The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 48.1

The warm wind continued to blow on the young fox’s body while Xu Qiu’s hand ceased blowing on the little fox’s hair.

Although Lily is a small fox with fire traits, she is very resistant to high temperatures and doesn’t feel hot, but when she noticed Xu Qiu didn’t move, she turned around and pointed at her with her big furry tail.

Her stomach felt warm, while the rest of her body was cold and uncomfortable.

Xu Qiu turned her focus back and blew the moist fur on the fox cub, making it fluffy and soft. She tucked her hair closer to the area with powerful muscles, as if the muscles didn’t exist at all.

After cleaning the small fox, Xu Qiu handed Lily to the big fox, Jin Xingxing, who was considerably heavier than before, and asked her to take the fox cub to bask in the sun.

Xu Qiu was still in a trance after sending the little fox away, and a small business simulation game she had played appeared in her head.

Evolution of the Alpaca! This fantastic game comes in a variety of forms. Initially, the alpaca grew a cute and innocent cross, but they gradually changed!

Under the cute face comes a muscular body. Xu Qiu does not despise muscles. Actually, the slender muscles are pretty good. They have the charm of teenagers or adults and seem seductive.

However, overdevelopment is the devil’s work!

Xu Qiu quickly realized that Lily was only the beginning. In the regions covered with fluff or scales, the cubs in kindergarten had more or less muscle.

What is the situation? What was going on behind her back that she couldn’t see?

When Xu Qiu brushed the scales on the little mermaid’s tail, she couldn’t help but ask this question.

After all, the little mermaid seemed to have remained unchanged. If it isn’t about her, she should be willing to share the truth.

You Yu also sold the collective weight loss squad without putting any pressure on herself.

“That’s how it is. They believe they have too much meat on their bodies, yet the foods prepared by the principal are delicious. If they do not eat it, they believe it is a waste, so they increase their physical activity.”

The little mermaid is especially sensitive to changes in human emotions. So when Xu Qiu asked this issue again, he realized that Xu Qiu disagreed with the cubs losing weight.

So, as she was speaking and complaining, You Yu put her relationship with those foolish cubs aside.

That is, she would swim a few more laps in the pool every night, but she didn’t overdo it.

She wouldn’t get the oddly curved muscles that those cubs did after a few laps of swimming.

“Okay, I see,” Xu Qiu said, her face serious.

She cast a peek at You Yu, who had a perfectly thin and attractive upper body. If she continued to work out at such a high intensity as she grew older, she might develop into a robust, brawny mermaid!

The delicate, thin, and attractive youths in the past, because they looked like cute girls, were constantly bullied by the nasty gangsters on campus and even dropped out of school because of autism, just like the plot in the anime. Simultaneously, he grew into a muscular man.

Terrible! Terrible! Terrible!

Their kindergarten is the number one kindergarten in the universe, not the number one training base for strong men in the universe.

Xu Qiu couldn’t fathom how these adorable cubs grew into robust men.

But if they have a lovely furry face and developed muscles in other places, it will be even more diabolical!

She despises muscle cats, foxes, and parrots, and she despises seeing a muscular mermaid rise from the ocean, the lovely clam shells open, and a muscular goblin emerge.

Hua Lan and Mu Zhi are a little better. However, even if they develop muscles, the vines will thicken as long as they are even.

The point isn’t whether you’re beautiful or not. Taking a deep breath, Xu Qiu changed the lesson plan she had prepared. She wanted to teach the cubs about physiology.

Xu Qiu had scheduled an art class before the physiology class.

Jin Xingxing currently teaches art lessons, but when it was Jin Xingxing’s turn, Xu Qiu went into the classroom.

“In today’s art class, I’ll give everyone a topic.”

There are only two teachers in the kindergarten, and the cubs adore Xu Qiu even more.

Furthermore, before Jin Xingxing arrived, it was Xu Qiu who taught the cubs art, and now it was her, and these cubs had no opinions.

“Today’s class theme is “Future Self.” Let’s draw on paper what you’ll look like when you grow up with a paintbrush in your hands.”

The cubs paused for a bit before diving into the artwork. Brushes rubbing against paper could be heard rustling throughout the classroom.

A cub fantasizes about growing up to be a tall and powerful adult.

Yuan Jiu described it as a large stately bird with keen eyes and feathers that resembled exquisite armor, and it was pretty formidable.

His prototype is a cute parrot, but he has drawn on the drawing pad is a beast-like eagle.

Could this be the reason Yuan Jiu was working out his muscles? Of course, but he will never grow into an eagle no matter how hard he trains.

The drawings of the other cubs are all nicely done, but what relieved her is that these cubs believe their body shape is generally expected, with no excess muscle.

“Everyone’s work is excellent.”

After marking, Xu Qiu distributed these paintings.

She then combined an art class with a biology class.

The biology class taught about the evolution of the human skeleton.

These cubs of all races can still be called humans in this world, since they all have human genes flowing through them.

Each puppy is a hybrid, a cross between genetics and humans of a different race.

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