reflect the hearts of people who are wholly devoted to her?

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