Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 344

Chapter 344

She was a woman who had lived as a queen.

“I asked, did the alarm go off, so you broke into my room? Or did you come into my room to see how the little fairy was sleeping?”

Xi Ying arched her brow. Then she grinned, revealing her white teeth.

Lu Zijin remained silent.

He had the urge not to want to talk to Xi Ying anymore.

“Okay, you wait here. I’ll go home first, and I’ll be back to you once I’ve taken care of some business.

Remember, if you dare to flee, I’ll capture you, and you’ll have to become a coolie for me to pay my debts!”

Xi Ying gritted her teeth and pretended to be vicious.

But she has no idea that, despite her outward demeanor, she is not cruel at all, and she is adorable.

So cute that he can’t help but want to take a bite.

Lu Zijin softly retracted his sight and responded, “I see.”

Xi Ying left the hotel.

On the way home, she exchanged a few points for bedding with Xiao Yiyi and debited the money from Fang Jingchen’s Alipay.

She bought two breakfasts at the apartment downstairs.

She arrived home at six o’clock in the morning.

Ding dong —

The doorbell rang, and Fang Jingchen, who had just awoken, realized it was Bing Ning.

“Wait!” He responded by opening the door for Xi Ying with a mouthful of toothpaste foam.

“Hello, good morning!” Xi Ying smiled as she opened the door and greeted Fang Jingchen, then raised the bed set in her left hand and said, “This is a bedsheet.”

“This is breakfast,” she said as she raised the two egg rolls in her right hand.

“It’s really hard for you.” Fang Jingchen was apologetic, “Come in quickly!”

“There’s nothing to work hard.” Xi Ying said as she walked in, “I tell you, I went to the 24-hour bookstore yesterday…”

Xi Ying continued to speak while Fang Jingchen brushed his teeth, washed his face, and ate.

This gave Fang Jingchen the impression that he had finally found a true breath of life in his life.

[Reporting to the host, Fang Jingchen’s favorability for you has reached 50%!]

Xi Ying was taken aback as Xiao Yiyi’s prompt tone came out.

She hasn’t seen him in one night, but his favorability has skyrocketed?

However, Lu Zijin only spent one night with her, and his favorability was barely 40%.

And it’s being added gradually.

What happened to Fang Jingchen?

Xi Ying had no idea Fang Jingchen had a bad night’s sleep the night before.

He spent almost the entire night debating if he should like a mechanical girl.

Yes, it’s love, the kind of love that wishes to marry the mechanical girl in the future.

He pondered it all night and eventually decided to go ahead with it.

Fang Jingchen, after all, was the one who fell in love with Xi Ying at first sight.

Because Xi Ying’s beauty is just too flawless.

When a man sees it, he cannot help but be tempted.

Fang Jingchen may be a male god in the hearts of many girls, but he is still a man.

He’s never been in love before since he’d preferred to do nothing than do something bothersome.

However, when he first encountered Xi Ying, he appeared to be caught in a love vortex.

Even though Fang Jingchen had already decided, he was not confused by this kind of mentality.

He wants to get along with the mechanical girl and learn about her personality.

It’s like falling in love with a regular person.

If the character isn’t suitable for him and they don’t get along, he will not easily say the three words “I love you” to the mechanical girl.

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