The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 48.2

Based on their shattered histories, Xu Qiu discovered the current course of human progress.

Blue Star began to purify itself as its population grew. Finally, humans abandoned Blue Star in quest of a new home in the Milky Way.

The universe is a strange and intriguing place. Humans have encountered civilizations from other planets on their long journey of migration.

They have gone through conflicts, marriages, and genetic recombination to become the modern Star Alliance.

Many stars in the universe, but not all of them support life.

When Xu Qiu was in biology class, she taught the cubs about history.

The biology class stunned the cubs more than ever before!

They occasionally exclaimed.

“The stars are stunning.”

The little mermaid is brimming with creative passion. She was born in the water, and she longs for the mysterious deep blue sea, but You Yu now finds the starry sky to be extraordinarily beautiful.

The universe is vast, and the outer world is enthralling.

After displaying images of the universe and discussing the origins of the human species in this era, Xu Qiu finally turned the conversation to growth and development.

She began discussing the genetic chain, bones, protein, carbohydrates, and sugar.

Then Xu Qiu added: “People used to take specialized protein powder to gain muscle. As a result, they developed a well-toned body and subsequently competed in numerous sports.”

Xu Qiu gave the photo of the bodybuilder searched by the system.

One or two are more stunning, and they are also highly appealing to grownups.

 But the vast majority of people are not affected by the aesthetics of the cubs.

The cubs were so frank in their comments: “This picture is too ugly. I don’t want to be like this.”

Xu Qiu then revealed her own trump card.

The cubs were all affected and excited this time.

“The cub’s muscle growth will prevent it from becoming taller?”

“Of course.” Xu Qiu said without hesitation, “Because your age is a crucial time of growth and development, you should exercise regularly, but not excessively. You will not become taller if you solely work on your muscles.”

Because they spend a lot of their energy playing every day, the cubs are far more active than the adults who do not move every day.

It’s common for a cub to have a tiny tummy. This is because newborns are fat and plump, so it is evident that typical babies must be fat.

Because the little arms and calves are all fat, they will lose weight quickly when they transition from childhood.

The meals Xu Qiu had previously made for the cubs were prepared by the system based on information provided by the kindergarten, and the amount was not exaggerated in any way.

In the animated film, Haha Tailang will gain weight if he wants to gain weight, and he will lose weight if he wants to lose weight. He dies this season but can live the following season again, while the cubs only have one life, and their lives cannot be reversed.

The cubs began to cry after receiving a positive response from Xu Qiu.

All the gunfire hit Yuan Jiu’s head. “It’s all your fault, and you want us to lose some weight.”

“I didn’t ask other people to do it with me,” Yuan Jiu, who was unwilling to accept any loss, answered boldly.

In fact, this issue might be classified as either a major or minor subject. However, regardless of your flaws, it is hard to shoulder all of the responsibilities on your own.

Yuan Jiu asked everyone the question he wanted to know out of a sense of obligation.

“Now that we’ve gained muscles, do we still have a chance to get taller?”

“Of course!” All the reactions were expected by Xu Qiu.

“You’re still very young, and your bones haven’t developed properly. Therefore, the events depicted in the image will not occur if you correct it as soon as possible.”

The cubs exhaled a sigh of relaxation, and Xu Qiu exhaled a sigh of relief as well. She was confident that these cubs would not develop oddly.

And she has to plan extracurricular activities so that the cubs can get rid of their surplus energy healthily.

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